Blood Bowl – Wardancers

Blood Bowl – Wardancers

This marks the last of the main positionals for the Wood Elf team. There’s the Treeman, but they got done awhile back. So it won’t be showing up in its own post, instead it will appear in the the team post.

Skin tone. As usual, painting a large amount of skin on a model can make me a bit hesitant. It went pretty smoothly with these two though, as I have quite a bit more experience than when I first started.

Usually with Elves, I would opt for a very light skin tone. Being Wood Elves though, I went with a bit darker hair and more of a tanned skin tone. I painted about half with a base of Cadian Fleshtone, and the other half with AP Barbarian Flesh. Mixing in a lighter color to evenly highlight the skin up.

I hadn’t used Barbarian Flesh before, and it was bit tricky. Took way more coats to cover than I thought it would, and left the mini looking very orange. After shading and highlights though, it came out really nice. The lighter haired Wardancer was done with Barbarian Flesh.

I also freehanded some tattoos on them. The tattoos turned out better than my first attempt on the Goliaths, way, way back. I used a bluish color, and likely glazed some flesh tone over the top. They look a bit better in person, I think they got washed out a bit in the pics. Similarly, I think the skin looks better in person.

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14 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Wardancers

  1. I like them a lot. The tattoos are subtle but effective. I think the only part I’m not keen on is the headband on the dark-haired chap – it feels too close in colour to his skin tone. The skin itself is really well painted and realistic looking; just as well since they’re only wearing trousers!

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    1. Ah yea, I see that. I don’t think it’s as bad outside of the camera light. I did regret not making the antler more noticeable on him. I think I thought it was wood at first, when I should’ve gone a bit more bone color on it. Ah well. Thanks, the skin went a bit smoother than I thought it would. After getting the first forty coats of the base layer down first! 🤪


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