Blood Bowl – Wood Elf Throwers

Blood Bowl – Wood Elf Throwers

Yep, I painted the eyes and yep, the one on the right is a little wonky. The face is a bit deformed on that side. In the hands of a master painter, you probably couldn’t tell, but I’m no master! πŸ˜‰

The one on the left, is the one that I had to spend the most time fixing the hair after the varnishing mishap. I had used Reaper’s Autumn Shadow (great color). Adding in shadows and highlights by darkening/lightening the paint with some Vallejo off-white color. Maybe some yellow too. It’s the first I’ve really spent a good amount of time mixing my own color shades, and one thing I learned is that it’s best not to mix brands when doing so. It can work, but you can also run into some issues. So, I’ll likely avoid that when I can.

The Auburn Shadow I used on the long haired thrower, is my first try with Reaper paints. I really like them for the most part, and have been using them quite a bit on my Frostgrave minis. Probably more on that once I get back to posting Frostgrave/Fantasy stuff.

Number decals. As others have mentioned, there isn’t a good place to put the numbers on these minis! Usually we put them on the back, but a number of them have long flowing hair. Failing that, a shoulder pad can be a good choice. Well, some of them don’t have shoulder pads, and the ones that do have very small pads. I settled with placing the numbers on the right leg, as that seemed to be a mostly consistent spot across the minis. I probably shouldn’t have angled the numbers like I did, as they would basically be horizontal if they placed their leg down. But it made the number more readable the way I did it, so that’s what I went for.

Next Up: Mo Elves, Mo Money!

10 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Wood Elf Throwers

  1. Great work on both throwers, the hair colour you’ve achieved reminds me of a auburn/redhead look. Nice to see GW adding some female minis in rather than just Witch Elves

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    1. Yea, the long hair Thrower is a pretty nice female model. Blood Bowl has a few, and should have even more if they ever release the Amazons! Thanks!

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  2. Once again the green and yellow has worked a treat, and the auburn hair looks great. As John says, the leg is about the only place you could have put the numbers and it works.

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  3. Good painting. I find it interesting that the sculpts are identical barring the head swap; my only experience with recent BB minis (actually still longer ago than I can fathom!) was that while the sculpts were very dynamic they were also very limited and repeated across the positions.

    I think you made the right choice for the numbers; playability is more important than realism here.

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    1. Thanks AB! Yea, sometimes I’ll mod them or swap things out. You can get a pretty unique look if you try hard though. For me it mostly depends if they are different enough on them playing field and how much work it’s going to take.


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