Blood Bowl – Human Team

Blood Bowl – Human Team

And the day has finally come, where I show off the team in whole. Quick note, about half of these were from a painted lot I picked up off of Ebay. I didn’t make any major changes to those, other than trying to clean up some Blood for the Blood God and fixing the bases to suit my needs. The rest of the minis were primed and painted by me, to match the rest of the team. Not as small of a feat as I thought. Hopefully they match close enough.




Minis wise, they were okay. Assembly is not as bad as other teams, but painting can be a little tedious. Not horrible, but I didn’t always enjoy painting them as much.

In some ways, I’m just glad they are done. But they also have kind of grown on me. The major bonus is that I have half of the starter box done now. The other half being the Orc team. Since both of those teams come in the box, it’s usually the two teams that everyone plays for their first game. The two teams are somewhat evenly balanced, so it works.

I also finished some footballs, they had been sitting around in various stages for a long time. Years for most of them.


When you have a bunch of minis to paint though, and already have a ball or two…there’s just not that much incentive. I think I’ve learned how to paint grass better since, but oh well. I’m pretty sure I have some Contrast paint work in there. That’s sometimes a really nice side effect of that paint line. If I look at something and think “If I just apply some Contrast paint to that, it will be 80% done…”, that usually will get me to start working on it. Often I find, it takes more work than that, but hey, getting started is half the battle.

Up next: Yet another team shot!



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  1. Been watching your impressive progress on my email on this project and just catching up on the blogs themselves. Really Faust, the colors are so nice and like others have said the group shots are great. I do want to save some kudos for the footballs. I love when someone takes the time – as you seem to always do – to complete simple things like these so well. Kudos!

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