Fantasy – Oozes pt. 1

Fantasy – Oozes pt. 1

This is a post that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Since the BB Orc team is all posted, and my prep post from the Stone bases is done…it’s time!

You see, this is about how YOU would tackle something! Yep, that’s right. Like a bad episode of the Twilight Zone (or Black Mirror, for you youngsters!) … You’re trapped, don’t go looking for the exit! Grab your imaginary brushes, paints, and every paint trick in your book!

First, I’m a big fan of the Otherworld Miniatures line. The miniatures they produce are really nice and have a very nostalgic early Dungeons & Dragons feel. Their display minis look really nice, and the painter(s) make it look deceptively simple. I purchased a few, and tried to replicate the same techniques. Now, lighting and whatnot are going to make the minis look very different. But getting as close as possible, is the key.

So, for the next three minis….”How would you try and replicate the look of paint job on these minis?” Feel free to note any paint colors, techniques, what have you?!

Yellow Mould from Otherworld Minis site

The main characteristics I noticed on this D&D Ooze, was that nice yellow, with darker brown tones. Also a sorta dry, cottage cheese look.

Black Pudding from Otherworld Minis site

Looks a bit glossy, dark grey-black. I also noticed a gelatinous, almost translucent edge to the thing. Not sure where I’ve seen that sort of thing in real life before, maybe some sort of rubbery toy when I was a kid? It definitely stood out to me and I wanted to capture it.

Green Slime from Otherworld Minis site

Very glossy. Has a bubbling appearance and possibly highlights in the bubbles, or maybe it’s just catching overhead lights? Green and slimy.

Up Next: How I got along with the slimes!

13 thoughts on “Fantasy – Oozes pt. 1

  1. Nice slimes. I think for the last one I’d form the circular bits using varying diameters of straws with the other contours being easy enough to do with a sculpting tool or knife or something. Honestly, until I read the text and realized it was a manufactured product from a company, that is what I thought you did. 🙂

    For the others I wonder if you could use a roller or roll some random item of suitable texture to achieve these and other effects? I’d also think you could achieve some interesting things using texture mediums or just using things like toilet paper or tissues or whatever and then stiffening them into the desired shape with glue and then varnish it so it is durable.

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    1. For the first one I would try a textured roller and then it’s just a paint job. For the second and third I would experiment with clear sealant (Everbuild Clear Fix in the UK), softened with IPA 99.9% with suitable paint colour mixed in. Would it work? No idea but it is where I would start. 🙂

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    2. Oh yea, you could make these out of all kinds of different materials. I’m pretty interested in what techniques people might use to paint them, which I might not have gotten across in my post.

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  2. for the yellow mould, I’d probably start with GW Yriel yellow, then dry brush Dorn yellow over the top, then cover in Iyanden contrast yellow.
    The black pudding, would start with a strong black, from whichever manufacturer you prefer, then highlight with GW Corvus black( it’s actually really dark grey, then highlight again with Eshin grey, once dry cover with nuln oil. for the edge start with eshin grey then lighten with Dawnstone grey, then gloss varnish over all.
    For the green ooze, work through from dark green to light, add white spots to the top of the bubbles, then gloss varnish.
    Hope that helps

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        1. Mine are in wall mounted racks, and tracked in the Paint Pot app. 😉

          *Though I finally ran out of room in the wall rack, so I’ve got to add another panel…which has to wait for warmer weather so I can spray paint it.


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