Blood Bowl – Treeman pt. 2

Blood Bowl – Treeman pt. 2

Let’s begin with a Size Comparison!

So, the Minotaur is a beast of a mini….but my Treeman is pretty much GIGANTIC!

The Treemen minis I had seen in earlier editions of Blood Bowl, were about a head above the normal minis, and maybe just as tall as some other Big Guys. Scale wasn’t consistent back then anyways, but the Treeman was not that impressive. Somewhere along the way, I had seen someone do a tall Treeman mini, and it stuck with me. “Trees should be tall!”. It certainly makes them more iconic.

So, I assembled the kit following the instructions from the box. Thought I was good…then noticed they were around the same size as the Chaos Minotaur. Damn it.

Hacked up the legs and torsos, added splints using bits of sprue frame and a lot of glue plus baking soda. Then Green Stuffed that. Eventually I got them tall enough to where they looked decent. Around this time, I was also re-hacking them to make the poses a bit better. That took some work.

Maybe ended up a whole 2 weeks on just assembling the three? I just remember getting kind of frustrated with them, and they were taking up a lot of desk space.

One morning, I sleepily woke up, decided to trim one small piece off of one of the Wood Elves that I had remembered over night. No problem,. Then..easy peasy…put the Craft knife’s cap back on…and get to work!

Crime Scene

Well, I stabbed the blade into the cap just like you would a ball point pen. Except the blade didn’t go into the cap, it went into the side of my freakin hand. I ran to the bathroom, dumped alcohol over my hand and wrapped it up. It didn’t bleed badly, but my hand went sort of numb.

I watched it for any signs of infection, and because of the early COVID stuff closing everything, I didn’t bother with the Doctor until about 2 weeks. At that point, they said it was a little late, but that it looks like the nerve I had severed would heal back. Unfortunately, nerves grow slowly, so it will be about 18 months before it completely grows back!

Afterwards, painting and assembling got delayed a bit. Especially assembly. I have a whole nother level of respect for the craft knife now, I’ll tell you that much. But I would say things are well and good now and it’s mostly a very minor inconvenience. However, I won’t be forgetting these Treemen and the Wood Elves for quite some time. Freakin bastards.

I spared you all the worst pics of the above mess, but I left the dried blood on my knife as a personal reminder to not be so stupid next time! Anyways, here’s another Treeman for you!

As I mentioned previously, I could have gone with more realistic tree colors, but I really liked the wood effect that the Contrast paints can yield. Plus I wanted some good variety.

I’d say this one is borderline Madrone or Redwood bark colors, but it’s a bit of a stretch. Then again, so are magical Treeman playing football.

The mouth/maw and face took a bit of work, but most of the fam has been able to identify it, so I guess I was able to pull it off. I also gave him a bit of a roaring pose. It was pretty hard to modify the Kurnoth models into what I wanted. I ended up breaking them all apart after my first try, and re-gluing them. I would’ve like to get both of the bits at the base of his feet firmly planted on the miniature base, but like I mentioned, it was a rough go with them and so that’s just going to be something I live with.

I will say the Treeman isn’t quite as bright as in the pics. Unfortunately my camera skills are always evolving.

Why #2? Halflings can have up to 2 Treeman on their team. So this one would be the second model on their team, combined with one of the other Treeman.

Up Next: BftBG!

16 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Treeman pt. 2

    1. Thanks TIM! He’s probably my least favorite of the ‘Three Trees’, and the photos turned out for crap. But works well enough. Yea, I definitely won’t be forgetting that team for a lonnnnng time. Ouch!

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  1. The gruesome war stories of a modeller ! it’s almost as if our craft desires a blood sacrifice ! LOL hope the nerve damage heals well ( mine from an operation never did !)
    You’ve got a good variation in your treemen and I like the colours you’ve used

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    1. Thanks Dave! They nearly set me up with an operation, but then found there was sensation on part of the tip of the finger, so the nerve is supposed to grow back (slowwwwly). Some days I feel like I’m getting more sensation, most days pretty numb/tingly. Mobility of the finger is fine, which is good. Just have to be mindful of it.

      Hopefully this blood sacrifice will last me a good couple years, haha!

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      1. Man, glad you didn’t hurt yourself more badly! You’d think this is a safe hobby. The treeman looks great, the height is a really good effect.

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    1. Thanks JNV! The hand is weird,
      some days a bit tingly or more numb, but seems like sensation might slowly be returning. Moral of the story, be careful with the tools!

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  2. Good grief mate, take care of yourself – you’re supposed to save wounds like that for Khornate warriors, not waste blood offerings on happy little tree folk! Like what you’ve done with that treeman though, I didn’t realise when I read the first post how big he is. Definitely worth risking life and limb over (and what’s Blood Bowl without an injury or two right?)

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    1. Haha, thanks man! I haven’t a good injury like that in a lonnng time. So I guess I was overdue and boy did I make it count!

      I’m sure someone mentioned it somewhere, but these things seem to always happen when you change out for a new blade. At least that was the case this time.

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  3. Ooft! It’s good to read that your nerve will grow back – I guess you passed your Regeneration check.

    I think that the Treeman looks pretty good actually. Way better than the Treebeard style ones from the 90s.

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  4. Ow, crap! Sorry to hear about your injury 😦 Good to hear that it will grow back at least, but yeah… owwww.
    The treeman looks great, and it does look pretty bright here but it works. 🙂

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