Fantasy – Dwarven Warrior

Fantasy – Dwarven Warrior

Here we have Nolzur’s Female Dwarven Barbarian.

I’m not too crazy about the eyes, but they look fine when not magnified a million times. She’s been sitting around for months unfinished, and finally got to the stage where she just needed a bit more work to get over the finish line.

I bought a whole bunch of the WizKids/Nolzurs minis for fantasy/dungeon crawler games awhile back. Then after starting to paint some, I found I wasn’t that crazy about them. They have a ton of little bits on them to paint, often in very soft detail, which can be annoying. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by the hard plastics, but if a mini is going to have lots of details then I’d rather it be clearly defined.

At any rate, I’ve got a few of these started, but never quite past the finish line. Two are about 99% done, so hopefully will make it to the blog someday soon. I’m trying to force myself to clear out the ‘miscellaneous tray’ that has various half painted minis in there. It kind of keeps me from having an army of partially painted minis. But you know how we end up getting excited about new projects/minis, and want to jump on them!

“Keep on Truckin”

At some point I noticed that she has a ‘Keep on Truckin’ pose, and now I can’t quite unsee that.

It might sound like I’m pretty unhappy with the mini, but I’m just being critical as usual. She really is a decent mini and will be great for my daughter to use in some of our boardgames. Maybe Heroquest, Dungeon, etc., where I plan to mainly use these. The larger size kind of makes the Nolzur/Wizkid line perfect for boardgame play. For more miniature centric games (or maybe an RPG, if that ever happens), I’m trying to paint up some 28mm minis from the Frostgrave line. Speaking of which…

Here’s a Necromancer!

Oh yea, you probably saw him before. Haha! It’s the same mini I ‘finished’ up. I had wanted to add some ‘magical glow’ effect to his bone wand before, but didn’t get it in at the time. Mostly just some Hexwraith flame and a gloss varnish.

More importantly, I felt like swapping out his base. A few different reasons. One, pics from the Frostgrave book show them using simpler bases. With a grayish stone or brownish ground base, he would fit equally well in dungeon or outdoor environments. Whereas the stone one, fits mostly dungeon or urban settings. The dungeon base is rather large for the mini itself, and I felt like it was a bit too much for a 28mm mini. Lastly, the Frostgrave minis come with a plastic base attached to their feet (like the old plastic green army men). I chopped it off for this guy and a few others, but it’s so much work. It would be much easier to glue that onto the circular base and use some texture paste to blend it in. Yes, it was a bit of a headache to make those decisions, but I think the outcome will be better in the long run.

Anyways, feels like it’s been a good long while since I actually managed to complete something. So, it’s good to have that Dwarf done. I’ve been hopping back and forth between too many different minis lately, and progress on the next Blood Bowl team has been super slow. The team probably should have taken me 2 months, but now we’re into month 4 already. Hopefully before the end of this month, I’ll have them wrapped up and can do another big set of posts again.

Hope your mini projects are going good, and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

Next Up: A Game.

22 thoughts on “Fantasy – Dwarven Warrior

        1. Yea, I don’t think there is any specification for the game itself. The whole thing is modeled after the ‘use what minis you have!’. But I found myself really liking the smaller simpler bases. I am going to paint a washer black and glue it underneath though. Gives me a better option for storing them neatly in magnetic storage boxes.

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  1. Both of these look great, and I see what you mean about the dwarf having a Keep on Truckin’ pose 🙂 Having been the victim of several original Reaper Bones figures I know what you mean about soft detailing, it’s a total pain in the arse. Love the colours you’ve used on the Necromancer too.

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    1. Thanks Matt! I have some of the Reaper Bones minis, but I think I’ve only ever painted a couple. Two or three Trolls, that were the same
      model. They went okay, and given that they were lumpy trolls, I didn’t have to be perfect. Though I have heard horror stories of dealing with Reaper Bones quite often.


  2. Really nice and glad to hear you got her done. The keep on trucking made me laugh – until THIS quote from you REALLY made me chuckle (and I think you’ll see what I mean when taken out of context!): “I had wanted to add some ‘magical glow’ effect to his bone wand before, but didn’t get it in at the time. “. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

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    1. Haha, didn’t realize we were getting down and dirty now. Bone wands! What’d you think of the base change on the Necromancer? You prefer one over the other?

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      1. Ah, where does my mind go! As for the base, I do prefer the ones with lower height aesthetically, but both would have been ok. As you have seen, I’m usually basing on steel washers, but I can do a raised base from time to time. Storage (I use magnetically lined sheets in boxes) is a major reason. I’m very much a Pre-slotta guy.

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        1. Yea, I use washers on the underside of most of my bases just for magnetic storage. You and some others were the inspiration behind those washers. I think I was originally trying to embed magnets, but that’s a lot more money and work.

          I do like the lower height base as well, and the minimalistic look of it. I think it brings more attention to the mini, than a lavish base would. I’ve been heavily inspired by pics of the minis in the Frostgrave book as of late, and their bases was one of the things I noticed.

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