Blood Bowl – Treeman pt. 1

Blood Bowl – Treeman pt. 1

Ok, here’s a Tall Drink of Water for ya!


Where to even begin…

I was working on assembling the Wood Elf team near this time, and thought I would also do three Treeman. Halflings can take two, and Wood Elves can take one. So that should cover me

The Forgeworld one was horribly expensive ($70+?) and not too many other models were catching my fancy. I don’t really love Treeman to begin with, and rarely play Wood Elves, let alone Halflings. I stumbled across a couple posts of these minis though, and thought a small bit of conversion would do it. Mainly filling in the empty torsos.

More on assembly in the next post though. For now, I’ll just say they took longer than planned.

I tried gluing some small bits to form ‘teeth’ in the mouth cavity and to also construct some crude fingers/fist.

I figured since they are magical tree things, they can grow whatever appendages they like, and wouldn’t have to conform to standard human shapes.

The basing was interesting. I decided to use some of the basing material I used on Morg ‘N’ Thorg originally, as leaves. The thought of scattered leaves across a football field was interesting, and perhaps the trees shed lots of leaves as they moved?

I don’t know if I quite captured the effect.

I forgot where I took the ‘number plate’ sign things from, but I had originally just painted the shoulder pad with a number. But with most of my minis, the numbers are clearly on the back, for Coaches to easily see and reference. So the sign/plate worked out very nicely.

Shot of the top of his head. More on this when we get to assembly, but essentially I figured his head would be like a tree stump. I tried to emulate some pics of exposed tree stumps I saw online, but it didn’t translate as well as I had hoped. In context with the rest of the body, it kind of works, but definitely would need more practice there.

Most of the painting was accomplished with Contrast Paints and GW Dry paints. I wanted to get as close to different wood colors as possible, but looking at regular trees…they seem to be dark brown highlighted up to a light grey. This game isn’t known for its realism though, so as long as it reads as a “Treeman”, that should work!

Again, I thought things would go quickly with Contrast, and it kinda did for a bit. But I think I had some mental blocks on how to polish things off.

Up Next: Some Blood is Spilled

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    1. Lol, yes indeed! Yea, my Blood Bowl tradition has been to label or at least number the bases (which would correspond with the number on the Team sheet). I’m not always crazy about that, but it helps people to identify them.

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  1. Excellent conversion of your treeman, and the paint colours and effects add to the effect.
    A quick trick for getting bark effect with greenstuff is roll a Buddleia branch over the wet green stuff it will put the texture in for you.

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