Blood Bowl – Wood Elf Catchers

Blood Bowl – Wood Elf Catchers

Yep, still Elves!

Bases. On top of the really bright grass (not quite as bright on the table) and dirt mix, I added some bits of branch to make it look like some fallen trees and stumps were present. Giving the field more of a ‘wild/nature look’.

Varnishing. I’m not sure if I even want to talk about this one. I’ve been using spray can varnish for awhile. Trying different brands, and found Testers Dullcote to be the one that worked the best for me and our weather conditions.

Well, I get the minis all finished (finally!) and wait for that nice warm day to happen. Spray, spray, spray. And moved them from the garage into the house later. Only to find the varnish has frosted them!

Anyways, for the most part I salvaged things through glazing and Lahmian medium. Though on a few, I had to completely repaint their hair. I think the hair did turn out a bit better on those, in the long run, so maybe it was a plus.

The varnish debacle did finally push me over the edge to try varnishing with the airbrush. I applied the last coat on these with the airbrush, and it’s not too hard to do. I haven’t tried in all sorts of weather yet, but it will definitely be my goto method in the future. Also, thanks to Mark Moran, JNV, and others, who have told me time and again, it’s ‘okay to varnish with an airbrush!’. Here’s the video that helped me the most: Rocky’s War Room Varnish.

Next Up: More Elfy Goodness!

27 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Wood Elf Catchers

        1. Lol, nope I’m sure the confusion was all on my end! At least you got some more credit, haha! But now you will have to field all the questions about varnishing with an airbrush! 😉

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    1. Oh yea? You’ve used Lahmian to fix things up before? I was mainly thinking “I could probably glaze back over them to fix it”. Then at some point I tried straight Lahmian and that seemed to work just as good. Nice to find a good fix, either way!

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  1. Well it sounds like a right pain in the arse but it seems you got there in the end and the figures look great. Personally I have only ever used Humbrol Matt Spray Varnish and never had a problem but then again our wether conditions are some what different.

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    1. I think our weather is pretty close, though you have worse winters. Testors dull cote had been perfect for years. I probably got too hasty and sprayed too close or something dumb. With airbrush, it seems I don’t have to worry as much. Will see!

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    1. Oh yea, Iron Fist’s colors. Nice catch! My Dwarves unintentionally came out looking like Iron Man too (red/gold). But yea, I want going for Iron Fist’s colors, the green was originally supposed to be a bit lighter. But now at least I know how I would paint Iron Fist, if I ever scored a mini of him! 😀

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  2. Who goes around catching wood Elves? Sounds like the sort of thing Chaos would get up to! Silliness aside these are great again. 

    Well done on the rescue job as well. I must confess I don’t varnish anything any more, haven’t done it for years in fact. In all that time I’ve had to spend far less time fixing damaged models than I did dealing with “varnish mishaps” in the couple of years when I varnished religiously. 

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    1. Thanks mate! Yea, I’ve debated varnishing a few times. Goobertown Hobbies actually has a couple good (and terrifying) videos on why you should varnish. Though, if you’re not really gaming, probably safe enough without.

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      1. Yeah, I think if I was gaming a lot against all kinds of randoms and their grubby fingers I’d definitely consider going back to varnish. As it is though I reckon I can get away without it. Plus the ‘eavy Metal team don’t and if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me. 😀

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    1. Oh yea. I think when I first saw it, it didn’t look so bad, so I didn’t get super upset. But then when I got them in some good light, I realized I was going to have do some fixing!

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  3. Well, I’m late to this party, but I’m glad to hear that you’re now trying the airbrush varnishing! The frosting issue is indeed maddening. Still, I think these came out well. (And even though I am 25% Irish, my last name is French!). I did room at the Engineer Officer Advanced course with another West Pointer named Moran, and that caused massive confusion as our classmates thought we were related! Anyways, I’m liking the elven journey you are on!

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