Blood Bowl – Coach “Duh Boss”

Blood Bowl – Coach “Duh Boss”

Not sure where to even start with this one. I had planned on making individual Coaches for every Blood Bowl team, but given limited time and the difficulty of finding suitable minis…those grandiose ideas will go on the back burner most likely.

I’ve used COVID lockdown as an opportunity to prep, assemble and prime *every* single Blood Bowl team I have. Yes, that’s a whopping 18 or so teams so far and a minimum of 11 minis per team. It’s felt pretty good to get those (and my freakin shelves!!) organized. I also customized any minis that needed it along the way, which is another chore but helps with inventorying/organizing bits.

Ok, so I was assembling the Ogre team and as with most of the teams, I had stored bits that I might use along with that team. In the box, I found an old Ogre team that I had started to work on back in the day. I couldn’t just toss them, but I figure I’d either use them if the new team didn’t look good or use parts for head swaps, etc. (yea, I did the latter).

At some point, I sent my brother a pic of this guy:

Old Ogre

Not sure what we were talking about at the time, but I think that would mostly be the end of that. He looks a little goofy compared to the new team, and that paint job was not sweet. It was the first time I painted large areas of flesh like that and I obviously didn’t get the right consistency of paint.

I did like the ‘team colors’ though, and will likely bring that over to the next team. I think it was based off of the old Oakland Raiders uniforms, silver or grey, and black.

Size Comparison

As we got to talking, I sent another pic of a size comparison. This kind of struck me…I don’t know why, but in my mind the old Ogres were smaller than the new ones. As you can see above, that’s not the case.

This got my mind going a bit, and I decided I could maybe repurpose him for something. “A Coach!” So what could be better than a hard driving Ogre Coach?!

I don’t know, what?

Just kidding!

Things started to come together pretty quick. Some contrast paint washed over the original flesh pretty much fixed the previous paint job. Some more touch ups here and there. I left the armor crappy looking, because that just seemed to fit. Granted, I wasn’t going to spend months on this guy.

Me Ogre, You Lunch.

I chopped, repositioned his arm so it sort of looks like he is whipping ‘duh boyz inta shape’. The whip was some Skaven tail I painted up. Maybe from a Rat Ogre, given how long it is?

Topped off with an extra Shoulder pad from the new Ogre box. Mounted on a new base, and dubbed “Duh Boss”. Because what else are you going to call this guy?!

Pretty short and sweet, really. And an old mini has a new purpose.

Up next? A Tall Drink of Water!

15 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Coach “Duh Boss”

  1. Excellent way to give your old mini a new lease of life, and he certainly looks the part, can’t imagine his team saying no to him, unless they’re trying to challenge him for his job ! LOL

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    1. Yea, I’m still really surprised that he fit in so well. Will be interesting to see him bedside the Ogre team, when I get the time to finish those. In 2030 maybe?!

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        1. That would be interesting indeed. I think I have a few spare parts, so maybe I’ll come up with my own version of that. Perhaps a Referee on a Death Roller like machine. That could be pretty funny!

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  2. Love the idea of an ogre coach and you’ve done a great job on him. Just another 17 coaches to make now right 😉 (In all seriousness it would be very cool to see a coach for each team, but if that sounds like too epic a task – and it does to me anyway! – how about at least 1 more, then when you’re playing a game each team can have a coach on the sidelines?).

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    1. Yea, initially I wanted one Coach of the same race, with each team. I’ve been scouting for minis for most of them. But time and a lack of suitable minis started to derail those plans. Now I kind of like the idea of diverse coaches. Who says an Ogre can’t coach Elves?! Well, that might be a little weird or at least explain if they fail their Rerolls that game, but hey it’s Blood Bowl!

      I painted a Dwarf Coach awhile ago, so I have two now. I will likely make some more though. Then players would have a choice for whichever they like the best.

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