Blood Bowl – Orc (Goblins)

Blood Bowl – Orc (Goblins)

Happy New Year, y’all! So this is what makes the Orc team fun. There is quite a bit of diversity in the team, with Orcs, a Troll, and Goblins. Funny enough, a lot of Blood Bowl coaches don’t even know that you can use Goblins on the Orc team. You don’t usually see them, as they are not competitive, but they are in the rules for those who pay attention.

Hard to resist these nifty sculpts!

Even the Coaches who know you can take Goblins, often forget that you can take up to 4. That’s been carried over to the 2020 rules too. 4 Goblins on a team would probably be a really bad idea, but hey, sometimes people like to go crazy.

Love the character they put into these.

You also don’t get goblins in the original Orc team box, so that might be why some people don’t know. You can always use the Goblins from the Goblin box, which is what most people do. The cool thing is that there are enough different sculpts in there, that you can have 4 completely different looking Goblins.

Crazy tongue.

Speaking of the Goblin team, it’s one I’ve been wanting to do for quite awhile. It’s not my favorite team to play, but the minis look so cool that I just want to paint them. Likely they are a bit further down my list, as I really need to work on some good finesse teams, so we have a nice play balance.

This guy needs a hanky.

Painting wise, I wanted to give them uniforms/colors that matched the Orc team they are playing for. I was really curious how the smaller, lighter green guys would look next to their team-mates. Seems they fit in nicely.

On a technical level, these guys should have been tougher to paint than the Orcs. Mainly due to the diminutive size. But I guess I liked them well enough, that I didn’t find them too much of a chore. Also there were fewer of them. Whereas with the Orcs I just felt like I was painting an endless horde and had to really push myself towards the end.

The goblins have moon-shaped plates on their backs. Being a moon, I figured white would be more appropriate than the red back plates on the Orcs. I think rest of the uniform ties in fine, so they should still be easy to identify as team members.

Up Next: Back to Orcs!

18 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Orc (Goblins)

  1. Great work on the goblins, and nice addition to your Orc team, goblins in an Orc team isn’t something I remember from earlier additions, but it’s been a long time since I looked at the team lists. It certainly will add diversity to your team

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    1. Thanks Dave! Most people don’t take them, as they add to your TV (point total) and could be filled with other players. I do like to take a goblin though, as it adds a player who is fairly nimble. They can either be given the ball (provided they are well protected) or used to get in the way of other players. Plus they are cheap!

      Funny…I think this could be the first time I’ve ever painted a goblin miniature too…!

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    1. Thanks John! Hope you had a good New Years! Yea, if I hadn’t painted the other Orcs beforehand, I might’ve been tempted to paint all of them white back plates. Certainly makes it easier to read their numbers too.

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      1. The numbers look really good! New Year was fine – we had to stay up late with the TV on loud-ish because there were some fireworks being let off and one of our dogs gets quite agitated by them. And then we got up on New Year’s Day to find that our part of the town had no mains water, but they managed to get that sorted out by lunchtime (but I pity anyone with a hangover who was desperate for a drink of water first thing). These things happen. Hope you enjoyed the Christmas and New Year break! πŸ™‚

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  2. Very nice, I do like those little gobbos and you’ve done a particularly good job of them. I’m looking forward to that all-goblin team already so you’d better not take too long to get around to it πŸ˜‰
    Funnily enough I always think of goblins as being easier to paint than orcs because being smaller there’s less surface area to cover in paint. I get what you mean about the finer details though.

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    1. Thanks Wudu! We’ll see, they could end up jumping the queue. Especially if I met someone who wanted to play them. More likely they would get play in Blitz Bowl these days, and they are one of my favorite teams to play in that game.

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  3. This team is really looking great. It’s inspiring me to finish up my orc team as well. I’d love to see a pic of the whole team when done. i think these gobbos are gonna look neat next to that blue troll. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks man! If you’re only painting enough Orcs for Blitz Bowl, I think they will be a lot of fun. Team shot will be coming up, but unfortunately my photog skills are even poorer on those shots. Maybe someday I’ll be happy with my pics!

      Your work on the Dark Elves really inspired me as well. I nearly started them as my next team. One, because they are fun to play, but two, because the color choices you picked were awesome. I’ll likely be doing some blue skinned elves as well, I think I kind of got the hang of it with the Troll.

      Hope you had a Good New Years!


  4. I like your goblins. I haven’t played much BB and none recently, but aren’t goblins a little better at catching and ball handling than orks? Also, can orcs field an ogre or troll because then you could always throw the goblin with the ball (at least as far as I know)! πŸ™‚

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    1. Goblins have “Stunty”, which makes them better at dodging, though easier to hurt. This makes them a bit better as ball carriers. I’m pretty sure they have a better agility than the Black Orc Blockers as well, so in a way they are better. Though Orcs in general, are not the best at ball play.

      Yep, you can have a Troll. He’s the first post I did for this team. Big blue guy. And you’re right that they can throw the goblin. It’s complicated though, you have to first roll to see if the Troll eats the Goblin, and keep referencing the Throw TeamMate chart from there. I haven’t heard if that became simpler in the new rules, but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t.

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