Blood Bowl – Chaos Tokens

Blood Bowl – Chaos Tokens

I’ve been working on this team for a few months now, and they are getting close enough that I feel like can start posting some pics. As you can guess by the title, the name of the team is “Chaos” or the newly branded “Chaos Chosen”.

This post will be focusing on the tokens and balls that come with the team. For more background on the Blood Bowl tokens in general, you can read the Dwarf Tokens post.

Not sure exactly why I got the tokens and ball finished first this time, instead of finishing them last when I did the Dwarves. Maybe because they are more interesting and a bit easier. Maybe because I didn’t want some little thing hanging over my head at the end, till I could truly call them “finished!”. Maybe I was still figuring out the skin and uniform colors. Maybe I just wanted to play with the new Contrast paints I had picked up. (Actually a little bit of all of the above)

Did you say Contrast Paints?!

Why yes, I did. And the flames on the above tokens are what I would call my first “successful” experiment with those paints. A really easy trick to pull off, with some Iyanden Yellow and Gryph-Hound Orange. Two of my favorite Contrast paints to work with. The skin was originally Contrast paint and then pretty much painted over with my regular paints. Metal is the marvelous VMA Chrome.

The bases are a mix of the Astrogranite texture paints and a lava base formula. I wanted to some sort ofย  desolate, chaotic landscape for the team.

That’s a gruesome two-some.

Here are the game balls. Pretty much the same as the tokens, some Chrome, some Contrast for the fire, some black to give a charred/burnt look to the flaming ball as well. Pretty cool looking bits to me, but not much to report there.

Chaos Reroll tokens

Color scheme, I had started with just green on the minis uniform, but at some point switched gears and used green and red. Figuring it was more ‘chaotic’ to have a mix of colors. I think the old Games Workshop model minis had been painted in Green & Red too. So that might have got stuck in my head too.

The rust didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted, but it was a quick and dirty effect. I had found that Vallejo Game Ink Skin Wash makes a dirty/rusty effect and applied that over these tokens. Not quite doing the trick, I also applied the old thinned down Skrag Brown. The two together worked well enough, but I don’t know that I’m married to it. Maybe some more practice. I’d say it looks a bit better in person than I managed to capture in the photo.

Painting the red side was a paint. All those little cracks to shade and highlight. Combined with the metal spokes, it just proved really tedious. Glad I only was able to get ahold of 4 Reroll tokens so far!

Move /Blitz tokens

What the…?! Is about right. For years we have been using pennies, dimes, etc. to place down after picking up a mini. Marking their position while we count out how many spaces they can move, what spaces they need to dodge out of, etc. I always wanted a better token to use for that. I looked around and around, and never found anything I was that crazy about.

I ended up combining a Warhammer bit with a Deadzone base and painted it up. This seems just about perfect. In Blood Bowl, you also need to keep track of whether you used a “Blitz” during your turn, as you only get one. The lightning symbol is a good representation for a Blitz action. So now, not only can we use this marker to place down for figures, but we can flip it over to show that the Blitz has been used (other side is blank).

That wraps it up for this week. More Chaos to come!

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  1. Cool! Always good to have the tokens and such painted up for a game; adds a lot, I think. Neat trick with the flames and I’d hate to have to be the receiver on the wrong end of a forward pass with those skull pigskins, never mind trying for an interception.

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    1. Thanks! Yea, Blood Bowl balls tend not to be the friendliest. You would think all the spikes and such, my Catchers would have a better chance of catching the ball though!

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    1. Thanks Mark, and thanks for sending that file over awhile back. Work has been crazy busy, and I wasn’t sure if I had a chance to reply back. Very nice tool, and will see if I end up using something similar in the future!

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