Blood Bowl – Orc Tokens

Blood Bowl – Orc Tokens

Well, it certainly has been awhile. The last team I finished, was the Humans and they were done around late July/early August. My hope was to have 4 teams finished this year, but for a variety of reasons that hasn’t happened. Still, 3 is better than a half team!

This team was a bit similar to the Humans, in that I had purchased a few minis that were partially painted off of Ebay. One was fully painted, and I kind of liked him, so he’s pretty much been untouched. The others barely had base paints, and have been completely redone. There are some other notes about the team, but I will get to those as I post more pictures up.

Now, onto our first post. “Reroll tokens, balls, and markers!”. Oh joy!

I ‘m sure I’ve said this, but this could be the last time I paint up this many Reroll tokens. I have enough of those tokens for three teams now, so there isn’t much point in going over board on these. Yes, it would be super cool to have matching tokens for every single team, but I also have a ton to paint still.

Also, there are two spare completely silver ones (one under the other), which I would use for the odd ‘Leader’ and other rerolls that Coaches can gain under special circumstances. It’s nice to have that extra token for when you need to keep track of things separately.

Fairly standard stuff for me at this point. Easier to paint than the Chaos ones were, that’s for sure! I tried to go a little lighter, as I noticed I had painted a lot of stuff very dark and dingy. That worked well for Necromunda, but a sports game like Blood Bowl should be a bit more flamboyant. Something I’ll probably keep trying to work on.

Turn and Score markers (interchangeable). The ‘Dead Elf head on a stone spike’ just sorta came to me. I should have wrote 2020 on top of his skull, to really nail it home. πŸ˜‰

You’re right, the skin colors are a bit different. I’ve always preferred the “Black Orcs’ on the team to be a different in skin tone than the rest of the ‘Ordinary Orcs’. So, I used these to test out my skin tones, and it worked perfectly on the first go. Thanks to a tip from Wudugast on his recipe for Orc skin and a quick reference of the GW Paint App!

In hindsight, I might have added some bits of rust to them, but they will do.

The bases got previewed in my Basing Detour post awhile back. They are my now standard weighted bases with Vallejo Dark Earth texture on top. Some wash, paint, and good to go. I did try mixing GW’s Agrellan textures with the Vallejo to see if that would help the ‘meringue topping effect’ that I ran into with the Vallejo texture. But it didn’t have much effect at all. My next experiment will likely be adding some micro beads to the texture. The crackle Agrellan texture did produce some variation, and you will see how those got painted up in future posts.

Lastly, we have the balls. There’s a free-standing spike football that is the norm for Blood Bowl. Though the Orc one is a bit more primitive, made up of different sewn together bits.

But why so many?! Few reasons for that. One, you get a ton of these, as they have a few on each sprue. The other is Blitz Bowl Season 2 has rules for Special Balls now too. So, instead of having to fish the extra balls out of my Blood Bowl stuff, I decided I would paint one up for each.

The Orc’s special ball is a “Squig ball”. Apparently they chopped one leg off and he hops a bit, so there’s an additional rule when using this special ball. It’s the first time I’ve painted up a Squig, and not knowing too much about them, I just went off of pics I’ve seen online. I was going to paint one red and one orange…but alas so many things that I’m keeping track of in my head these days that I completely forgot!

Some of these balls come with a little peg so that you can stick them in the Blood Bowl bases with peg holes. Sure, fine. But what do you do when they are on the field, leave them lopped over?! I was never crazy about that. Especially since I don’t use the peg holes in the bases anyways. So I found some small metal discs, then took some sculpting material…and before you know it, I had another nice little detour of a side project! On the plus side, I fixed up all the balls to date. I also put enough sculpting material under each one, that they should land top up no matter how you plop them down. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have used those balls with the pegs before, but now they work pretty well and it will be nice to paint some of those up as well.

That wraps up that. I think the next several posts will be about the Orc team. I’ve got a few more odds and ends that detracted me from finishing the Orcs, but I might save those for afterwards.

Happy Hobbying!

18 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Orc Tokens

  1. Excellent work on the tokens and balls, as you say you could keep going and going, but I think they look perfect for gaming with. The Squig balls look completely accurate, from what I remember about squigs

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  2. All good stuff man, nice to see how those markers look once they’re properly based – I’ve started down that road and I reckon mine will end up looking similar so it’s good to have a reference. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the team. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Wudu! It’s been interesting watching you crank out your own team while finishing up mine. It’s amazing how the same minis can end up looking so different.

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      1. I think that’s one of my favourite things about this hobby actually. Everything we do is personalised. If we collected, say, stamps and you and I had the same stamp we’d have – by definition – the same stamp. But we can have the same models and even if neither of us converts them and we both work to the same colour scheme each one will still be unique. I find that very uplifting.

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        1. Yea, there are enough variations in color mixing, paint thinning, and application that even following the GW paint schemes, you can see different results. I’ll be doing a post at some point about trying to match colors. Unfortunately took forever to get the last little bits I needed to complete some of the minis to make the post, so it might be posting in the New Year!

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  3. Great stuff. I’m glad you didn’t do the rust. Your orks, that I’ve seen, have pretty colorful, clean, well-maintained uniforms and I think it is good to have your tokens match that. After all, who says ork teams can’t take pride in their uniforms and appearance as they go out on the pitch and murder the other team? πŸ™‚

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      1. I like them as they are now, but I’m sure they’ll look good with a little rust too. Something else I’ve seen done, mostly with vehicles, is where instead of rust chipping the chipping is done with a slightly lighter color so it looks like the paint is worn. I’ve noticed that effect on my 30 year old Land Cruiser in places. Something like that might look good on football gear, in addition to the rust?

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