Blood Bowl – Orc Team

Blood Bowl – Orc Team

The team shot!

Twenty-one minis and tokens, with a few mods in there as well. Add the learning factor on the different skin tones and checkers, and it’s not surprising that it took me longer than the last couple teams.

COVID in some inexplicable ways, helped progress but hindered at the same time. I have less painting time most days, as we are with the little one 24-7 now (please send me a big bottle of Tylenol or whiskey or both!).

But I found assembly easier to chomp through, maybe because it was easier to tackle that during a work break, and shove it off to the side. Whereas painting wouldn’t work, as it requires more time to clean up brushes and get everything set up again.

As with all big projects, there were good times and bad. I started to run out of steam after getting base colors on the lot of them. I had to mentally push myself to “just finish highlights!”. Sometimes thinking “They are so close to done!”. When in actuality, there is still the base pinning, the decals, the clear coat spray, etc. Oh, and the @#$%^ missed detail that you have to go back and do!

Not the toughest minis I’ve had to paint, but not the easiest either.

The really good news is that they are done. Games wise it ticks off a big item on my list. “Complete the minis from the original 2016 box” (and then some!). And it really gives me an opportunity to play with the “starter teams”. I still feel like any person who learns the game, from 3rd edition to BB2016 to even BB2020, should start off playing Orcs vs Humans. It’s like a rite of passage.

So naturally, I have both teams stored in the same box, ready for next time you all come over to my house and want to learn how to play …. BLOOD BOWL!

Up Next: Kazoo!

22 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Orc Team

      1. Very nicely done mate and whatever the trials and tribulations you got there in the end. I admire yourself and others who can stick with getting an army or team done. My boredom threshold would never allow me to complete one I fear, well not in a hurry, maybe over a few years perhaps. The end result looks great. I’m just off to finish the bottle of whisky which arrived out of the blue from some guy called John and then I’ll come visit and you can show me how to play Blood Bowl. 😉

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        1. Haha, thanks TIM! (And damned that John!) It’s interesting how different it is to paint individual minis versus armies/teams. Right after I got done with the Orcs, I decided some individual pieces that were sitting around. I floundered for a couple weeks, either not feeling the mini, undecided on color scheme, etc. so what do I do!’ Start the next team of course! The plus side of doing teams, is once I’ve figured out the color scheme, I’m on my way for a good few months. I can just sit and paint without thinking too much. Perfect after a day of work that has been mentally exhausting. I can always dabble with the few individual minis I have laying around when I feel a bit more creative, of course. So,
          like most things in life, there are good and bad points. Now ask me again when I’m a month into painting this next team, just how much I love it! 😉

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  1. Sound’s like there will be a giant party at Faust’s house when the lockdown is over as we all descend at the same time to learn the latest edition of BB. Would strongly advise not using both bottles at the same time, medical services are pretty well stretched at the moment without needing a stomach pump ! LOL
    The team looks great all finished and a testament to your perseverance and dedication to finish the team.

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    1. Thanks Dave! And yea, everyone is invited to the Post-COVID Blood Bowl party. Provided I get that bottle of Whiskey, of course! I actually prefer Gin, but I’m not going to complain!

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    1. Thanks mate, no way I can shame you! Though I would love to see you get a BB team finished. I’m guessing you have the old school metal Orc minis? Of the minis I got rid of, those were some of the best. Nice sculpts on them, especially the Blitzers.

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      1. Yeah, My Orc team “Da Blak Flag” is made of a mixture of the 3rd ed plastics, the 3rd ed metals, a few 2nd ed metals and some kitbashes from WHFB and 40k Orcs. A lot of them are done and many others just need that bit of finishing, though the question is also if I should rebase them all to 32mm bases. I haave those blitzers, though over time both the 2nd ed blitzers and blockers got demoted to linemen.
        My 3rd ed Chaos Dwarf team has all of the CDs completed, but work still to do on all fo the Hobgobs and Bull Centaurs (they could be taken as regular players for a time).
        My Khemri team is 100% converted models, with most of them about 50-80% done.
        Again on all three, in two minds about rebaasing them before calling them done.
        Once they’re all done, then I will be “free” to start on any of the new teams or even the other classic/2nd and 3rd ed teams I have – I have all of the new range of teams except the mixed-race teams and the asslings.
        Need to go new team, new colours for the new orcs though else Da Blak Flag will have a squad of about 50!

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        1. It’s been a long day, and I can’t recall the 2e Orcs, will have to look them up later. Sounds like an interesting team mix though.

          I think they had a 3e Khemri team, but the minis were really crappy.

          The CDs are another that I slightly regret selling off. I have an Indy team of them, that really does them justice though.

