Blood Bowl Star Player – Guffle

Blood Bowl Star Player – Guffle

This time around we have the Star Player “Guffle Pussmaw”.

I ended up painting him alongside the Chaos team, as he can play for Chaos Chosen as well as Nurgle teams. He is a conversion from a few parts, and features a tongue made of green stuff.


A very odd one indeed. I took his most identifiable characteristic ‘mouth in torso’ and ran with that. He’s also a Catcher, if memory serves…so the outstretched pose and head kinda made him look like a guy who was getting ready for the ball to come down.


The tongue proved a little trickier than I thought. Originally it was not twisted to the side, but sticking out more in front. Well, imagine the word “penis”, and you can guess why I tried my best to change it before totally drying.

Unfortunately, I also forgot that green stuff really likes to obey the laws of gravity and just started to sag. Had I remembered, I would have tried adding some wire in there beforehand. Oh the joys of figuring out green stuff.


The head was a bit challenging. I never did find the perfect one. I wanted something a bit more thuggish and chubby. This was about the closest I could get.


Colors wise, I went with red and green. But chose a more sickly green to tie-in to the Nurgle team. I also added the ‘slug things’ to his base in a Nurgle symbol pattern.

Lastly, I managed to base and varnish Morg N Thorg finally.


Originally painted up for Ann’s Challenge, but I was waiting forever on a shipment of plastic bases. I’m not crazy about the grass terrain stuff I used. Don’t think I’ll be using that ever again. To spice up his base, I added Ye Olde Painted Line and a spare Mummy head. Undead are one of the few teams that Morg won’t play for, because he has some deep seated hatred for them. So, a decapitated Mummy head seemed pretty appropriate!

And that wraps up my work to date on the Chaos team. I would like to tackle the Star Player “Lord Borak” at some point. Either a conversion or a good third party mini (yea sorry, not crazy about the expensive ForgeWorld model).  But other teams are calling, so it might be a good long while.

Up next would hopefully be my entry for Ann’s next challenge, but I’m not sure if I will make it in time. I did have a mishap with an Exacto knife that cut back on my painting time, but I’ve mostly learned to work around that and I couldn’t say that was the main reason for my missing a deadline. A lot of it just has to do with work in COVID19 times (plus childcare) being super busy and taxing. As with everything, there are pluses and minuses. So I just have to take it day by day.

Hope you’re all doing well with your own projects, and I have some serious blog reading to catch up on at some point!


14 thoughts on “Blood Bowl Star Player – Guffle

  1. Very nice minis! 🙂 I read your opening para while looking at the picture at the top of the page and thought “Well done for making a tongue to fit in that small mouth” but when I scrolled down my reaction was ” Ah! Now that makes sense!”! Nice work there! Hope you’re over your mishap and finding more time to paint now! 🙂

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    1. Yea, I reread that post and see where it’s an easy mistake. The mishap hasn’t really hampered my painting that much, and still getting along. As of last night, I *think* I might be able to complete the mini for Ann’s last Challenge.

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  2. Great work on the conversion and painting Faust, I think the tongue position worked out perfectly as it has a life of it’s own without looking like a penis.
    Sorry to hear about the accident, hope there was no stitches and you make a speedy recovery

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    1. Thanks TIM! Yea, doing better. I sliced through a nerve. Should have gone in earlier, but COVID. Will take a year and a half to heal, but at least the pain is mostly gone and I haven’t turned into a Zombie!

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  3. Very nice – good work making that tongue and not having it succumb to gravity (or end up looking like anything else!). Nice work painting it as well, it actually looks slightly alive and visceral.

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    1. Thanks! It turned out much tougher than I thought. In my mind, it was going to be a breeze! I guess he will have to do, until GW ends up tempting me with some awesome hard plastic rendition. They wouldn’t do that, now would they…?

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