Fantasy – Necromancer

Fantasy – Necromancer

Today we have a Necromancer mini from Frostgrave. Actually, Frostgrave is the game and the minis are produced by North Star Military Figures/Osprey games.

A few months ago, I was looking for minis for a dungeon crawler. Something that could supplement my Otherworld Minis. I really like the Otherworld minis, but they aren’t cheap nor do they have a huge range. So I was looking for something that was a bit cheaper that I could use to bulk up the collection. That’s when I happened upon the Frostgrave line. Turns out the scale of the Frostgrave minis is a bit smaller than the Otherworld minis. Some of the Otherworld minis are close enough that it wouldn’t bug me too much though.

The Frostgrave minis are multipart minis designed so you can mix and match different heads, arms, and a number of accessories to a base body. The minis aren’t overly detailed, so they should be pretty easy to bang out, which is great for gaming. I was really excited when I opened the box and my eyes got a good look at the sprue below. That’s a lot of bits to play with!!

Frostgrave Wizards I Sprue (Wizards II is all female, which is pretty cool)

Though I though they would be quick to paint, this guy ended up sitting on the side bench way longer than I thought. Partially because I’m still working my butt off on Blood Bowl teams. But also because I wasn’t crazy about the yellow, and tried to repaint it a few times. I actually messed it up a bit, but being a Necromancer, I figured it kind of fit. Some other paints/bits caused a few hang-ups. I have a feeling the next ones will be easier, but deciding colors and trying to get my fuzzy mental idea of what I want them to look like, is always tough. And looking over my desk…I see two of them that are still languishing! So, me thinking they will come easier might be wishful thinking.

The one ‘bad thing’ about the minis is that they have a plastic base already. I wanted to base them on a dungeon base (this is one of the Ebay ones I had mentioned), but that meant trimming away that base material. And as usual, my decision came *after* I had mostly finished painting. I ended up with lots of little bits getting stuck to the paint, and never managed to get all those specks completely cleaned off. So yea, he may look a bit grungy. Necromancer thought, right?!

As for Frostgrave, I picked up the 2E rulebook mainly looking for ideas for a simple magic system for dungeon crawlers. It looks like a fun game, but I doubt that we will get to play it anytime soon*. I am super curious about Stargrave though, and have that on preorder already. That game will likely scratch my SciFi game itch. I’m sure with a few rules tweaks to Stargrave, I could make a Nercomunda-lite game as well.

*Potentially sooner than I think, as I’ve since ordered a mat (or two) and some terrain.

Up Next: Super Small.

14 thoughts on “Fantasy – Necromancer

    1. Thanks JNV! I’ve noticed that a number of Frostgrave minis are in more subdued Blues, Greens, Browns, and Greys. Though this guy is a Wizard and is going to be a bit more flamboyant, I’ll probably use more drab colors for the henchmen. That is if I remember that when I get around to painting them! Always so much to keep track of.

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  1. Nice figure Faust and glad you managed do find a range to supplement your Otherworld minis. Like you I like their stuff but it is frustrating when you find a range you like but it is limited. Still one day we will design and print it exactly what we want!. Well you will, I’ll be long gone!

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    1. Thanks TIM! I go back and forth on the 3D printing stuff. If Frostgrave proves to be popular here at home, I might invest in one for terrain. But the resin ones, that one would use for a mini, sound like too much work right now. I’m still not even sure I have the time to mess with a 3D printer, so will have to see.

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  2. The yellow may have been an accident, but as Bob Ross would say a happy little accident, as it has a real stained grubby feel to it

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    1. Thanks Dave! Yes, these happy little accidents sometimes happen. I’m not sure I’m crazy about it, and I usually like accidents that I can recreate later, but…I’ll take it! I have a feeling he will look good on the table either way, especially if I get a nice looking warband around him.

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    1. Thanks Wudu! I think with my D&D background, I’ve seen Necromancers in a lot of different colors. Brown is pretty common. Red is a good choice for it’s symbolic of blood as well. But you’re right, nothing says “Necromancer” quicker than black or grey!

      I think another bit of inspiration for me on this one and a few of the others I started, was looking at clothing colors used in different cultures. I’m hoping to have some Wizards with very different outfits in the end.

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  3. Good work here and nice to see your base incorporated. I have played Frostgrave and enjoyed it. Have not gotten into their mins – but this post shows their versatility. Looking forward to mere – and the yellow/grungy works.

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    1. Thanks Mark! The really nice thing about Frostgrave is it’s mini-agnostic. The idea is to use whatever you have. I just happen to really like the look of their minis, plus there are some other manufacturers that pair pretty decently for variety.

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      1. And then after I posted that, I thought “I bet Mark already knows that Frostgrave is mini-agnostic!!”. You’ve got a pretty extensive knowledge with other mini manufacturers, that I don’t have.


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