Blood Bowl – Wood Elf Team

Blood Bowl – Wood Elf Team

And now we wrap up those elves with a couple team shots!

Not a bad looking team all together, and are a bit more formidable with that Treeman on their side. Like always, it took some work getting here, with more delays than I would have liked, but at least they are done!

The big question for me is “Where do I go from here?!”. At the start of the year, I had grandiose plans of completing 4 teams this year. I probably could have finished the Wood Elves in 3 months, but instead it was about 6 months. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to finish up other teams, which are likely more challenging.

The other issue, is that we haven’t been playing much Blood Bowl. Basically moved on to Frostgrave, which is an easier game to run. Couple that with the oldest soon moving across country to College and the youngest being too young….means there might not be any Blood Bowl games for a good long while. No games or even chance of a game, means very little motivation to go through all the effort of completing more teams.

We will see though, the winds of change have a funny way of throwing us for a loop when we least expect it. There is still a team (or two), that I really would like to complete. Plus I have a few of the Old World Alliance players that I started for the tourney that my Son and I were doing. These would round out a Human/OWA team. Not too much to get them over the finish line, so there is a decent chance I will pick away at them as I’m working on other stuff.

Next Up: Perhaps another Elf?

15 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Wood Elf Team

  1. I think the team looks great all together. A change in circumstances can totally change what you feel like working on, so take some time and work out what it is that you want to paint, then by the time your son is home on the holidays, you’ve got a whole new batch of stuff to play with.

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    1. Thanks Dave. Yea, I’ll have something to play with him when he visits. If he’s still up for it. In the meantime, I’m looking at some things that might work for the little one.

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  2. I always love a group photo and this team is looking fabulous together.

    I say don’t worry about whatever plans you had for painting. It’s a hobby, enjoy the moment; there are plenty of other things (work, chores, etc) that you have to do whether you like it or not so why add painting to that list?

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    1. Thank you Mark! We’ve just rewatched Lord of the Rings, and the costumes in that movie are incredible. Makes this team look like pikers, haha!

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