Blood Bowl – Troll

Blood Bowl – Troll

This is a big one, in a few different ways.

Game wise, Trolls are a powerhouse. Having one on your team, can really boost your overall strength. On the other hand, they are damned stupid. No really. They come with a skill “Really Stupid”, which requires you to state an action, then roll to see if you can even do it. “I’m going to block that guy…*rolls*…nope, I’m going to stand around and pick my NOSE!!! $&*#&#*$!!!!”. The base chance is 50%, so you can spend a lot of time watching your Troll stand around and do nothing the whole game. Smart BB Coaches have learned to just use them as road blocks, and that they can do quite well.

Minis wise he comes from a third party company called Willy Miniatures. They make some pretty awesome minis in my book. People used to complain back in 3rd edition that the minis were just too big, compared to the Blood Bowl minis of the time. But then GW upped their scale (again?), and now I find that the Willy Minis fit in really nicely with the current BB minis.

Why not use the GW Troll?! Well, I did pick up the GW Troll when it first came out. Thinking I could reposition the gloved hand so it wasn’t completely covering half his damned face. I tried, I wasn’t happy with it, and I sold it off. It’s too bad. The pose is crap, but the mini itself is pretty nice. Then they came out with a second Troll…”Yay, finally they will get it right!! Umm, nope.”. Well, the pose was a bit better, but still not to my liking. Besides, I had already decided to go with this Willy Minis Troll. They have a few of them with different poses, so I can make the teams more unique. They also have quite a bit of character and are just the right size. You can be the judge of how well he fits in with the rest of the Orcs, once I do a group shot.

I’ve had this mini since back in the days when you had to scour Ebay for good 3rd edition Blood Bowl minis, as GW had stopped producing Blood Bowl minis at the time. Yea you young whipper-snappers have it easy nowadays! Funny to be saying that, as I feel like a late bloomer having only come to game with 3rd edition myself.

He’s a big hunk of metal, and I think over the years I tried gluing that arm on him about 6 times using different glues. Then tried pinning. Then finally pinned him and used a combo of green stuff and glue. That last one seems to have done the trick.

So yea, I’ve toted this mini around for a long time but kept avoiding painting him. Partially because I wanted the ‘Blue Troll’ look, but didn’t know how to do it. I remember a reply from Azazel at one point, pointing me to one way. But I’m not sure it was exactly what I had in mind. So I looked up some blues on the GW paint app (handy tool!), and started painting away. Still not sure it was exactly what I had in mind, but it seems to have worked and I definitely don’t hate it.

Oh yea, the eyes. I wasn’t sure at first, then decided to go with pupil-less white eyes. I think an image of the creepy eyes that Bill Willingham draws in his work must’ve been in the back of my brain. I tried to find a good pic of some of his early D&D art, but here’s a newer image that illustrates pretty well:

Because the Troll’s eyes are placed further back in the skull, it’s a little hard to see them.

And that wraps up the Troll. Feels good to have painted this guy. Like a long lost buddy, and now he has a new home in the game.

Up next? More Orcs! Shoot, is that a spoiler?

20 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Troll

  1. I’m with you, generally I don’t care for sculpts where the arms are positioned so that the mini’s face is obscured. The current thing I seem to firmly not be painting but is my current and apparently endless project is like that.

    Nice troll. He looks like a worthy addition to your team. I like the mail, spiked mitten he’s sporting.

    As for the Really Stupid rule, I found that one to be quite fun. I don’t play much Blood Bowl but I do remember playing a game with a friend where his troll ended up pretty much standing around in the same spot the entire game doing nothing. Does the Really Stupid rule still work where you get +2 to the roll if you have another of your team stand next to the troll and scream at him to do stuff?

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    1. Thanks Ann! Yea, I thought about mentioning the assist part of the Really Stupid rule, but didn’t want to get too technical. I find it sometimes funny, but sometimes aggravating when you need the Troll to just make one decent block, but ends up doing jack. It’s certainly not uncommon to see a Troll standing around most of the game. ;P

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      1. Yeah, the trolls are certainly random. 🙂 It made for some interesting tactical play in our game, once we figured out the bit about getting a +2 to your roll by having a teammate stand next to him. I vaguely remember that one thing my opponent’s troll managed to do well was throw a goblin, who had the ball, into the end zone. Only problem, if I remember correctly, was the goblin ended up dropping the ball and getting injured from the throw. I could be remembering things wrong though.

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        1. Nope, that’s about right. It’s a play I tend to never use, but I guess some people do. On top of all the rolls you have to make to throw the Goblin, he can get killed from the throw or even eaten by the Troll. Silly stuff for sure, but it’s that early GW humor of “let’s totally punish the players!”. It might get some laughs the first few times, but then it gets old. Maybe if you got some benefit from the Troll eating your own Goblin, like he won’t eat the second one, or he throws at +1 next time. Wouldn’t have to be much, but better than getting screwed over repeatedly.

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  2. Great work on your Troll, your blue tones work well. Is the really stupid rule similar to the old bonehead rule , and can you still remove traits on a roll of a double ? The sculpt looks good and has the right aesthetic to fit in perfectly with your GW miniatures

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    1. Thanks Dave, glad it worked out. Really Stupid is worse than Bonehead, but close to the same thing. I don’t think you can remove traits on a double any longer. I’m still waiting for my 2020 book, as the skills have changed a bit. A little more interesting, as you can either spend more and pick a skill or roll random. Maybe they have added getting of Nega-traits too? I think there is a fair bit that I will have to relearn with the new rules.

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    1. Thanks JNV! Yea, basing wise…there were a couple ideas behind that. One, I wanted to differentiate the bases on most teams. Two, the Orc pitch is kinda muddy/dirty. So I went with a sorta barren base look. It was pretty fun. And I have you and Ann to thank for pointing me towards that Vallejo texture paintl!

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    1. Thanks davekay! Yea, the new Trolls are nice in a way, but I definitely prefer this guy. If they had included the club Troll in the new boxed set, I might have been swayed. But I still kinda doubt it.

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  3. Nice work! That is a nice sculpt, but I do generally find that Willy make pretty sweet minis. My only complaint is that the skin tone is too close to the waistcoat, though perhaps that’s just a trick of the photography (and of course, in real life people wear clothes that are similar to skin colour all the time!). The eyes look great; I think that they could be either menacing or vacant depending on the results of that Really Stupid roll.

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    1. Thanks AB! Noted about the waistcoat. I carried over the team uniform with him, and it likely works much better against the green Orc skin than it does for a blue Troll.


  4. I came so close to putting Blood Bowl Season 2 on my Christmas list; I’ve wanted Blood Bowl since I was a kid and for some reason I’ve just not managed to take the plunge.
    But, seeing these lovely figures, which are a bit different to the usual fantasy trope, maybe it’s time to think of the inner child.
    Great work, thanks.

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    1. Thanks SM! My box just arrived, and it’s very nice. Quite the deal with the hardcover book, big guy models, etc. They’ve made a number of improvements over the 2016 edition. It’s got me wondering whether I should sell off the 2016 box now. I’d say if you’re new to the game, this is definitely the right box to jump into!

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