Blood Bowl – Orcs – Black Orc Blockers

Blood Bowl – Orcs – Black Orc Blockers

Well, technically they have been renamed to “Big Uns”. But screw that noise. Since I started the game, they were called Black Orc Blockers, the waterslide decal says Black Orc Blockers, and so they shall remain. *

Stock Black Orc Blocker.

Just like with the Blitzers, there are up to 4 Black Orc Blockers on an Orc team. And you’re going to want them all. Unfortunately, they are all the same sculpt. So, it was time to mod. Also, like the Blitzers, there isn’t a whole lot you can do given the pose you’re given.


So, in some ways they look different enough to me. Yet still a bit of the same. I tried my best to work with what I had. Mainly swapping out and repositioning the arms. Swapping out the heads. Some green stuff to make it look okay.


Man, this guy. I raised his arm. Thought it looked close enough. Then in the midst of painting, chopped it off again to reposition yet again. In the end, it ended up looking better, but took some effort. Should follow my gut feeling a little more closely sometimes. With more experience, I’ll hopefully get better.


While in the midst of these guys, the entire BB2020 rules book was leaked. I saw the new “Black Orc Team”, and frankly was a little dismayed. Had I known, I would have opted to wait and paint up the 6 Black Orcs from the new team box and combine them with the rest of the team. Then I could have the option to play as the traditional Orc team or the new Black Orc team. Well, I’d need more Goblins too, but you probably get the picture.

4 Big Boys.

As is, I’m still on the fence about adding two more of these guys so that I could field a Black Orc team. (Plus some additional Goblins). I went ahead and numbered them so that I could still fit in the other players if I ever decide to.

It’s a tough decision though, because I spent a lot of time on these guys. I’d either have to replace them with the newer (better) models, or make 2 more of these and skip the newer (better) models. I guess I could Ebay this lot, if I go that route, but ugh. I think I’ll just wait until I actually get the new box in hand, piece together the new minis and see if I really have a preference.

The other potential downside, is that I would have to keep the uniform colors from this team and apply it the to newer models. I’m not crazy about this color scheme and I’m really not sure if it would transfer well to the other models. Again, will have to wait and see. Tough decisions in Hobby Land sometimes!

*Ok, after typing this quite awhile ago, I’ve started to soften on the name. The Black Orcs on this team were renamed to “Big Uns” (a name that sounds kind of dumb to me), because they have different stats and skills than the Black Orcs on the new Black Orc team. So they want to make sure to differentiate the two. The minis also look pretty different. So yea, I got it, but not totally sold on the whole thing. I also have the new box at this point, but haven’t been able to assemble the new Black Orcs and make a decision on whether I want to replace the old minis or no.

Up Next: the Team shot!

24 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Orcs – Black Orc Blockers

  1. I like ’em! 🙂 And I like the team colours! Changing team stats/numbers/types with new rules sounds a pain – it’d be better if you could either buy new teams or buy the extra players/figures to convert one team to another (maybe you can and I’m missing the point – it is GW after all and as far as that’s concerned I’m not the brightest light on the Christmas tree)! But nice minis anyway you look at them!

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    1. Thanks JNV! Yea, GW could have done it a little smarter, by just adding some additional minis you could buy. But they would make more money by enticing people to buy the newest big box. Or if they can wait longer, a new team box.

      I doubt many people will go the route I am, and ‘combine’ the two teams.
      It will also probably make more sense, if I end up assembling/painting the new Black Orc minis. For now, I will probably hold off a bit.

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    1. Thanks Pete! Yea, the mod did beef them up a bit, which is awesome. I haven’t assembled the me ones yet, but I have a feeling they are even bigger. Which makes me wonder why the ones I’ve painted already got their name changed to “Big Uns”,
      If they end up smaller?!

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    1. Thanks D&B! Horns is something I feel like I’m still working on. They’ve gotten a bit better, but man, some people out there can really paint horns! Thanks, I did like how the rust turned out this time. Funny enough, I had asked Wudughast how he was doing his rust on some mini…and he replied back about using a sponge. I was so used to using a sponge on terrain, I hadn’t even thought about using it on smaller minis. Classic case of not thinking. At any rate, I tried it out with a smaller piece sponge, going over it with different rust tones, and it ended up working nicely.

