Frostgrave – Wraiths

Frostgrave – Wraiths

Ok, I lied. No Blood Bowl this time around mainly because of some setbacks. But I also had a little experiment I wanted to share.

Our next Frostgrave scenario involved Wraiths, and I quickly ordered some of these from Ebay:

They would probably do as is, but I had a little bit of time before our game and wanted to make them more like my mental image of Wraiths. Mainly stuff along the likes of the the horsemen from Time Bandits and the Ring Wraiths from Lord of the Rings. Very dark cloaks with spectral bodies.

I wasn’t sure how I would tackle the robes, but I knew the Ghost Tints should work well for the ghostly bits. So I got started on that. Then decided to try out “Oily Discharge” Ghost Tint on the robes. Looked like it would do the trick, so I kept on with it.

Oh yes, I said “Wraiths”, didn’t I? I did a small batch of them all at once. Trying out some different colors of Ghost Tint in the process. I think the light blue might be my favorite. I would have painted them all the same color normally, but this also helps differentiate them in games, if needed.

And here’s an interesting surprise from this experiment:

In ‘normal light conditions’ the black of the robes looks opaque. But shine some bright light on them and things become rather translucent and ghostly. Really cool!

Up Next: Zombie and a Game.

22 thoughts on “Frostgrave – Wraiths

    1. If I had to recommend a skirmish game to someone new, hands down this would be it. The rules are easy to understand, play Is quick, and if you already have some minis, entry cost is just the rulebook. Of course, you can also just buy some cheap prepainted minis too. I use a mix until I can build up a decent stockpile. Hope you enjoy it! Check out Frostgrave on Reddit, to see way cooler stuff than what I’ve been posting.

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  1. Spooky! That’s a nice effect, and I imagine it’s even better in real life, when the light will catch them and shine through as you move them around.

    Not sure if you ever told us but which Blood Bowl team is it (that we’re all avidly awaiting!)?

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    1. Actually, it comes into play less than you think. The robes mostly look opaque, which is good because it’s what I wanted. But it’s a nice surprise when they show up in the light. The next Blood Bowl team is going to be …

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    1. Thanks Dave! I really love those paints now. I wasn’t sure just how well they would work, but they ended up doing a super job. Look forward to using them more in the future.

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  2. Love these guys, as others say the painting gives them a nice spooky feel and the way they look under bright light is even better. I like the dark green one the best ๐Ÿ™‚

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