Blood Bowl – Wood Elf Lineman

Hello Elf Fans!

Elven Lineman used to be a pretty formidable force in the previous rules. I’ve heard they got toned down a bit in the latest iteration, but I’ve yet to play them.

I recall one time playing against an Elf coach, and trying to keep them from scoring. I was covering their Catcher, keeping an eye on the Thrower. Then suddenly it dawned on me, with the high Agility stat of the Linemen, anyone of their team could catch the ball, dodge, and run it in. Defense seemed hopeless at that point, because there would be no way to adequately cover all the players. Quite the eye opener!

Gems. I mentioned this before with a Frostgrave mini, but I tried using WarColours gem paint on these guys around the same time I was. I had used their Metallic White base, but didn’t add any shadows in at the time. I thought later ‘I’ll just add some black to the Gem paint and go back in add the shadows!’. Well, that made them a bit too dark, even after trying to lighten them back up later. The gems are pretty small anyways, but next time I will add shadows first.

Color Scheme. I went a bit basic, green and yellow with browns. I do like it better than GW’s scheme, and it looks more ‘Wood Elf’ to me with the strong green.

GW’s color scheme
The faces on these two models, are not my favorite of the bunch.

Facemasks. I went with the idea that facemasks were made of wood, and used a contrast paint I’ve used for wood in the past. Not sure if it reads as wood, but it will do. I’m pretty sure someone else did wood masks as well, but I can’t recall who.

Next Up: More Wood. Elves.

16 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Wood Elf Lineman

  1. I absolutely love what you’ve done with these chaps. The deep forest green works so well for their uniforms, the bright yellow is a great contrast and the wooden masks look excellent. Your scheme is so much more what I’d think of as “wood elves” than the official GW one and you were right to go your own way with them.

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  2. Great work on the lineman, really like the colour choices you’ve gone with and the wood face masks are very fitting for them

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    1. Thanks Dave! Sure wish I could remember who did the wood masks before me now. I keep thinking it was somebody from Wyrd Stones and Tackle Zones, but I couldn’t find it.

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    1. Thanks JNV! They make some amazing models, so I find it weird that they choose some rather poor color schemes at times. Maybe they are aiming more for variation?

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    1. Yea, I wasn’t sold on that color scheme. It didn’t ring Wood Elves to me, and I’m not sure what team I would even use those colors on. Thanks mate!

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