Blood Bowl – Chaos ?!

Blood Bowl – Chaos ?!

Well, some might be asking “What The?!” , or maybe you’ve been wondering that all along? But trust me, it doesn’t seem that long ago that I stumbled upon these minis and asked the same question!

Screen Shot 000001

Those are the old Chaos Beastmen Mutants that you could buy in a blister pack for the Chaos Team. Remember blister packs?!

I had equal parts revulsion and curiosity upon seeing them. Pretty much my thoughts with all of GW’s minis around that time. Even though I thought they were ugly, my brain really wanted to know how exactly these things work in game terms.

Pretty simple really, some teams can get “mutations” upon leveling up. Big Hands, Really Long Legs, Two Heads, etc. Which confer in game bonuses.

After mostly finishing the paints on the Chaos team, I remembered that (there’s that awesome after the fact memory again!) Mutations are a thing. So, I could chop up some minis, magnetize bits, etc. Which is a considerable amount of more work and I’ve found that the magnetized bits often end up being fiddly parts that fall off at the worst of times.

Or the other option,…was to take a few extra minis and convert them into Mutants. These could be swapped out easy enough when a player levels up.


It did mean I had to paint more minis to complete the team overall, but there is always give and take.


I looked up what appears to be the most common Mutations to take on the team, and aimed to make minis that match. So above we have the dreaded “Claw”! I didn’t have good crab pincer type claws that you might usually see, so I experimented a little. The one on the right, I decided to go with an insect like claw-arm. Seemed to work well enough.


And lastly we have the one on the left, with Extra Arms. The one on the right with Extra Arms and Two Heads.

It was kinda fun figuring out how to get those together, and worked better than I thought it would.

What’s Next? Well, if I said “more Chaos” and you said “Chaos Mutant Blockers?!”. You would be right on the money!

Oh yea, WordPress just let me know that this is my 3 year anniversary. How time flies!

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  1. It warms the hart to see blood bowl still getting so much love. Them beastmen look amazing, captured the old mutant traits with a very much needed updated look.

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  2. Congratulations on your blog anniversary, Remember the mutations well as i played a skaven team, where the thrower got big hand, which was great for pick up’s, and one of my night runners had very long legs, he was able to do a one turn touchdown, and one of the lineman got prehensile tail, which made trying to get past him very difficult. I hear a lot has changed since those days, but nothing stays the same.
    Great work on all the conversions and painting they certainly look the part especially your two headed beastman

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    1. Thanks Dave! Once I started to realize some of my players/teams could take mutations…I never seemed to get the rolls or SPP to take them! I think I’ve managed a few on a recent team. The rules are very much the same as the 3e rules, so if you’re familiar with those, you’d have little trouble with the latest. Most new stuff is totally optional as well.

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  3. Wow, £2.50 for a miniature, those were the days eh! Great work on these (you knew I was going to appreciate Chaos mutants!). You’ve also helped clarify how mutations happen in Blood Bowl so thanks for that 🙂 Oh and congratulations on three years of excellent blogging, here’s to the next three (and more!)

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    1. Haha, I just told Pete the same, but I typo’d it. I thought you might like those. Though I’m going to do something that no parent should do…and say next week’s mutants are my favorite of the bunch! 😉

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  4. Dang, those are quite the lovely, mutated beastmen, and congratulations on your WP anniversary. Yep, by Tzeentch, time does fly! 🙂

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  5. Those old Beastman models may be classics in a sense of the word, but there’s no denying how much better those new ones look – and your conversions there look like kit-models to me, so you’re obviously doing someting right there! 🙂

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    1. Thanks man, if they look good to someone as experienced as you, I must be on the right track!

      As I probably mentioned a long time ago, I sold off all my old minis with the release of new Blood Bowl. Sometimes I think “I shouldn’t have done that!”, but then I go back and look at them and well, I think I’m okay with that decision. I made enough money off most of the old minis to buy all the new stuff at the time, so it kinda worked out.

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    1. Thanks James! I love the crab claws, but I haven’t been collecting GW stuff long enough to have all the bits options I would like to have. Experiment wise though, it seemed to have worked out.


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