Frostgrave – Another Game and a Knight

Frostgrave – Another Game and a Knight

We played our third game of Frostgrave and I finished painting yet another Knight.

Things are still slow going on the painting front. Variety of reasons for that. Waiting on some stuff to arrive by mail, randomly painting bits of 20+ minis at different times, and lost a bit of my energy as I think I’m just tryin to do too much at once. Nevertheless, I’m still continuing on and making “some” progress. I’m also still chipping away at the next Blood Bowl team, which really should have been done about 3 months ago! On the plus side, we aren’t playing BB right now, so no real hurries there.

So yes, this is another Knight. Which we aren’t using yet in our Frostgrave games. Since I put together one for my son (which promptly got killed), I opted to put a second one together at the same time. I also painted bits of them both alternating between the two.
Something about this one, I just really liked. The mace, the nearly full face covering, the shield, etc. Made him a but more unique than most of the Fantasy/European centric Knights out there. (EDIT: JNV’s comment just reminded me where these Knights came from – they are from the set “Deus Vult – Russian Infantry”. Really nice looking minis!)
I’d considered free handing the shield, but those small decals worked much better than anything I can do at this point. I am practicing some really basic freehand on the other minis, so hopefully with time I will get a bit better. Practice makes perfect, right?!

The Game – The Summoning Bell Scenario

My warband above. I don’t think it changed too much since last time. I had to rehire my Ranger, as my son’s Wizard killed the last one I had. I can see here that the two minis on the far right got a touch more paint. It will be interesting (at least to me) to watch them progress in painting, before they (hopefully) get their spotlight on the blog.

I have to say that this was one of our best table setups yet. I might be a bit biased, as I set up all the structures myself. But the central structure with catwalks and and ruins, etc. made it much more interesting I think. Plus we had a bit more terrain on it than we did in our first game.

The scene has a “Summoning Bell” in the center that was ringing and attracting 2 random monsters every turn. They appear along the edge. We also started with monsters at each corner. I had a Snow troll close to me and 2 skeletons. My son had, I think 2 wild dogs, and a Giant Worm. Brutal.

The curled brown paper in the bottom left was my hastily constructed “Mud” spell. My band seemed to be attracting the most monsters, and kept me pretty busy. Monsters aren’t as tough as I thought they would be, but they aren’t something you can ignore. Plus it’s easy to get a wildly random roll that just offs you.

My son almost got the central treasure this time, but my Ranger managed to run up there like Legolas or something and stop him. A small battle ensued around that area, but he started to catch some flak as the monsters started to appear more on his side of the board. In the end, I was able to scurry off with the central treasure.

I’d say I liked this scenario much better than the last one. But it was a really long game. Think it took us a good 4 hours to finish unfortunately. I’m not sure if it was all the extra monsters or what, but it sort of dragged on towards the end. Still, it was a good one and it was interesting getting exposed to so many of the Frostgrave monsters.

Next Time: We didn’t play Frostgrave this last weekend because of Mothers Day, but I should have some sort of post next week. Hopefully a finished mini or something else.

10 thoughts on “Frostgrave – Another Game and a Knight

  1. Excellent work on the fighter, when practicing freehand, work on large areas to begin with, then work your way to a smaller area, you can even try on paper for practice, as it’s easier to work on a flat surface.
    The game looks great, and loads of monsters as well, what could possibly go wrong ! LOL

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    1. Thanks Dave! What could go wrong, indeed?!
      On freehand, I will usually try something on paper first and that’s helped in the past. Also penciling in the design on the mini first (if possible), is a big help. I probably need to break open the last WNS7 brush I bought too. The ones I’ve been using have been going south, and I’ll eventually need something more reliable if I’m going to do finer work.

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    1. Thanks JNV! I’m not up on my armor that well, but he had a certain Middle East vibe to me. Eastern Europe is a good call too…oh geez, I just recalled that both Knights were from a sprue “Deus Vult Russian Infantry”. Wish I had remembered that while typing up the post. Thanks for jogging my memory!

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  2. Nice work on the knight and great to read that you are working on your freehand I really think it is a great extention to the hobby and skill base. Lovely too that you are enjoying some quality gaming time with your son. 🙂

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    1. Thanks TIM! Yea, have to get some game time in with him before he heads off to college. Then I got to level up the little one, so I can have someone else to beat me at games! I won’t be at your level at freehand anytime soon, but it’s interesting to be able to add small touches to a mini that wasn’t there before.

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