Frostgrave – Game Knight

Frostgrave – Game Knight

Well, technically “Game Day”, but that’s not as catchy of a title.

I managed to finally finish another mini for Frostgrave, a Knight.

I’ve been scrambling to get enough paint on a bunch of minis that makes them identifiable enough for gameplay. I did this awhile back for Necromunda, and it’s an “interesting” process.

Well, it turns out that the Knight I painted for my son, only lasted for one game. Oh well, he’s always there if one of us hires another knight or we need one for a different game.

I did try a bit different approach on painting this one, and I’ll likely go more into that next time.

Onto Game #2: The Left Hand and the Right Hand.

Once of the goals was to fill up the table more with terrain this time around, which we did pretty well. I also opted to try a scenario.

So we set everything up, rolled randomly for a scenario. And discovered we needed to take everything out of the middle to place a large three step pyramid with 3″ high steps. Ugh.

I scrounged around the house for the 10 minutes or so, and managed to slap together a “temple” using a box, some wooden block and Jenga pieces. The figure up top is supposed to be a golden statue which randomly fires rays at people. One heals and the other wounds people.

As you can see, we managed to make it much more crowded than our first game.

One last shot. My Son’s Archer at the bottom. Probably exchanging fire with some mini of mini at the top right.

I wasn’t crazy about this scenario, but it was more interesting than playing the ‘basic game’. We are starting to get the hang of the rules better and corrected some mistakes we made the first time around. I think my Son is also getting a bit better at it. Should have another game match post up next week.

Next up: A Game or Minis. Or a Game of Minis!

10 thoughts on “Frostgrave – Game Knight

    1. Haha, the temple is what it is! It did make me very aware of what I need as far as terrain though. So we’ll see if I can improve upon that.

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  1. Great work on the knight, even if he died already ! LOL Excellent use of what you had to hand to fill the centre scenery piece needed, and good to hear you are both getting used to the rules

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    1. Thanks Dave! I guess I could have thrown some cloth over the top to maybe hide the blocks and and cardboard. But I knew that I was delaying the game enough already just with the ad hoc temple building.

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