Blood Bowl – Star Player: Gloriel Summerbloom

Blood Bowl – Star Player: Gloriel Summerbloom

This week we have the Blood Bowl Star Player, Gloriel Summerbloom.

There is a pretty nice official Gloriel mini out there. But I didn’t feel like giving ForgeWorld $30+ for a mini that probably won’t get much play.

Still, the character looked interesting enough. As with most of the Star Players, I’d simply find the parts I need to rig something up. For her, an upper and bottom torso swap from the Wood Elf team, seemed to be enough to get the gist of the character (a blond long-haired Elf). This mini also also would work as a decent substitute for a Human Star Player if needed. Score!

Her left cheek seems to have gotten messed up a bit. Maybe I was adding some blush to the cheeks and went back in with a highlight. The camera has magnified that (as always!). Colors wise, I wanted to do something different from the Wood Elf team. I think this was a color scheme I had originally intended for the whole Wood Elf team. It works pretty well on her, and is also close to enough what she’s wearing in the rulebook.

I carried on with my unique numbering system for every player, even though it’s a bit long. Name wise, I finally decided to strike the last name from the base. I tried adding her last name to the base originally, but it was so long that I felt it didn’t look good. Just first names is easier anyways.

Next Up: Wood you, Could you, Guess?!

12 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Star Player: Gloriel Summerbloom

  1. Aye, official Gloriel is not cheap is she? This is an excellent substitute though. Nicely converted too, if you don’t know the kit you wouldn’t know she was a splice.

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    1. Thanks Wudu! The razor saw I picked up made a big difference in making those conversions easier and a bit more seamless. I used to try hacking that stuff with an Exacto blade, and that doesn’t usually turn out to well on thicker parts.

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  2. Great conversion, and the colour scheme is unique enough to stand out, but should tie in with the rest of the team, with the colours

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    1. Yea, I think the green was the exact same as the Wood Elf team. So she would tie in nicely when used on that team. I honestly can’t remember what other teams she plays for right now, haha! Thanks Dave!

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  3. Looks fine to me! The official mini is OK, but it’s got the current GW “look” that I personally can’t stand. Not to mention the price! $30 for one figure?

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    1. Thanks AB! Yea, I think most of what I did with the Elves would fly under the radar. I think partly it was a very close match and I was just lucky enough to make it work.


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