Fantasy Terrain – Columns and Pit

Fantasy Terrain – Columns and Pit

A few terrain bits for your viewing pleasure today.

The Pit

A ‘pit’ from Miniature Market’s cheap Tiny Terrain line. The Tiny Terrain minis are rough 3d prints, but some can be pretty decent.

On this one, the walls are a bit rough and there are some other imperfections. Overall not a bad piece to add a little something to the table though. I kind of envision it as an old fountain that I has been taken over by a carnivorous plant creature that makes its meals off those foolish enough to go for that urn of gold.

I’ve had this bit for a damned long while. Probably back in 2016, when I first started ordering some Blood Bowl stuff off their site. I can’t say I would have done a very good job on the stone, plants, and ground at the time. So I guess it’s kind of good I left it sitting around for a long time. I also free-handed some design patterns on the urns, though it doesn’t show up too well in the pics.


Here we have some hand crafted terrain (ala Black Magic Crafts).

I don’t recall what exactly started me down this path, but I’ve seen a few of the BMC videos before. I guess since I knew I was going to need more terrain for Frostgrave, I figured “why not?!”.

Basically, you take the paper off some foam core board, start cutting squares. Notch them for ‘brick work’. Place stock board at the bottom, add a washer for weight. Hot glue it all together. Easy peasy.

After a bit of work I had my first one going.

Add a bit of basing material. Then it gets a layer of Modge-Podge mixed with black craft paint. Then more and more craft paints to get the stone look as desired.

The first one was a tad darker, later pieces I toned down wash a bit more.

Now I will say, that I liked my paint job better than BMC’s. The varied colors he used, stand out way too much and overall the pillars are way too dark. There could be a variety of reasons there; he was still learning the craft, studio was dark, maybe he wanted a wet/dark look for his stone. Either way, I’m more happy with the way mine turned out, than the ones he showed on his video.

What I wasn’t too happy with is how crooked they are. After the first, I tried stacking them up against the inside corner of a box as I glued each piece. You would think that might rectify things, but no not really. I’m not sure how BMC got the pillars relatively straight, other than maybe his carpenter skills came into play. My guess is that inconsistency in the thickness/dimension of the foam probably played a key part or I’m just lame. At any rate, it’s something I would pay more attention to in the future.

Either way, this opened a whole new world to me that I really had no idea about. Terrain foam crafting. It looks like it’s quite popular, as there are lots of youtubers posting about this stuff. There’s tools and techniques and templates…and man oh man, this is like a whole ‘nother hobby into itself!

I have to say it’s quite a bit of fun though. I enjoy making stuff, and the painting side of it is way less tedious than mini painting. But, it’s mainly going to be a mix of how much time I have, lots of learning, and balancing it with what I actually need to make for games. Plus storage…as this stuff does take up space, so I have to keep that in mind as well. There’s decent chance that more will be making its way to the blog and on the game table later on.

Hope you all enjoyed, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Up Next: something from Frostgrave once again.

20 thoughts on “Fantasy Terrain – Columns and Pit

  1. I really like both these scenery pieces. The pit/pond/well looks great, and I like the detailed painting you’ve done on it. The pillars are really good. I’ve been watching BMC for a while and even attempted one of his projects (the skull rock thing) and it turned out pretty good. I agree with you about the painting, I think yours looks better in terms of lightness and weathering.

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    1. Thanks Matt! I think the pit was like $3 on Miniature Market. So it’s a pretty decent deal. They also have some decent columns which should make it on the blog at some point. I’m looking forward to watching/trying some more tutorials. I’m surprised just how much is out there and how cool their pieces turn out.

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        1. Hey, that’s really cool! I’ve seen people use some aquarium stuff, but that looks a lot better. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for some discounted Halloween decorations this year!

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    1. Surprising guy, huh?! Well, I’ve always liked games and the main reason I get into these hobbies is to improve upon the games I have. Which also should push me into the realms of 3D printing. Not that I’ve totally ruled that out, but I think the XPS foam terrain is more interesting to me currently. Thanks TIM!

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    1. Thanks IRO. I almost pulled the trigger on a 3D printer awhile ago, but instead I headed down this rabbit hole. I’m kind of glad I did, as I think this scratch built stuff can be way more interesting.

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  2. Great work on all the terrain, both in painting and construction. If you enjoyed doing this look at getting some thicker insulation foam, I normally get 1 cm, 1.5 cm and 2cm thicknesses, if you need a thicker piece you can glue it together. can very versatile, I recently used it to make a Krayt dragon head

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    1. Thanks Dave, for my first foray it turned out okay. Yep, I got a sheet of XPS foam from the hardware store and a fancy knife to cut it with. I haven’t made too much progress beyond that, but I’m sure more will show up on the blog. I need to check out that Dragon head!

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        1. Wow, that’s pretty amazing. Hard to believe that started with foam! That’s pretty inspiring as far as what you can do with that stuff. The paints turned out nicely on the final stage as well.

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          1. Cheers mate, always happy to inspire. When using the foam, remember you can treat it like wood, so can be sawed, and sanded, even use an electric sander, just make sure it’s not inside the house ! LOL

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    1. Thanks Pete. They are pretty cool and not too hard. I’ve seen a few SciFi ones that you might be interested in, and if I make them I’ll be sure to do some posts.

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