Blood Bowl – Treeman pt. 3

Blood Bowl – Treeman pt. 3

Quick flashback. I used the Kurnoth boxed set to make some Treeman models for Blood Bowl teams.

There was quite a bit of shaping and a good amount of green stuff work involved.

On my second go at these, I decided those Kurnoth heads were not going to do. But what to do? Well, there was a tree stump bit (can see it as the head on the model on the far left). Unfortunately there was only 1, and Ebay didn’t turn up bits for more. So I used some some Oyumara, to make two additional pieces. Well, my skill with that stuff has never been that good, but given the organic nature of the bit, I was able to fake it okay.

Ok, on to the Blood for the Blood God that I hinted at last time (“BftBG”)!

With each Treeman I tried to change them up a bit. Partly with their poses. This guy or gal, quickly morphed into a stomping pose. And all was well and good for awhile.

Not sure what prompted me, but I ended up ‘spicing’ up his base with a stomped Dwarf. I had done something similar a long time ago with a smooshed hand coming out from under the Dwarven Death Roller. Maybe I was looking through my bits for a Dwarf helmet to use, but I came across the other half of a Dwarf I had painted up way back. I had ended up sawing him in half after painting him, and using the legs for the Dwarf Chainsaw Star Player. See, all this stuff comes back around!

At any rate, I used bits of him to come up with the grisly scene above. Some Blood for the Blood God to make it gruesome, and various other paints to make it look like bits of organs, bone, blood, etc. are showing through. Seems like it worked.

Taking pictures of these guys has been a little tricky, to get a decent and coherent view.

Another area I tried to make them different, was the leaf color. I figured this Treeman might be a bit older, and went with some Fall red, orange, and yellow leaves. Also giving him a yellow number plate.

Lastly there was the bark, another color of Contrast paint and various dry brushing. This one is closer to what colors you’d find on a real tree.

Yep, that Dwarf is looking pretty smooshed!

Cap it off with a slight overhead shot.

And that wraps up the Trio of Treeman. Hope you all enjoyed!

Up Next? Right now it’s looking like radio silence for a bit. I’ve been working on the next team for months now, but due to the size of the team and the freaking craziness of work/life, it’s been damned slow going. Not as slow as Dwarves, but still a long time. I’ve also been whittling away at a few other solo pieces. Hopefully things will get rolling and I’l have more cool things to show in due time.

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  1. Great concept and execution Faust, love the fact all three treemen are unique and the base on this one just amps it up another level

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    1. Indeed, I tend to like to purge stuff. My first inclination when building teams was to sell off spare parts. “I can make some of the money back!”. Well, you won’t exactly recoup any costs by selling bits on Ebay. You might gain back a small amount but f storage space. But really, if you’re doing any sort of modeling, it’s best to hold onto those extra pieces because somewhere and sometime, you’re going to find a use for that extra hand, horn, arm, etc.

      Now organizing it all and remembering where you put that one bit you really want to use…that’s a whole nother story, haha!

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      1. Yeah, a mate of mine used to sell a lot of his old gear and leftover bits on ebay and in the end he packed it in, saying it took up more time than his job did and didn’t pay half as well. On the other hand I’ve acquired loads of useful bits that way so I’m glad other people do it, even if I can’t generally be arsed myself! As you say the trouble is organising it, and ending up with boxes and boxes of leftover bits. Mind you there’s a certain joy to just reaching in like a lucky dip and having a rummage, some of my best and craziest ideas have come from finding random odds and ends that have been thrown together in the bottom of the bits box. 🙂

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        1. Yea, with shopping g and Ebay fees, plus time and packaging, I can’t imagine one would make much. Some sellers seem to do okay with parting out boxes, but I’m more into the modeling and what is left over, will hopefully make it into something else.

          I’ve been keeping bits in baggies mainly based on the teams I took them from and then a misc baggie. Might be more helpful to organize them by arms, legs, weapons, etc. But there are a lot of ways to do it and don’t want to eat into too much hobby time.

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