Fantasy – Manticore

Fantasy – Manticore

As the title says, we have a Manticore this time around. Why? I’m not totally sure.

I’ve only run into one once, while playing D&D. It was in the module White Plume Mountain and he handed us our butts, that’s for sure. So that certainly gave me no love for the monster. It originates in Greek myth, and if memory serves, it’s a hodge-podge creature that seems kind of brainless. Unlike the Sphinx, who would riddle you and then eat you.

But yea, just seems like someone thought up a nonsense creature and that was that. Not too enamoring to me, even though D&D is full of lots of nonsense creatures that I really love.

I guess I must have been looking at the latest releases of WizKids/D&D/Nolzurs line, and thought ‘why not’? I didn’t realize that he was going to be so big (and now I’m too lazy to photo another mini for scale!). But that’s a plus, as I could use him as a sub for a number of larger beasties if needed. Large Scorpion, maybe?!

Painting wise, he sat around watching a season or two going by. I think I got the yellow on him fairly quick first, as I had painted something with that color and thought “perfect for a lion!”. Well, after looking up lions online later, I was a bit wrong. But hopefully it reads as “lion fur” to most of you out there.

If not, then you get the butt, haha!

The wings took a number of tries, and I had to look up bat wings. Then tried to mimic that a bit.

The mane was simple, with some Contrast paint and a little highlights. Spikes took a bit of time, getting around all the bits. And then there was the face. I had tried to get it a bit yellowish to match the fur, but it wasn’t working too well. So I slowly brought it up to human flesh. I might’ve hit the highlights way brighter than they need be, but I think it kinda works.

The real test will be to hear what you all say. My Wife wasn’t sure if I had actually finished it. I guess she was expecting a little more oomph on my part!

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15 thoughts on “Fantasy – Manticore

  1. I think you’ve combined all the different elements well and the model has a cohesive feel overall, which can be difficult with creatures that are a mash up. Depending on the type of lion they very considerably from tan right up to white, so I don’t see a problem with the colour you’ve chosen, and after all it is fantasy, so there is no right or wrong, just look at Harry Potter, they’ve changed so many things from there folklore origins and no questions it ! LOL

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    1. You know, Iā€™m sure I was likely inspired to paint the lion more yellowish from a Fantasy cover or something. So definitely a good call. Thanks Dave, glad you liked it.

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  2. Let me try typing that again shall I!!!
    Doesn’t strike me as an easy one to paint, so many different aspects to it but I think you have done a very good job on it. If I ever did kit bashing or converting I think I would end up with a lot of figures that look like that!

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    1. Haha, thanks TIM! It wasn’t too challenging, once I got into it. I find even with character minis, you’re often challenged with fur, gem, metal, flesh, etc. textures that all require different approaches and at a much smaller scale. The biggest challenge was trying to get him done, so I could free up all the space he was taking! šŸ˜€

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