Frostgrave – Apprentice

Frostgrave – Apprentice

No game to share, but a couple of minis. Slowly able to finish some of these. Most of the supplies I was waiting on finally arrived, so that might ramp things up a bit.

This week we have an “Apprentice Wizard” for Frostgrave. My son has been using this mini as his second in command. Frostgrave’s system for record-keeping is pretty nice. The Apprentice has the same spells as your Wizard, but just has a lower chance for casting them. Stats are also based off your Wizard’s stats, just a little lower in some areas. I’ve really enjoyed the simplicity of rules in Frostgrave and eager to check out Stargrave at some point as well.

A quick nod to Wudugast for the orange recipe. I tried out his recipe, but something didn’t quite work out for me. Sometimes that happens when we try to recreate the same experiment as others. Maybe it was too shiny next to the other matte paints I was using. Or maybe I didn’t start with the same base. It’s hard to say. I just recall that I had to modify it quite a bit afterwards. I got a pretty decent orange in the end, and it might be something I try out again in the future.

The gems were done with Warcolour gem paints. It felt like it took forever for the paints to arrive, but they are pretty nice. I’m still experimenting with their other paints, and will see how I get on with those. Honestly, I kind of messed the gems up. They were brilliant and bright after laying the Warcolour paint on their recommended Metallic White base. But they didn’t have any shadow. The next day I figured I would take the gem paint and add a small bit of Warcolour Black to it and add the shadows in. Looked like it was going to work, but it ended up being too matte and darkening more than I liked. Next time around, I’ll add the shadows *before* applying the gem paint. I added some gloss to the gems after I took the pics and it has helped a bit.

Like most of us, the miniature isn’t perfect in my eyes. The eyes and gems were the biggest hang up, and I’m still not 100% happy with either. Yet, I am pretty fond of this one. She’s been a major character in our games. The colors, paints on her turned out pretty good. Best of all, this mini is tied closely to both my kids. My son, for using her in game. My daughter for picking out the parts for me to assemble. She helped me choose the head, and arms to go on the body. So in a way, this is kind of her mini as well. I look forward to playing some games with her using this one in the future!

I think this mini also marks the point where I started to adjust my style a bit more for this line of minis. She’s certainly one of the better ones I’ve done for Frostgrave. Yep, it’s all downhill from here folks, haha!

So, no game this week but I have a small piece of terrain from one of Mantic’s Terrain Crates.

Came together pretty quickly and gives us a couple nice pieces of rubble to throw down on the table.

Up Next: I think (I always think this!) I am finally close to wrapping up the Blood Bowl team I’ve been working on. So hopefully I’ll start getting those posts going.

18 thoughts on “Frostgrave – Apprentice

    1. Thanks JNV! I hadn’t thought too much about the colors. I imagine blue plus orange is a pretty common color scheme in old superhero comics and likely where it came from. I know that I wanted the colors for the wizards to stand out more than the soldiers, so they are getting brighter colors overall.

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  1. Great looking mini and terrain. Love the fact that the apprentice is a family effort, adds so much more to the model. The orange doesn’t look bad at all, what did you use for the shade I normally use flesh wash ?

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    1. Thanks Dave! I used Contrast paints, and skipped the shading. It was based off a recipe that Wudugast used: “1.Base-coat with Fire-Dragon Bright.
      2.Layer of Gryph-Hound Orange (Contrast) over everything.
      3.Highlight with Fire-Dragon Bright.”
      I can’t remember where I deviated, I think it was with the base. I’m pretty sure I was on my 3rd coat of (likely) Jokaero Orange, when I saw Wudu’s post and thought ‘why not?!’. So I applied the Contrast over it and then went back over it again.

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      1. Fire dragon bright is a great orange to be fair, it’s what I use, I use the flesh shade instead of the contrast, then reapply the orange, sometimes I give a fine edge highlight with watered down Tau light ochre. The biggest thing is doing what your happy with

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        1. I’ve followed the GW method a few times and it turns out well enough. The tricky part is getting a nice smooth base layer. With orange (and yellow) that can prove tricky and require a lot of layers. What Wudu found is that the Contrast paint provided the coverage without needing too many layers. I’ve done the same with their yellow, though the orange didn’t exactly worked as well as I hoped this round. Always the next mini/experiment though! 😃

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          1. I only ever paint one base layer, as the wash or contrast then seals it, it can sometimes create extra interesting shadows with the darker patches, and I normally paint over a black undercoat, although I’ve recently left out the undercoat and painted straight on the model, the fewer layers can help keep the detail crisp, especially on some of the 3D print models

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            1. Interesting approach. I need to check out more of your blog to see the results. I think I started with white undercoat and moved on to grey. Most my stuff gets the grey undercoat nowadays, but some will get other colors. Especially if I know that I’m going to use Contrast paints, I’ll go with a light undercoat. I’ve recently started to prime with black a bit more, but it’s still a hard switch for me. Unless it’s terrain stuff, where black is an easy base to work off of.

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  2. The colours you’ve used are great, especially the orange. I really like the gems too, they’ve come out looking realistic. I assume the gem paint is some kind of transparent paint?

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    1. Thanks Matt! Yea, I hope to get the gems a little better on the next go.
      The Warcolours gem paints act much like the GW product (Waystone Green, etc.), but I found they worked a bit nicer and have even more color options. They are sure to turn up on more of my minis in the future! 😃

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    1. Thanks TIM. I probably sound tougher on myself than I mean to. Were quite used to self-deprecating humor in my family and also are a bit driven. Though I know some people way more driven than myself! Yea, I quite like the mini and there are always the next ones to get colors/paints closer to what I want!

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  3. Nice going; that colour scheme works really well. The combination of the sculpted mouth and the way you’ve painted her eyes gives her a slightly surprised expression – perhaps she wasn’t really expecting her spell to work after all.

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    1. Thanks AB! Yea, I tried to modify that shocked/surprised expression. It was like my 4th try painting the eyes. From above, which is how we see the mini most of the time, it looks just fine though, so I called it ‘good enough’.


  4. Well, whatever you did with that orange its come out looking great! You’re absolutely right that we’re all our own worst critics but I think you’ve done a smashing job here. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Wudu, I definitely like the way yours turned out better. Though it might not have worked as well with the style I’m going for with these, so likely why mine turned out different. I’m sure I’ll try out your trick again though, thanks!

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