Blood Bowl – Orc Linemen

Blood Bowl – Orc Linemen

So here we have the grunts, the Linemen of the team.

As mentioned before, I had purchased a few partially painted Orc minis off of Ebay. My train of thought was either that it would help me speed up painting the team, or just check out how other people paint minis. Well, buying a partially painted mini, is more of a chore than painting it oneself. I already talked about having to guess the color/shading combo on the Humans team quite a bit. As far as I can recall, it wasn’t so bad with the Orcs. They were mostly primed, with a few patches of paint, so it was a repaint.

One exception, was this guy.

Ebayed mini that someone else had painted.

I found him interesting enough, so I decided to leave him alone. He was pretty much painted using the colors GW had used on their display minis. So, I followed suit.

I took the chest plate off the guy on the left. Will use it as base dressing on some future team.
Despite requests, this is *not* the Imperial Rebel Ork.

I did have some grandiose dreams of painting a complete second team of Orcs in an orange color scheme. I even picked up the Forgeworld bits to change up the team. But chances of me ever needing a second Orc team are slim, and given how long it’s taken me to do these also deterred me from wanting to do team two.

Although you could have 11 Linemen, it’s better to fill those slots with better players.

The recent release of a new “Black Orc” team further squashed the idea of a second team. It makes more sense to build that new team and have more options that way. I have some more thoughts about the new “Black Orc” team, but I’ll leave that for a future post.

“The End”

Some of us will be celebrating Holiday(s) this month, and possibly getting some time off of work. Hope you’re all having a good one!

Up next: More Orcs!

12 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Orc Linemen

  1. You’ve matched your new linemen in perfectly, can see the appeal of doing a Black Orc team, always thought they needed to update the models in Blood bowl with how the size changed in Fantasy.
    Hope you have a safe and Merry Christmas

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    1. Merry Christmas Dave and thanks for checking out the blog this year! Now that you mention it…I can see the appeal of having bigger Black Orc models. I’ll have to compare the two once I get a chance.

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    1. Thanks Pete! Not sure if I mentioned this at some point, but I actually consciously started to paint them a bit brighter at some point. So you might see a little variation in the models.

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  2. Nice looking linemen. Your ork team is looking good. I hope the team doesn’t spend too much money on their uniforms. Gotta have enough to pay those ogres in your collection with their yards and yard of gold bling. 🙂

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    1. Haha, thanks Ann! Yea, I was tempted to make them more dirty and grungy, but one day I was thinking that my teams looked less shiny Blood Bowl and more Necromunda. So I’ve been trying to dial that in a bit.

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