Frostgrave – Treasure Hunter

Frostgrave – Treasure Hunter

Well, this is turning into the ‘weekly game and a mini’! Hope people are liking it, I figure it’s a little bit for everyone, whether you just like minis and/or are into games.

Here we have a “Treasure Hunter” from Frostgrave. Really, just about any mini can fit the role, but they are mostly defined as wielding dual weapons and being a bit faster than the other soldiers.

My son had one on his war band from early on, and it’s probably been one of his better soldiers. Maybe even one of them I haven’t managed to kill (yet!).

I free-handed the green/yellow stripes on a whim. Maybe it was a subconscious thing after seeing all the marvelous freehand work that The Imperfect Modeler keeps putting it out. I don’t know, but it was fun and hopefully leads to more embellishments and comfortability in free handing down the line. I think the simpler nature of these minis kind of lends itself to doing little things like that.

I liked the mini pretty well, he comes from the Northstar Ghost Archipelago line of minis. Kind of like a Pirates version of Frostgrave, from what I know (I haven’t played the game, so don’t take my word for it!).

Not sure I had ever shown a comparison of scale with these minis and GW before. They are certainly smaller (note: I bumped up his base, probably a tad higher than I should have, as it looked fine looking from above).

This smaller size seemed to make it even tougher to get the eyes right. I’d say I’m “satisfied” with the way they came out on this guy, but others have been a real battle as I did them over and over. They are getting there I think, and it’s been good practice overall.

Numbering – tricky bit. So, the Blood Bowl minis all have numbers and/or labels on their base to identify them. I didn’t really have that option for the Frostgrave minis. For this one, I removed his feet from the ‘plastic puddle’ (think little green army men toys) and glued him onto one of the thin plastic Frostgrave bases. Then I decided to add weight with a small washer. Those get primed black, several coats of a Floor gloss as varnish. Then applied a number decal, and some more varnish. We haven’t really been using the number so far, as I haven’t finished all the minis, so this might have all been for nothing. Ah well.

Game #4: The Locked Box (or “The Empire Strikes Back”)

Once again, I setup the table and tried to get it nice and crowded. The scenario takes place in a ruined warehouse where we are searching for some specific crates, one of the random crates has a good treasure. The others have explosives, creatures, experience, etc. I hastily painted some boxes, scatter terrain from some Mantic stuff I picked up. Nice pieces, and I can see them being pretty useful down the road.

We both quickly scurried towards the center where most of the boxes/chests were. I setup my Crossbowman on the left side and my Ranger on the right to provide some cover fire. Similarly I had my Wizard on the right and the Apprentice on the left to provide spell support.

The first crate I cracked open had my good treasure. The next crate I cracked open was my Son’s, and turned out to be his good treasure. Which meant he lost it, though it turned into a normal treasure for me. Things were looking good, and I decided to go more treasures as it looked like I had this in the bag.

My Summoned Zombie hauling off my good treasure. Zombies move slow and aren’t the best fighters, but one thing they do well is haul off treasure. Once someone hauls a treasure off the map, they are out of the game. Not a biggie with a zombie, as I can just raise another one. If I used my good fighter though, that means a key player is not out there fighting for me.

Like I said, things were looking pretty good and we were hauling some treasure away while going for more. I ran my Thief up to get a treasure in the upper right. But my son pounced on him with 2 guys, then another one. I ran my Man-at-Arms up to help, but to no avail. They both got taken out.

Then another fight ensued in the center, with my Son’s Barbarian and some others. I was losing people left and right. My Thief, Man-at-Arms, Ranger, etc. fell. As my soldiers started to get knocked off, my war band really crumbled.

Towards the, my Apprentice and an Infantryman were trying to get a treasure off the map. His barbarian ran up and took care of my Infantryman. Then my Apprentice dropped. It was looking really bad.

I tried to stop him with my Wizard, Crossbowman, and a hastily resurrected Zombie, but no dice. (not to self: look into hiring a Barbarian!).

All in all, a fun game, but what a turn of events. I’v managed to steal all the good treasures and come out better than my son has, in our first 3 games. This game though, I took a beat down. When we rolled for injuries afterwards, my Apprentice died, as did two of my other Specialist Soldiers. Ouch. I don’t have the money to replace any of those, because I bought an expensive spell book last game. So next game will not be pretty. I’m happy for my son though, as he needed to get a solid win in!

Up Next: Doesn’t look like a game is in store for next weekend, but will likely have some terrain bits to share!

14 thoughts on “Frostgrave – Treasure Hunter

    1. Thanks mate! Yea it’s tricky, but often it just depends on the mini. I’ve had some that turned out fine on the first go, and others where the eyeball was probably deformed that just never seem to look right.

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    1. Yea, I don’t know if I just got too cocky or what. But I went from hero to zero in no time! Next time I’m going to have to be more careful, especially since my warband is about as strong as three Kobolds tethered together!

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  1. Great work on the treasure hunter, and great to see you pushing your freehand skills, Great looking game and what a result, but that win has boosted your sons confidence

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    1. Thanks Dave. It certainly did boost his confidence. He’s been beating me at traditional boardgames the last year, and now it looks like he’s going to school me in minis games too! Maybe we try golf next?!

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  2. Nice pirate-y feel to this chap that fits the Treasure Hunter vibe rather well. I’m really impressed with clean look you have managed for his clothes. I enjoy the scale comparison with the GW minis too; it seems the scale has crept more than I’d thought.

    That sounded like quite a crazy game, thanks for sharing. It’s lovely that you can play with your family.

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    1. Thanks AB! The clean look incomes from changing my style a bit. I read up on Kevin Dallimore, the main painter behind the minis in the Frostgrave book and used some of his techniques. Though my approach is still really basic compared to his. I’ll hopefully do a post on paints and style at some point, but I feel like I still have some more experimentation to do in the meantime.


  3. Both the game and the mini look really good! My recipe for eyes is that rather than try to paint in the pupil black dot, I paint the whole eye area black and then add in two dots to each eye for the whites. I think it’s a much more forgiving technique.

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