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  2. Aye, it’s always a bit annoying when names change like that but as I see it we got a whole team of cool new models out of it so I’ve got no complaints! Plus Big ‘uns have been part of the Orc armies in WHFB since forever so it’s not like it’s an entirely new idea. Really like what you’ve done with these, as and when I get around to adding one or two more Black Orcs (sorry – Big ‘uns!) to my team I’ll be checking these out for inspiration.

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  3. They look pretty good to me, and I appreciate the conversions. Do you think these would swap in with the Black Orc players or best to keep them entirely seperate?
    Asking for…. a friend.

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    1. Thanks Azazel. If you’re asking if you could use 6 of these on the Black Orc team or vice versa, I definitely think so. I’m planning on merging the minis of both, so I can swap out one team or the other. Though I think I’d rather use the new Black Orc sculpts and maybe mix in some of the newer goblins. Still undecided until I start assembling the new team, which will depend on when work let’s up a bit.

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        1. Ahhh ok. Well, could maybe work. I think the minis look a little too different from each other. Maybe once I assemble the new ones and get them side by side. I want to say the new Black Orcs are bigger. They sort of look it in pictures. I’m actually really hoping they are bigger, because the ones from the original team, aren’t much bigger than the Line-Orcs.

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          1. I got tired of saying if/when/maybe/shoulda/coulda and just buckled down and assembled a new Black Orc to see! The one I assembled looks a hair shorter than the”Big Uns”. I don’t know if there is height variation amongst the new Black Orcs though, could be. The Big Uns and Black Orcs look pretty different though. I think at this point, I’m opting to painting 6 of the new Black Orcs and 6 of the new Goblins. Still in the same red/white colors, if I decide I want to consolidate. Will have to be after I get through my current team though. I am curious how the new Black Orc team works out in play, but I also need some better finesse teams done, as most of what I’ve painted are bashy teams so far.

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    1. Thanks Mark! Yea, this isn’t the first time they’ve got me either! As the Necromunda rules evolved they basically invalidated older books. Same with Blood Bowl. Worse yet, they invalidated all the old team card sets I had bought. Never buying those again! Oh wait, I have bought some new ones. But I won’t be fooled any longer! ;P

      I think it’s been worse for 40k players though, having whole armies becoming useless. If I painted hundreds of minis that were rendered junk, I’d definitely not be very happy.

      A team of each, is possible. And I’ve been considering it. I’ll see what happens when I paint the new ones. As is, I think I’d have to paint all 6 new Black Orcs. The Goblins, I could opt to just paint two…which would save me from painting 4 Goblins…so I’m not really saving much time at all.

      I think the big deciding factor is if I want to save space. If I find that I can fit the original team with new Black Orc models and an additional 2 Goblins, in one half of a Really Useful Box then yea…I might sell off the original 4 Black Orcs.

      I’ve got plenty of time to decide though.

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      1. I feel for ya man, and I’m always amazed (and impressed) at the marketing genius of GW. I do respect their prowess, and love seeing what others do with their stuff. If I was a modeler/kitbasher like IRO, or with a bunch of fellow gamers who were mad about GW I guess I’d be into buying their stuff but all my stuff (99%) I build for games, using other gaming systems that don’t have obsolescence planned in. And if I had a company treat me like that I’d be gone anyways. Luckily for me I am definitely not beholden to GW. I do like their paints, but I have close to 600 from many companies so I’m not stuck there either. Their contrast stuff is really nice though. I’m sure you could easily find someone to buy your Orcs if you decide to go another way, they are so well done. Always enjoy seeing your work my man.

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        1. Thanks Mark, always love to see your minis as well! Yea, as a company, GW has come around a bit…but there’s some stuff that just leaves me stupefied. They have a huge diehard fan base though, and I guess they need to just keep churning out new shiny to keep that engine going.

          For Blood Bowl at least, there is a perfectly good rule set for free, and you could supply whatever minis you want. I just get caught up in the collection fever at times. Game wise, I tend to prefer systems that are simpler and not reliant on minis. The eldest isn’t much into mini games though, so we mostly play boardgames these days. I did get both kids to play Heroquest, and we had some fun with that. It’s one I hope to break out again soon, and hopefully will have some minis painted for it next time.

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