          Base wise, you can go with whatever, as there are no rules for bases. Though some BB coaches swear by square bases, as it’s better for showing prone versus stunned. The older/smaller minis might look better an the 25mm bases, but I don’t know.

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  2. Looks excellent mate – well done on getting them all finished. You can’t beat seeing a fully painted team like that. As for popping over so you could teach me Blood Bowl – if only you lived a bit closer!

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    1. Thanks Wudu! Yea, sometimes I feel like I’m in the wrong country. Blood Bowl seems much bigger over seas. I know we have some presence here, but it’s not as well recognized by most folks. Unlike, say D&D.

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      1. When I first started at university (a longer time ago than I’m entirely comfortable with!) I wasn’t that into miniatures but a good mate of mine was and he joined the wargaming/miniatures society hoping to play some 40k. He came back and said no-one was interested, the entire group were having a Blood Bowl league and it was Blood Bowl or nothing for the entire semester.

        Going back even further in time, when I was at school there was a while when I went to quite a small school in the Highlands and all of us younger kids, to a greater or lesser degree, looked up to the older kids – there were just so few of us there that instead of the cool kids in a given year the oldest kids were the cool ones (they were a bit more grown up than the rest of us, they went to parties, they had the best music etc) – and they were obsessed with this thing called “Blood Bowl”. At the time I had no idea what it was but the name and the cool little models stuck in my head.

        Because we didn’t have enough kids of any given age range for two teams of any size, we used to play sports with a mixture of ages. Looking back now I realise that it must have looked a lot like Blood Bowl, you know what kids with too much energy are like – the rules are just guidelines and it’s all a fine excuse to trip up that kid that annoys when he goes running past (and maybe give him a quick kick on his way down if you can make it look “accidental”). Then there would be older kids sticking out of the morass looking like big guys and little kids with no idea what it was all about running around on the sidelines like gobbos or snotlings. No one actually turned up with a chainsaw or a pogostick but that’s just because it didn’t occur to us!

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        1. Haha, now I know the real origins of Blood Bowl!

          I was one of the smaller, thinner kids in school. So I can definitely identify with the Goblins, trying to stay out of the way of the bigger ones. Though I also just didn’t have the muscle/coordination until much later,
          so maybe I would have actually been a Snotling!

          Interesting how popular the game is over there. My first exposure to GW was Warhammer Fantasy, and I couldn’t care less. Next was Heroquest, and that took hold fiercely. To where we made our very own version of it,
          With custom races and all. Next would be Blood Bowl. Hated it, but something stuck, and I ended up going back to it. I’ve played it off and on over the years, tabletop and digital. I think the sort of “pick up and play” aspect is a big sell. Especially as time becomes a premium as an adult. We can play one game or play league play (the best!) one match at a time. Speaking of, since I have a decent amount of minis now, it might be time to start a mini league here at home with the oldest.

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          1. My first exposure to miniatures was when I was 10 and my parents left me at another kids house so they could go for a night out. Her big brother, who must have been about 15, was into miniatures and showed me all his Warhammer gear. I remember him being very strict that I could touch any of it apart from the Blood Bowl team because that was precious! He actually gave me one of his Skaven to keep and said “Now be careful with it, it’s made of lead”. To which I replied “Yeah, so don’t chew on it because its toxic, I’m not a baby you know!”. To which he replied “I was going to say, mind it might bend if you drop it, but now you mention it – don’t chew it either!”. Still makes me laugh all these years on. I actually still have that Skaven stood on my desk and I’m proud to say I’ve never found myself tempted to chew it even a little over the years.

            So if you used to be a big Heroquest man what do you think of the newer stuff (Silver Tower, Blackstone Fortress and the new one Cursed City). That side of things really passed me by until Blackstone Fortress, I’m a real latecomer, but I’ve enjoyed that game a lot and I’m very curious about Cursed City.

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            1. Wise words from your elder there! I didn’t realize how easily metal bends or how easily a small drop will break a plastic mini, when I first started.

              I actually havent played any of the née HQ stuff. I don’t like Silver Towers tiles. The one after, was a little more interesting, and I’ve thought about it, but ended up buying old HQ bits until I had a good complete (plus) set.

              Blackstone was one I very nearly bought, but it might have been around the time I got disillusioned with Newcromunda and/or I didn’t want to buy a lot more stuff until I had painted/played what I had. I also thought it would be available forever.

              For all those games, I also don’t have a lot of interest, as I’m not into the GW lore much. I got my start in D&D, and the core of that is making your own world. So I’ve always been more interested in simple rule systems that let you make your own stories. Rather than trying to fit your ideas into someone else’s world. Blood Bowl sorta fits that mold as well, as I see it as more Generic Fantasy races having a ball game. Yea, there’s a ton of lore to the game, but it’s not cemented in the Warhammer world like other stuff is. If that makes any sense.

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