Blood Bowl – Wood Elf tokens

Blood Bowl – Wood Elf tokens

After a good long time, I’m finally posting my completed Blood Bowl team. I don’t feel like this should have taken near as long as it did, but such is how the hobby goes at times.

Turn and Score Markers

Once again, starting off with the game tokens. These ones had a lot of leaves and little bits that took a decent chunk of time.

I chose bright green grass for the bases, as I wanted this team to be brighter. Partially because I feel like most of my Blood Bowl teams are too dark, but also to give the Elves a neater/magical feeling.

Reroll Tokens

Yep, lots of little bits to paint. You can also see here some of the main colors I used for this team, mainly green and copper.

Colors was one of the first snags I hit. I kind of had an idea of what I wanted, then started up a test strip with different colors to see what I liked best.

Test strip

Seemed pretty straightforward from there. Well, yes and no. The base I chose “Caliban Green”, proved more difficult to paint over a flat surface. Things were really streaky and an additional coat of paint was not clearing it up. I resorted to ordering some Caliban air paint, taping the other areas off that I had started to paint, and eventually got a decent base of green. Uff-da!

Blood Bowl balls

More fiddly bits. I forget what paints I used for the ‘fairy creatures’. I’m sure it’s written down somewhere. They turned out nice and bright though. In hindsight, I would have painted the wings a different color than the rest of the body. I also wonder if I missed the gloss over the eyeball. The pink one there has already lost its left hand, as these things are pretty fragile. If I ever find it, I’ll try to re-glue it for the third or so time.

Annnnnnd that’s a wrap for these ones!

Next Time: More of the team and more stories!

14 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Wood Elf tokens

  1. Wonderful work on all the tokens, do like how you’ve included Autumnal colours on the leaves as well as the spring summer colours, adds an extra level to the pieces

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    1. Thanks Dave! I had originally planned to just go Summer/Spring colors, but it didn’t add enough variety. So I opted for the ‘leaves are just starting to turn’ look we see in Fall.

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  2. Ah! It was Wood Elves! Nice work on these  just the right balance of bright magical colours and an earthy quality. Looking forward to seeing the players themselves.

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    1. Yep, the Woodies were naturally the best move. Their big guys are already done, and it gives me the ‘best’ finesse style team to play with. It would also make sense to follow up with the Halflings, as their boy guys are also done, but I’m not sure I want to tackle them yet.

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  3. Some lovely painting here, I really like the turn/score markers and the way you’ve done the leaves. The green and copper scheme works so well and ties everything together beautifully.

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    1. Thanks AB! I actually really didn’t like those fairy things at first, but after painting them up, I do kinda like them. Same with the Elf head tokens. Partly because they were a pain, but they’ve definitely grown on me. 😃

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