Blood Bowl – Tiny Tourney

Blood Bowl – Tiny Tourney

Here’s a small Blood Bowl tournament between the teen and I.

I figured it was about time to get some Blood Bowl games in, and finally try out the latest rules from 2020. Since I have 4 teams completed, that gave us two teams each. Simple enough.

As usual, I was too wrapped up in playing and rules look up to take much in the way of pictures, so this won’t be a play by play match report.

The teen took bash heavy teams (Dwarfs and Chaos Chosen, and I took Old World Alliance and Orcs to try out the passing play. Also, to try out the Old World Alliance (Human, Dwarves, Halflings, and/or Treeman or Ogre), since they are newer and I had yet to play them.

If you can spot any half-painted Dwarfs or Halflings, those would be from the Old World Alliance team. I figured I could get those painted up before and add them to my Humans team before we were done with the tourney. Well, that didn’t quite happen. I also had grandiose plans of finishing up the current Blood Bowl team I’ve been working on since January, and then quickly work on another team to give us three teams each. Yea, that didn’t happen either.

How about the game? Well, the rules are essentially the same as CRP or 2016 BB, but with a few changes/additions. The rulebook though is much easier to navigate. All the rules are nicely put together in ONE rulebook, so I wasn’t flipping between 2 or more books. Though, I do have one nitpick and that’s that there are some ‘core play’ rules towards the front of the book. Then there is another chunk of (‘advanced core rules’?) rules towards the middle of the book. So I found myself often flipping to the front section and back to the middle. I started a cheat sheet, but I would need more time to fine tune that so I can avoid flipping through the rulebook for most of the game. I did that with the CRP rules, and it helped us immensely.

My other nitpick is the sheer amount of record-keeping in Blood Bowl (same with Necromunda). You really have to play a campaign game to have fun playing Blood Bowl, but keeping track of player changes, winnings, matches, etc. is a bit of a chore. Especially when I’m the one doing it for two people. It’s not something that can really be simplified though, as far as I can tell. But given that, the next game we play will likely be one with less record keeping.

The big rule changes that most people will notice, are the ability to use rerolls more than once in a turn and the Passing stat. I did use the Reroll more than once, but only once in our games. The Passing stat I used quite a few times. I think I’d say that I passed the ball way more in our games than I have in previous editions. the Orc team are not particularly good at passing, but I was able to pull off a successful passing play or two with them.

It’s hard to say why I passed so much in the game. I know initially, I just wanted to try it out. But also likely because our games were pretty close match-wise. Several of them ended in ties, due to the teams being so evenly matched. The teen still relied on bashing too much and needs to focus on scoring more. Though he did hold his own a lot better than in the past. He’s also gotten a lot better at the rules and managed to remind me of a few of them a couple times.

I wish I would have snapped a shot of our last game. The Dwarfs and Orcs made it to the finals. It was 0-0 and we were on the last two turns of the game. I had no rerolls and made a desperate move to score. I got my goblin down field. Had my Thrower scoop up the ball. He’d have to make a dodge roll, then try to get as far upfield as possible for hopefully a good throw. Somehow he made the passing roll and now it was up to the Goblin to roll to catch…sweat on my brows…roll….yes! He catches the ball, all he will have to do is walk it in on my next turn.

Then the teen manages to run one of his Dwarfs across field. Roll to rush, makes it! Roll to rush, makes it! Damn, he’s now marking the Goblin and that means no easy walk in.

The teen ends his turn, and I call the family over.

“Daddy’s goblin needs to dodge away from this Dwarf. If he does, Daddy will score and wins our game! In order to do that, I need to roll 3 or better (on d6).”

Shake, shake, shake … (maybe I shouldn’t have called the family to watch), shake, shake, shake…. (did I just jinx myself or will they bring me luck?!)…. shake, shake, shake… (why is the little one rooting for her brother?!) ….shake, shake….(this is going to look really bad if my Goblin fails, makes an Injury roll and breaks his neck!)….and the die falls….it’s a 3!! I might have let out a little “woot!” there, but essentially that small move is what won the league game for me.

All in all, some fun times. Glad we got to play (took us about 3 weekends) and finally put those Blood Bowl minis I’ve spent so much time painting to use! I think they make a world of difference in getting the feeling of the game.

Up Next: Hopefully a painted mini or two!

9 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Tiny Tourney

  1. Great sounding tournament, having more than just two teams at least meant you got some variation in play. Good to hear you can use more than 1 reroll per turn again, hated when they changed that rule ! LOl can you use all your skills in the same turn again ?

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    1. I do like the variety, and usually prefer to switch up teams as much as possible.

      Interesting, I didnโ€™t know the reroll rule was a change back to how it was in the past. It kind of tripped me up at first, because you can only reroll the set of dice once (if I got that right). So if you fail that second reroll, itโ€™s probably a turnover anyways.

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  2. Very nice, it sounds like you both had fun. Would you do it all again and select more agile teams? Iโ€™m thinking Wood Elves, Skaven, Slann and Underworld… at least assuming that theyโ€™re all still part of the game.

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    1. I definitely would. I like a mix of both, as it makes the tournaments more interesting. Those are the only teams I’ve painted up so far though. Out of the teams you listed, I find Skaven to be a fave, though I am not great with them. Any of the Elves would be good, I probably lean towards High Elves. Underworld…*sigh*…I’ve tried that team time and time again, and I always fail pretty miserably. I’m a bit burned out on them now, but maybe someday again. I’ve only played against Slann, using the previous rules, and they didn’t do too well. I think they are worse in the new rules. Still, someday I wouldn’t mind painting up a Froggy Football team, because that would just be too. cool regardless! ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Thanks JNV. Since you’re a gamer, I know you can relate to what a blast it is to finally play with these toys after taking so long to paint the damned things! ;D

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