Blood Bowl – Orc Throwers

Blood Bowl – Orc Throwers

It looks like the Orc Throwers got nerfed a tad with the new rules. Though someone told me that the ‘nerf was across the board’. Either way, will have to see how the Orcs (and a lot of the other stuff) play in the new rules.

Stock Orc Thrower

I felt a bit of deja vu painting this team, and that’s because about a year or so ago I got enough of them painted up for a Blitz Bowl team (think that’s 6 minis). Well, enough paints on them to play, but hadn’t finished highlighting them.

Orc Thrower with a slight mod to his arm (the open hand).

Bit of an odd feeling, returning to them after such a long time. I thought I had showed them off on the site, but the only thing I found was a small pic of them on my Blitz Bowl gameplay post. I guess I was waiting to completely finish them up before posting.

Same modified Orc Thrower, just a different picture angle.

Still not sure why anyone would choose to have 2 Orc Throwers on a team, but hey…come over to my house because I painted them both up!

Our two Orc Throwers, side by side. Modded on the right.

Twas the first time I’ve tried to freehand checkers. It’s a common pattern seen on GW Orcs. It looks okay here, but I botched it on some upcoming minis.

I kinda like the small arm mod I did. Nothing major, but it worked out for me. I’ll talk about more mods with the next minis.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year! I’ll be slowly posting this team into 2021, but also thinking about doing a yearly roundup, since I mostly got back into the swing of things this year.

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