Blood Bowl – Human Blitzers

Blood Bowl – Human Blitzers

One mini last time, two minis today. I’m on a roll!


Not much to add on these guys. I discussed the background on the minis the last time around. Paint wise they were tedious with the light colors right next to dark colors, and little straps here and there. Probably not as bad as the Necromunda Van Saar I did,  but I just didn’t find them much of a joy to paint.


The other issue being that I wasn’t crazy about the color scheme nor the team themselves. No one wants to play Humans usually, because there is lots of other cooler stuff to choose from. Also, the Humans are pretty vanilla in the game and don’t excel at anything in particular.

Given a choice, I’d probably paint them up in a Green/Yellow/Gold classic Green Bay Packers color scheme. That would make them more interesting to me, and more likely to play them.

Up next, more Humans!



14 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Human Blitzers

  1. Great work on the blitzers, especially if your not enjoying the colour scheme, can make it really hard to complete, a packers fan ! careful revealing too much information on the internet ! LOL
    Can’t say I was ever tempted with a human team, but wasn’t a massive fan of the previous sculpts, these seem a lot better though

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    1. Oh, I’m not a fan of any team. It’s a pretty funny thing, love Blood Bowl, don’t really care about football though. How that works, beats me!

      Not my favorite team sculpts, but they are consistent in size and better than the previous ones for sure. I don’t really play Goblins, but I just finished assembling the team the other day…and man, they are great. Think they would be fun to paint too.

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    1. Thanks AB! Yea, I think it’s the yellow or the red, and the alternating yellow/red that bugs me mostly. I’d probably just gone with blue/white/silver.


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