Happy New Years – 2020 Roundup!

Happy New Years – 2020 Roundup!

Well, thank goodness that 2020 is behind us! Hopefully the world starts to return to some normalcy! Maybe by the end of the year, maybe?

I wasn’t really planning on doing a big roundup, but I started to get curious just how many minis I was able to complete this year.


Frankly, I was a bit shocked. It’s been a crap year, but I managed to paint more minis than ever. I quite possibly painted more this year, than I have in the rest of my life!

I didn’t really believe it, and had to go back and re-check blog post dates to make sure. But looks like I’m accurate. There are a few in the pic that haven’t gotten blog posts yet, and a couple tokens (the Blitz Bowl tokens) and a mini or so that I forgot. Those other posts should be out in a few weeks.

But yea, it kind of left me scratching my head. Work has been hellishly busy, which ate into my free time quite often. On the other hand, we spent nearly all our time at home alone. So I guess the ‘no vacations’ and ‘no entertaining’ bits, gave me the time to get all these done. Crazy.

I’ll do a tally at the end, but here’s a quick walk through:

Blood Bowl Orc team, tokens, and some Star Players.
Blood Bowl Human team plus tokens, and a Star Player.
Didn’t get a good pic of them, but the Chaos Chosen team, plus Star Players, and Tokens. My most heavily modded team.
Also completed some miscellaneous Fantasy figures and furniture bits.

2017: Started the Blog. 0 minis finished.

2018: 34 minis. Mostly the Blood Bowl Dwarf team, Necromunda Goliaths gang, and Necromunda Van Saar Gang.


2019: 9? I got burned out towards the end of 2018 and disappeared from mini painting for awhile. I used the time to build my own Arcade machine for my family, which was a pretty fun project. We have played that thing quite a bit in 2020. The only miniatures thing I posted during this time, was some terrain bits for Necromunda.

2020: 72 minis, plus 63 tokens/furniture bits. Blood Bowl Chaos Chosen, Humans, and Orc teams. Miscellaneous Fantasy minis and furniture/terrain bits. Note: these were not start to finish this year, some were started previously.


What does 2021 bring? I don’t really know. If past record was any indication, I wouldn’t be posting anything. But so far, I’ve still been working on some stuff. My dream is to finish 4 Blood Bowl teams in a year, though I’m not sure if I have the stamina for that. I got started on the next team, but already ran into setbacks.

In addition, my work keeps becoming insanely busy, and if we manage to beat back COVID……I’m sure my Wife will go VACATION CRAZY. So, we’ll see. But hopefully I’ll have stuff to share and posts from you all to read about!

Happy Hobbying!

20 thoughts on “Happy New Years – 2020 Roundup!

    1. Aww, thanks! I’m pretty sure I’ll have at least one this year, since I’ve got a decent start on one right now. I also have quite a few of the “almost there” minis floating around. So I imagine I’ll have stuff to share. Whether I knock 4 teams out or even finish as many as I did this year…we’ll see!

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  1. Very nice set of figures. I’ve never played Blood Bowl, but its been great seeing what you’ve done for the game. I’d say the staying home part and had me doing more painting in 2020 to, even though my work was busier than pre-Covid. Hopefully, 2021 is a bit easier!

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    1. Thanks Tarmor! I find Blood Bowl fun, but it is equally aggravating. So, it’s really an acquired taste. I love the minis though, and it’s hard to resist painting them. I do hope to paint some other stuff as I go, but it’s been a bit slow going on that front. That said, I think I’m about two posts away from something non-Blood Bowl. Yes, I do hope 2021 is easier for all of us. Happy 2021 to you!

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  2. Excellent output, for what was an awful year, having an indoor hobby sometimes comes in handy, here’s hoping 2021 gets better for everybody

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    1. Happy 2021 to you Dave! I’ve always seemed to have some sort of indoor hobby and a knack of keeping myself busy. It’s the people that don’t have any hobbies or get bored easily, that really bewilder (and/or annoy) me. I can’t imagine what most of them are doing during the pandemic right now!

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  3. Well from a figure and painting perspective I would say 202o was a very good year. Crap for everything else except the blog but let’s keep with the positives. I think we will all suffer a dip when Covid is beaten back and we get back to other aspects of our lives but for now at least happy painting. 🤗

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  4. Well done mate, 2020 may have had its moments from a geopolitical/health point of view but there’s no denying you used the time to produce a lot of great stuff. How many Blood Bowl teams are you up to now, you must have a fair number done?

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    1. Thanks Wudu! As for teams, just 4 so far. The one I’ve been working on, seems to be coming along pretty quickly after an initial setback. But I also haven’t had as much chance to paint lately. Hopefully I can have them finished by end of Feb or mid-March. I’ve got all my teams, except the most recent boxes, all primed and assembled. So the “hard” part is out of the way. 😉

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      1. Let me think; that would be Dwarves, Chaos, Orcs and Humans? What are you planning next then? And am I right in thinking you plan to paint them all (in which case you’re a crazy man but I like your style!).

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        1. Yep, you got it! Well, I can tell you the teams I would like to paint next, but it will be a little while till they make it. Mainly Skaven, Chaos Renegades, Dark Elves, and Undead. Of those, Dark Elves, Chaos Renegades, and Undead are some of my favorite teams to play. Since I already have 3 bash teams, Dark Elves would probably be a better bet. Though I dread painting them, as they look fiddly. Skaven are a great team, but I really suck at playing them. But I’d love to paint them though, they look pretty fun, and it would give me a chance to get better at them.

          Yea, I do have plans to paint them all. I basically painted all my old teams. Some were just partially, so we could
          play. I also didn’t paint them nowhere near the level of what I do today! Thanks, glad you like my style. I really enjoy being part of this community, because the lot of you are so damned talented. It’s the next best thing to sitting down next to a great painter.

          I figure if I can get 3-4 teams done per year, that’s still a good number to do and will give me more than enough diverse teams to play with.

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    1. Thanks Pete! Small potato’s compares to some of my fellow bloggers output (especially this last year). But given all the other stuff I had going on, I’m going to say “mission accomplished!”. 🙂

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  5. Congrats on a successful 2020. I admit to initially feeling a bit saddened when you left minis for your arcade project, but it was interesting too. It was nice to see your 2020 output all together, be proud. I’m hoping that your wife gets her wishes AND you do as well.

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    1. Thanks Mark, and a happy 2021 to you! Yea, I guess burnout happens to everyone, or sometimes just a switch in hobbies. I think this time around, I’m doing much better at pacing myself. I’ve been staying out of most of the Challenges and leisurely painting what I want to get done without the outside influence. Not that Challenges are bad! They can be great for the community encouragement, etc. it’s just sometimes you have to listen to your inner voice too.


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