Blood Bowl – Chaos ?! Part 2

Blood Bowl – Chaos ?! Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of the Chaos Mutants. Hope you enjoy this episode!

Last time I gave an overview on the Chaos Mutant Beastmen and the decisions I ended up making.

And when I got around to making the Chaos Blockers, I began with the same process. Thinking about “what’s the most common mutations for the Blockers”, etc.

Uhhh, wait a sec..?!

Yea, as I was chopping up and gluing things, things just sorta evolved. The Claw mutation you will certainly find in the rulebook. But “Insect Head” is not one of them.

But this harkens back to the beauty of early Blood Bowl. Or at least what I know of it. I had seen pics of mutated beings quite often, that didn’t have in-game stats necessarily. Like a chicken headed human or something. Just stuff that was odd, kinda cool, probably no game bonuses, but still fun and flavorful.

Speaking of fun…I don’t know if that was truly intended to be an insect head, but after priming him black, laying some Ork Flesh Contrast paint on him…he just sort of came together. Little more paint work over that, and some stippled paint for insect looking eyes, and I think he turned out kinda neat.

“Kids, don’t do drugs!”

So those two were spawned from “Tentacles” and “Prehensile Tail” mutations. Maybe with “Disturbing Presence” thrown in. And once again, I found a head that was just so weird…I had to do it.


Again, some fun with the paints. Nice way to top off the team, which is very monotonous overall.

I had to stretch myself a bit to paint mutated skin blends, tentacles, and claws. Sometimes that was a bit daunting, but I think it all worked out in the end and that’s your ultimate payoff when doing these things.

The Blocker on the right unintentionally turned out “Rainbow”. I had been focusing on the individual parts and trying to make them unique…only to realize when I held him away for a minute, he had a nearly rainbow color scheme! Oh well, he can either proudly bare the nick of “Rainbow Brite” or promptly beat the crap out of anyone who mouths it!

What’s Next? Great question. I really should get a group photo, but I always find that a challenge. A proper send off is in order though. If not that, then it might be a Star Player I finished up. Who will win?!

23 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – Chaos ?! Part 2

  1. Excellent mutations and painting of the blockers, the insect head reminds me of the old realm of chaos mutation charts, where some of the mutations actually had negative effects on the recipient, the one with the triple head could also count as the extra head mutation, if that still exists

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    1. “Two Heads” does exist. For whatever reason, I hadn’t thought of that! Yea, I didn’t really play Warhammer Fantasy Role-play, but I remember seeing one of the charts. Pretty crazy stuff. Thanks Dave, glad you like them!

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  2. Nice blockers. I like the eye on the end of the tentacle, and those three melted-together heads are great. A very nice job overall.

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  3. Now that’s proper weird Chaos (with a capital C)! Great stuff mate, you’ve really done a top notch job on this team. I know what you mean about group shots, I find them a right nightmare to take as well, but this really deserves one if you can manage it.

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    1. Thanks Wudu. It’s funny, because my norm is probably ‘stay orderly and follow the rules’, but there is also the wild side, and I guess that’s where these Chaos guys sprung from!

      I’ve been procrastinating on the group shot, but I’ll try and make it happen. You’re right, would be a good thing to do.

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