Supers – Mocker

Supers – Mocker

I guess this is my first superhero post, which is funny as it’s a genre that I’ve really loved. More than Blood Bowl even. However, there are not a lot of superhero minis out there, and I’d say even fewer superhero games that I’d be interested in playing these days. Though I am tempted to try the 1984 Marvel Super Heroes RPG with my little one at some point. The mechanics are pretty simple for the most part, as long I help her out.

Mocker & Marionette

Mocker is a villain in the game, and quite a weird one. He’s a robot who hates humans, because his creator gave him a Smiley face as a head. He killed his creator, to show his disapproval. He keeps his head covered in a hood, because he’s embarrassed by it. Looking at the mini, the ‘pink eye’ is actually the tongue of the Smiley face, and you can almost see a hint of the white eyes peaking out from under the top of his hood.

V&V RPG Adventure Module (The Leader of the Crushers, Mocker, is in the middle)

Colors wise, I tried to keep him as close to some of the original art as possible. Pink, orange, purple, red. Not the easiest color combo on the eyes, but supers tend to be loud.

The tiny super villainess “Marionette” is sitting on his shoulder.

At any rate, I don’t have anymore superhero minis to post. This one came from Lance & Laser’s Villains & Vigilantes line. My brother hadn’t painted him, probably because he had already painted the solo Mocker mini: Old Mini Monday 02 – V&V pt.Β 2. When I was looking through his minis, I asked him if I could paint him up. Then the mini sat around for a good long while.

Size Comparison: Mocker and a Blood Bowl Black Orc (Big Un)

I was tempted at one point to pick up more of the V&V minis, but I had forgotten how poor the sculpt quality is and they are tiny! I can’t say he was a joy to paint and not a mini I’d probably want to use in game much.

Speaking of which, he almost didn’t even get a post…partly because I wasn’t crazy about my paint job but also because the first few photos I took were horrid….

I had finally gotten around to taking a number of pictures for the next few posts, and afterwards spent an hour, converting, and trying to doctor them….as I was writing a post, I finally said ‘F’ it!!’ and retook all the photos.

I’ve struggled with photos for a good long time, and it’s probably a lifelong practice. But this time around I think I definitely singled out ‘shaky hands’ as the culprit. With the setup I was using, there was just too much wiggle when pressing the photo button, and the photo above (left) was the result. I’ve sometimes braced the phone against the desk while taking pics, and I guess that needs to be my ongoing practice from here on out!

Up Next: The Cupboards were mostly bear.

19 thoughts on “Supers – Mocker

  1. That’s a pretty cool mini. I vaguely remember playing the Marvel Super Hero RPG a few times. Back then I seemed to gravitate toward more complicated mechanics and greatly favored Champions, though those days I find I favor simpler systems again for various reasons.

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    1. I’m with you, maybe it’s age but I like simpler rules and ones that are intuitive from the get go. When I first saw Champions, I was so enamored with it, and spent lots of time making and tweaking characters. “Oh cool, I can make Wolverine by starting with 5d6 HtH Killing Attack!! And…”. After running a couple small campaigns though, I started to get tired of it. Especially when you’re on the GM side and have to create all those characters yourself. Story started to become more important to me over the years, and then I started to prefer simpler systems that allowed me to focus on other things more.

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  2. Nice one. I didn’t realise how small he is to begin with, he’s a real titch! I think I’d struggle to paint something that small. I’m not familiar with the character (or most super heroes to be honest) but I reckon if I had to go around with a permanent smiley face I’d be pretty murderous too! πŸ˜‚

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    1. It’s a combination of different things I think. Back when I started early in RPGs (D&D 1e, Basic, etc.), I could only really find Fantasy genre minis. Even SciFi. GW helped add a lot of offerings later on, but their minis were ugly to me at the time, and didn’t fit in with other manufacturers like say Ral Partha. Finding any sort of Superhero minis was really tough. The biggest RPG of the time was D&D however, and I knew a lot of people into Middle Earth lore/games as well. That’s where all the focus seemed to be.

      I think V&V and Champions RPGs had some popularity in the market, but mini selection was still really small. Mutants & Masterminds was/is a very popular superhero RPG and seems to have taken their place. Yet still, superhero minis are a bit few and far between. I think that’s mainly because of the Heroclix boardgame which has covered nearly every DC and Marvel character out there. There’s also the newer Marvel game, which has very nice (but super expensive) minis. But anyways, what I’ve seen most people using are Heroclix minis for Supers games. Which kind of suck in quality and painting, but some people customize them. Maybe we will see more and more as 3D printing continues to gain steam?


    1. Oh yea, I kind of dreaded trying to do that color combo. I had thought about changing/updating it, but I’m a bit of a purist…so I tried to match as best as I could!

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  3. I think that’s a fun little mini and you’ve done it justice! As for photos, many phones nowadays (and for years previously I think) have a voice activation system for taking photos – as in you can say “cheese” or “take photo” or something similar. You might want to see your camera settings if that’s an option, because it eliminates the need for pressing the button and potentially shaking your phone. That said, I think the photos have come out nice!

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  4. Reaper/bones actually has a line of superhero figures. They’re pretty good.
    And as far as games go: have you heard of Super Mission Force, Slugfest, or Super System? They’re great superhero miniatures games and pretty easy/fast paced.


    1. Sorry, this got flagged as SPAM at first. I’ve checked out the Reaper minis, and they do have some decent ones. I’m not sure I’ve seen Super Mission Force, but I did buy a copy of Super System and I think I have Slugfest as well. We never got too far into them, as we were playing other non-Supers games more at the time. Now that I think about it, Super System might be a great minis-game intro for my little one, as it’s pretty simple.


        1. Ah, then I might have Super Mission Force too. I think I bought pdf versions of those from DriveThruRPG or something. So they should be sitting on my other computer somewhere.

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