Blood Bowl – Human Ogre (Ann’s 60 Day Challenge)

Blood Bowl – Human Ogre (Ann’s 60 Day Challenge)

Well, here I am cutting it close, scrambling to get a mini done for Ann’s Sixty Day Miniatures of Magnitude Painting Challenge.

I chose this mini, as he’s a Big Guy for the Humans team and in that regard he’s big and he’s a special player on the team. He becomes extra special when he rolls Bonehead and fails to do anything on his turn! But the strength of an Ogre is not something to scoff at, when they decide to work with you.


Admittedly, I wouldn’t say he’s 60 days worth of painting. I was plugging away at the rest of the team at the same time. Had an accident with an exacto knife, if we had a dog it would have ate my mini, etc. COVID has really made a mess of things though, work seems to be in full on crisis mode everyday now. We’re halfway through the year though, can I still keep blaming COVID?!


The color scheme is not really something I would have gone with, but more on that in future posts. The red, white, and blue wasn’t intentional, total coincidence that our Independence Day July 4th celebration is just around the corner.


Mainly I’m happy that he’s done and I will have more of the Humans team to share once I get to snapping pics. He’s a decent enough mini and painting these bigger guys is a bit of a breeze for me, compared to the smaller ones.

And a special to thanks to Ann of Ann’s Immaterium for posting yet another Challenge! A great way to get me off my butt (or is that “sit in my chair”?!) and get some minis done!

What’s next? More Humans!

20 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Human Ogre (Ann’s 60 Day Challenge)

        1. Shoot, sorry TIM! Though with the work you do, something of “magnitude” would explode my brain. I was originally planning to finish a different mini, but alas looks like this one will have to do.

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    1. Thanks Dave! Yea, after the Mino and this guy, I’m really liking to work on minis this size. I thought flesh would be pretty daunting, but it’s coming together pretty nicely.

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  1. If your work is anything like everyone else I know’s work you can comfortably spend the rest of 2020 blaming Covid for everything. 2021 too by the looks of things..! Anyway, I really like that miniature and you’ve done a great job with him 🙂

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    1. Thanks Wudu! Yea, being in IT is pretty tough right now. Quite an increase in demand and challenges with everyone so dependent on tech. I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t be selling my services to the highest bidder!

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