Blood Bowl – Chaos Warriors/Blockers

Blood Bowl – Chaos Warriors/Blockers

Ok, we’re back on track a bit. Today we have the Chaos Blockers (previously called Chaos Warriors) from the Blood Bow Chaos (Chaos Chosen) team. Thankfully my camera/lighting appeared to cooperate this time as well.

A whopping 4 miniatures today! However they feature some hefty conversion or kit-bashing or whatever you want to call them!

To start, here’s what they would look like out of the box and well, painted way better than myself…aka a pic from Games Workshop’s site:


They were ‘ok’. Beefy and all that, but those ‘boy shorts’ really bothered most of us long time Blood Bowl fans. Chaos Warriors, from my limited knowledge were roughly Warhammer models ported over to Blood Bowl, including all the armor that went with them. So those minis above looked a bit too naked.

The old Chaos Warriors looked like this. A bit stunty and maybe silly now, but they were monstrous juggernauts in my imagination. Further reinforced by the pounding some of my teams took when matched against them.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 3.54.53 PM

Note: the topmost mini is a Beastman, which is what I did last week.

So, like many other converters, I started to ponder how to reconcile my vision with what had been released. I ended up getting some Khorne faction minis, as that appeared to be closest to what I was looking for.


I then proceeded to hack them up, for the lower torso. Bye bye Boy Shorts! Unfortunately, I discovered the “razor saw!” after all that had been done. So the torso mash-up was a bit of a mess. I did the best I could to cover that up.

Then I took a break, and we moved houses, and the minis got tucked away. After the move, I had decided to start painting again and yada, yada, ….jumped queue and said ‘Why not start with Chaos?!’….saw a post on Reddit where someone had converted the heads…chopped up my minis again, bought heads on Ebay, then promptly found a bag of said heads that I had already bought before the move…*slaps forehead*…more yada yada…and here we are!


The color scheme just kinda came together. My original idea was green and really dark armor. I’ve always admired how Wudugast has been able to make his metal look dark and dirty. I know he’s tipped me to it, probably multiple times, with my aging memory. But I basically applied several (several!) layers of Nuln Oil till looked about right.

The helms were another ‘just go with it thing’. I had a quick thought that might slap some paint on their own helms to make themselves look even scarier. Each one having their own markings.

Since I had already worked out the color scheme, the main struggles were the dark armor and the flesh. They still have quite a bit of flesh showing and lore wise, I’m unfamiliar with where they originated.

They seem like Northern Barbarians, even though there were flame/lava motifs in the minis, GW paint scheme. So after a long time of debating, I painted them up with a caucasian skin tone.

Oh yea, horns. Had to figure those out too, and luckily got quite a bit of practice with the Beastmen.





All in all, pretty happy with the way these guys turned out. The conversion has made them more in line with the hulking brutes that I imagine these guys to be. The paints came out all right as well.

What’s next? Why, more Chaos of course!

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  1. I like these a lot, the bloodwarrior legs really suit them. I’ve never been too keen on the official models, they’re not bad miniatures in and of themselves but they just look like really butch humans, there’s nothing that says “chaos” about them to my eye. Your versions are a lot more like what I imagine chaos warriors to look like. Oh and you’re spot on with the technique for the metals (I usually go one coat of nuln oil, one coat of agrax earthshade but either works) – the results look nicely dirty and chaos-y!

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    1. I don’t have the GW background that most of you have, so hearing that you think they look more spot in, means a lot!

      For whatever reason I didn’t apply much (if any) Agrax. I guess I was thinking more dark, less dirty.

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    1. Haha, nice observation! Given the mortality rate of an average BB player, I’m guessing there are plenty of horns, arms, spleens, eyeballs, etc. left on the field to choose from!


  2. Very cool – and they do look much more like actual Chaos Warriors now. Not sure what I’ll do with mine (eventually) but I think I’ll be taking the headswap idea for sure!

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