Blood Bowl – Chaos Team

Blood Bowl – Chaos Team

Whew, it’s been a good chunk of time since I finished the team….but getting around to taking team pics is not my strong suit.

I also found a decent solution for my backdrop , so the timing was about right.




As a whole, this team was the easiest I’ve done to date. The mutations were a little tricky, but kind of fun to paint. The minotaur turned out good, despite my being really worried about messing him up. They were the first team that I used some Contrast paints in the mix. The only hang up was the Chaos Warriors/Blockers, which I started to customize, then ending up customizing again, and so had to repaint. Also I painted/made more minis than I probably should have, which delayed them a bit.

Up next: Would you be opposed to a little more Chaos?!

16 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Chaos Team

  1. Another great looking team, and being Chaos can you really have too many with all the mutations they could develop over time !

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  2. Very nice indeed mate – I do enjoy a group shot to round out a project (and I can attest from experience what a swine they are to photograph so well done there). More Chaos you say? You know I’m always agog for more Chaos!

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    1. Not enough, Chaos huh?! 😉 Thanks Wudu, I wish there were better ways to take team photos, or at least I was better at it. Maybe with just more practice!

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  3. Brilliant work! Your Minotaur is my favourite but the team as a whole is very nicely painted; you should be proud. Unless I miss my guess you have rather more than one team’s worth of miniatures in there?

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    1. Hi AB, yes I’d agree with you on the Mino. Probably my best work ever. Though a lot of that is thanks to the brilliant sculpt, and the rich red/brown Stylnrez primer.
      You’re correct, a team typically can have 16 players max and only 11 on the pitch at a time. I have extra because I made some players with mutations that could be swapped out as players advance. In retrospect, I would have just painted 11 or so, added a few random mutations, and not be concerned with representing any mutations that a player might or might not have. So yea, in the future, probably less minis, but gives me more time to paint other teams.

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