Fantasy – Furniture

Fantasy – Furniture

Maybe not the most exciting post today, but having some scenery for a game is always good.

I think the intention here was to knock these out as some replacement scenery for Heroquest. Cupboards and Bookcases. Though they could be used for a lot of Fantasy boardgames/rpgs.

I think the taller one is a $2 Tiny Terrain mini from Miniature Market. The other is a D&D/WizKids/Nolzurs line. Both were done up pretty quickly with some Contrast paint. Followed up with a tip from Azazel to dry brush afterwards. The dry brush might’ve been way too light or I should maybe have used a different color.

These ones took about an age to do. Each shelf is separate from the unit, and I was painting all the sides just in case the sides of the books would show. I also only really painted the colors when I had some left over paint from painting other minis. I think towards the end, I swore, and just started grabbing bottles of paint to finish all the damned books. It’s nice to have them done, but I’m not eager to paint up a bunch of multi-colored books anytime soon!

These were also my first experiment with brush on varnish (Vallejo Satin Acrylic). I quite liked it, and it beat waiting forever for the weather to finally turn decent. I did have on issue where a couple edges got gunky. Not sure what caused it, and it does make me a bit reticent to try it on figure minis just yet. For these, it was easy enough to go back over those spots with more Contrast paint and fix them up.

The Satin does makes them a little glossy, and supposedly a spray of Matte varnish should fix it up…but they were still a bit glossy afterwards, more than what I would want on a figure mini. So I’d probably look for a Matte finish if I really decided to switch over to brush on.

Well, work has been killer for awhile now, but I’m still trying to find time/energy to paint. Last few nights have actually been good nights, where I felt more relaxed, experimented a bit, and felt less stressed. Though it still seems like I’m a ways off from getting the latest batch completed. I had started flitting around with lots of different stuff, which I think is good for the soul, but not as good for actually completing stuff. Next post is scheduled, but I better scurry to get some more stuff done soon or it will be a dry spell.

Up Next: A Lion, a Bat, and a Scorpion go up to the Human Bartender.

16 thoughts on “Fantasy – Furniture

  1. Your scenery turned out really well, and all those individual colours on the books really make them stand out. Shame about the varnish, and the slightly glossy look, but as you say lesson learned, and at least it wasn’t on a model

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  2. Very nice furniture there! 🙂 If you’re thinking of trying Vallejo matt varnish I’ve found it still dries with a slight sheen to it. Whenever I use brush-on matt varnish I always put on a gloss varnish coat beforehand – I’ve found that tends to smooth out crevices and prevent the matt from pooling and drying opaque.

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    1. Thanks for the tip JNV! With the weather getting nicer, I’ll likely be able to go back to my matte Dull Cote spray cans. I keep saying I’m going to try/switch to Airbrush varnishing. I even bought some varnish for my airbrush, but I keep stalling. Hopefully someday soon though.

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      1. Vallejo do a Mech Matt Varnish, which I’ve found gives a superb Matt finish with two coats – anymore, though, can dull things down too much. It is designed for airbrush, but can also be brushed on too.
        I used to use their standard polyurethane matt-varnish, but got fed up with it appearing too satin, especially if kept in the cold which can cause issues for matt-varnishes.

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        1. Thanks! I think that’s the one I just picked up. Good to know it can be brushed and airbrushed. Since I’ve been stalling forever on the airbrush, I should just try it out with the brush first.

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  3. Hmm… so there’s a lion next time, a wardrobe this time, when’s the witch going to show up I wonder? A good looking set of furniture there mate, you can’t beat some decent looking furniture for setting the scene.

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  4. These look really good, and the bookcase in particular is superb. The woodgrain really stands out and although I can see it must have been a pain in the arse to paint each book spine, the overall effect is excellent.

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