Fantasy – Barbarians & Things

Fantasy – Barbarians & Things

Post number two on the Fantasy stuff and Tray ramblings.

I really liked this Barbarian/Fighter guy. Another one, where I had put some paint on him, then he sat and sat around on the desk until he finally start to get finished (more on this in a bit).

Barbarian Guy

At one point, I had snapped a pic of him unfinished and my brother dubbed him “The Witcher” because I hadn’t painted his hair yet. That kind of stuck, and it was hard to “unsee” that for a good long while.

He was another mini where I had thought “Contrast Paints, Quick and Dirty!”. Not quite so much, he has the small fiddly bits that I mentioned in the last post. So he ended up taking me a little longer than I thought it would. I did like how the cloth in back turned out. Originally it was one color of Contrast, but it wasn’t working, so I used another one, and dry brush, etc. Eventually I got something decent.

One other thing I’ve been noticing, is that you get small patches where the paint doesn’t want to stick on the first take. At first I was blaming this on Contrast Paints, but then I noticed the same thing when working with just ‘regular’ paints on one of these. Usually a second coat after the first dries, seems to do it. But it just adds another step.


Yep, mostly Contrast but then had to go back over the flesh. This was one of my earliest ones, probably along with the blue Female Elf. I went for a ‘Stone Axe’ look, which kinda worked.

Lastly, some Skeletons.

Skeletons and cheap Stone Columns terrain

As a boardgames mob, they’ll do. It reminds me, reading Azazel’s Bit Box blog, he will often mention something about time spent painting versus the cost/quality of the mini. This could be a whole other ramble (but I still have to finish the one I started!). Basically I’ve gleamed that it might not always be worth it to spend a ton of painting time on a mini that isn’t that nicely detailed.

So, back to this “Tray” bit. Do I have one/use one?!

No, not totally. Most of the minis I’m doing are for the Blood Bowl game and I try my best to get through those. After each painting session they go in their little bins and back into a rolling file drawer I got from Ikea.

All tucked away in their bed, for the night!

With only room for three of these bins, it’s easy to focus on what I need to work on, and keep my desk somewhat clean. Also, the idea at the time, was to keep things away from the Toddler. Well, she grew up a bit, and has never gotten into Daddy’s stuff anyways, but still I store the minis away each time.

Partly organization, partly habit.

So, for the bulk of my minis, I have a method that works pretty well. It’s the other little pieces that keep cluttering my desk, that’s bothersome.

Work, is never done.

Now, I could use The Tray method to make sure I don’t go overboard, and to keep those things corralled. But I would probably want to stick that tray somewhere else. The one thing I’ve really noticed, as I’ve thought about this small dilemma more and more, is that once the mini is out of sight, it’s virtually out of mind. My brain doesn’t subconsciously work out any painting issues if they are not somewhere that I can glance at them.

So I’ve found it best to keep some minis on the desk. If I’m not feeling particularly inspired by painting legions, I can grab one of these and put bits of paint on them. It worked pretty well with the Chaos Spawn I did. So, I’d like to keep that sort of experiment working. I am trying to keep a limit to just how many things go on the desk, and if something really isn’t getting worked on or has no progress, then it might get swapped out with something else.

Which reminds me, I do tend to organize minis by stages. Usually in separate plastic bins. Washed/Trimmed, Primed, Painted (with a label “Just Needs Varnish”), and another compartment for minis to snap pics of for the Blog at some point.

Thanks for baring with me while I ramble about trays and process. I imagine most all of you have your own processes that work for you, which I’m always curious to hear about!

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17 thoughts on “Fantasy – Barbarians & Things

    1. Thanks John. Yea, I was in the midst of trying to figure things out, then decided I really needed a box for vanishing. Your blog was a great inspiration for the label! 😀

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  1. Th fantasy minis turned out well for their level of detail, and putting in a relevant level of paint is not a bad approach at all.
    Your desk looks far more organised than mine, and having models sat to ponder over is something I have a lot of. The main thing is what works for you is the most important thing, we all have varied approaches, if you see something that you think will work for you cool use it, if it doesn’t that shouldn’t be a problem either, after all we are all individuals.

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    1. Thanks Dave. I agree, use what you can. Sometimes I will return back to things, as it didn’t work the first time, but I have more insight or something else changed, on the next go. My desk goes through stages. I’ll get super organized for awhile, all my paints and stuff stored away neatly, and then a few weeks later I’ll have the cluttered desktop once again. Just seems to be part of the process.

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  2. Nice work on the figures but as others have highlighted the Barbarian really stands out. Very nicely done and I love the composition of the figure. I used to be tidy in the days when I worked, partly because I could not hobby daily but these days I have stuff all over the place. Something I must address! 😊

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    1. Thanks TIM! Out of the D&D plastic bits I’ve done, think he’s one of the better ones. Partially because I started to learn how to mix Contrast/Regular paints better. I imagine with all the work you do and especially the terrain pieces, it would be hard to keep that well organized!

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  3. I think you’re organized enough – look at the output – quality AND quantity. Appreciate your sharing all this and the tray system which also Az has been doing. I am focused on one project at a time and a tray system would not work for me!

    Oh yeah, and I wanted to let you know that due to your earlier post I tried Gore-Grunta Fur (I REALLY hate GW/Citadel paint names) as a wood color and you will see the results soon. Thanks much Faust!

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    1. Thanks Mark, glad you’re liking that Contrast paint for wood. I’ll have some more in a few weeks.

      And thanks for the compliments on painting, my outputs aren’t near the match of some, but we all do the best that we can!

      As for being organized, my Wife would say I’m probably too organized! But I’m always striving to be better.


  4. That is a fantastically tidy looking desk! You should see the state of mine 😉 Nice work on the barbarian and the bear is very cool (who doesn’t love a bear with a great big axe right?). Interesting to read your thoughts on the tray and ways of organising your painting progress. I must admit you’re way, waaaaay more organised than I am – I’m sure I’d get more done if I could find things properly and didn’t waste so much time looking for paints/models/bits/tools in the morass that covers my desk. I do try to sort it from time to time but it never seems to stick.

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    1. The desk mess comes and goes, and it’s always a work in progress.

      Granted, I have nowhere near the mini collection you have! I sold off/got rid of all my gaming stuff a long time ago. Since I started my blog, I’ve collected the latest Blood Bowl releases, some of the Necromunda stuff, and then some Fantasy minis. So it’s probably a lot easier for me to organize that, than it would be for you. It was also a necessity early on, with the little one being around and now it’s a bit of a habit. Especially since my hobby desk doubles as the work desk these days!

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  5. My desk has completely degraded into chaos since shit haappened back in July. I need to restart on the tray and get stuff cleaned up again, but it probably won’t be until we break up for the holidays at this rate. Your figures have turned out really nicely, and yeah, I’ll add to the chorus in saying how well that Barbarian in particular has turned out. is that a Wizkids/Nolzur’s model? I may have to pick that one up myself!

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    1. Yep, you guessed right on the WizKids. He is probably the best of my attempts on their minis so far. Like I think I mentioned, they’ve been a pain to paint, and I’m just kind of realizing that after probably buying a 100 of them. So yea, I’ve been shying away from them for the most part and once I have the next few done, will likely shift to another line. Stay tuned for that.

      I hear ya, on the desk mess. You have more minis and supplies, so I’m sure yours is way more chaotic than mine. I’ve been jumping around hobby wise and it’s been a mess for me. Maybe this next week I’ll have more time to organize.

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