Blood Bowl – Chaos Spawn

Blood Bowl – Chaos Spawn

I’m probably going to have quite a bit to say about this mini, but I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible.

Front view

The mini comes from one of Games Workshop Chaos Spawn kits. It’s a great kit for anyone to have, because it has loads of tentacle and other mutation bits. Originally I picked it up just for those bits, and I’ve been using them a lot. Just about any mutated piece I’ve shown to date (Chaos Warrior/Blockers especially) has used parts from this kit.

Left side

Then I found out that there was a special card n Blood Bowl that let you summon a Chaos Spawn as a random event. So, I set about gluing together different bits to come up with the (hard to photograph) monstrosity above. Primed it black…and there it sat, on the desk, in a tray, …and sat….and sat, and got moved around while I tried to complete other stuff.

Left/rear view

Basically I just didn’t know how to paint it. I knew it needed to be weird, but it just wasn’t  clicking. I was getting really tired of it taking up so much space in my ‘working tray’ though. And one day I just kinda thought about it, looked at the examples on the box it came in….and things started to fall in place.

Right side (Yes, its right arms are basically horns, and essentially has an upside down face as an armpit. Truly Chaos.)

One of the examples on the box art had a dry brush of red/orange over black, which looked interesting to me. An effect I hadn’t really used before, so I started with that on the back, working towards brighter colors as I went. Then I decided on a blue/grey to contrast that, some flesh areas, horns, etc. The feathers on his left arm, I tried to do with Contrast paints and that effect didn’t really work out like I thought it would.


For the base, I had that alien/greenish thing that I knew I wanted to use. Another part that had been sitting around painted green, forever. I used Stirland Mud on the base, dry brushed it, then dry brushed some bright green for a weird swampy/luminescent effect. I also used Nurgle’s Rot for the first time, to create some slime coming out of the alien plant. That was pretty fun and the stuff does a really good job of making green slime.

Top view

All in all, after I got over the painting block…I really enjoyed painting this mini. I know it’s not’s the prettiest thing to look at, but from a painting stand point it was fun. There were so many different textures to work on and techniques to play around with. It was a very organic process. Unlike my other minis, I was also able to complete it in about 2 days. Which is really nice! Also, the larger scale made it easier to get most spots with the paint brush.

So yep, that’s a wrap up! Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments! I’m tempted to tackle the second spawn in the box, but that’s probably a long ways down the road still.

Up Next?! Your guess is as good as mine!

19 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Chaos Spawn

    1. Thanks JNV! Yea, I’ve found that tricky in the past with other models, but not so much on this one. Maybe because I was dry brushing quite a bit with brighter colors.

      If things really aren’t working or it’s taking too long to lighten, my goto is painting over the dark color with a white or grey primer and then going back to my paints. That seems to help a lot.

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  1. Looks like a perfectly good spawn model to me, great that you tried new techniques and colour choices, more tools in the arsenal for latter projects

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    1. Thanks TIM! Yea, I hadn’t thought about it…but I guess he’s much brighter than most of the minis I’ve painted. Or maybe it’s just the higher contrast that’s making me think that.

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  2. Very gnarly and chaotic – love the colours too. Love the armpit face – truly the ways of Chaos are unfathomable! I do think that the spawn kit has the greatest utility of any that GW has released – there’s bits for all kinds of conversions and the spawn itself is available to so many different games (Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Warcry, AoS, 40k).

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  3. Trippy as hell! I just got this kit for the first time recently via Conquest Magazine. No idea what I’ll do with them yet, but now I know that a BB model is something else I can do with one of them! 😀

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    1. Oh wow, I thought the Chaos Spawn would be mandatory for anyone with a large amount of GW minis! I still haven’t tackled number two, but I don’t regret the purchase as there are a crap ton of useful bits in the box. The Spawn itself was pretty fun to paint as well. Nice that it started to come together, and then it was just “go with the flow”!

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      1. The thing about the spawn kit is that while it’s not super expensive, it’s also not especially cheap, so there’s always been something more interesting or pressing or awesome looking to buy…

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        1. True, while I had heard it was a good kit…I looked at the price tag and balked. I think it wasn’t until the “Chaos Spawn” card came out for Blood Bowl, that I finally bit the bullet. Very little chance that it would ever get played in the game (especially with season 2 card changes now!), but I’ve been a sucker for Blood Bowl stuff.

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          1. Yeah that makes sense, Blood Bowl is the kind of game where it’s reasonably easy to go all in on a team or three even down to coaches, cheerleaders and so on. I even had an apothecary for my Orc team painted up. ⛑

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