Ann’s March Might & Magic Challenge

Here’s one I finished up for Ann’s March Might & Magic Challenge. All around cool person, Ann of Ann’s Immaterium threw out this challenge for March. Having just gotten back into painting after a hiatus, I guess I felt a painting challenge would help spur me along. The rules of the challenge were pretty loose, so it was easy enough to select something to do.

Originally I had planned on painting Blood Bowl Star Player “MIGHTy Zug”. With a name like that, he would be a shoe-in, right?! Unfortunately COVID-19 hit around this time (will we someday look at back this time and all just laugh?!?), and my job/home life got super busy. Mind you, that’s small potatoes to how rough some people have it. So I’ll leave it at that.

When a Challenge doesn’t go quite the way you planned, have a Plan B!

Star Player – Morg N’ Thorg

Enter Morg N’ Thorg. An equally formidable Blood Bowl Star Player, even though his first name isn’t “Mighty”! Star Players in Blood Bowl are like mercenaries for hire, playing for a team that gives them money. When your team’s point value is lower than your opponent, you get ‘extra money’ to spend on items to help even out the game balance. Sometimes you’ll have enough to hire a Star Player. Morg N’ Thorg is an Ogre, and he’s rather unique in that he will play for just about every Blood Bowl team out there. Except for the Undead, who he hates. He’s also one of the most expensive Star Players, so I’m not even sure if I will end up ever using him.


WIP pic

As you can see above, I had most of the base colors on him, which meant adding some washes, touching up the skin, highlights, basing, and a home run!

Painting wise, he went fairly smooth. I took a little while to decide on the old Rams Yellow/Blue uniform, and things just fell into place from there. The paints looked ugly as hell while in the base color phase, and I was a little worried about that but probably less than I usually worry. Then one night I was working on highlights and my Wife walked in and said that was really good and looked really realistic, so I knew I must be onto something at that point.

The Miniature

The mini comes from ForgeWorld. That means $$$ to those of us in the U.S. The quality was not bad, very little to clean up, most parts just fit together just fine. I did remove the football from his left hand, as I reserve football-holding to Thrower minis. For the amount I paid, an optional non-football holding hand would have been nice. I can’t say I’m too crazy about the mini itself. The face is ugly (granted it’s an Ogre), but it has more character than some faces. Pose is alright. But overall, I think there are way better minis in their plastic line. I bought him back when they first re-released Blood Bowl, when things were selling out right and left and buying was a bit more frantic. If he came out now, I’d likely just pass.


Oh yea, partially thanks to COVID-19, I’ve been waiting and waiting for some 40mm bases to arrive. I feel like an Ogre really needs a 40mm base, and it should still fit on the game board quite nicely. So unfortunately that part hasn’t been done yet. Hopefully that doesn’t disqualify me, Ann?!

Up Next

There’s my last two pics, and now for “What’s Next?”. I still have a couple posts that I should be getting out. With this whole COVID-19 thing (yea, I’m going to keep blaming that!), free time has been a bit less than usual though. Mind you, I’ve been able to get some more quality time with the family, which is great…but with less personal time to paint. At any rate, I should have another post with some tokens in the future and if all goes well, another team completed by the end of this month or next. So stay tuned!

Special thanks to Ann for the challenge and keep painting away!

23 thoughts on “Ann’s March Might & Magic Challenge

  1. Thank you, Faust, for having your Blood Bowl ogre right into the challenge. With all of those spikes and sporting a punch sword as well, I doubt he gets into too many (protracted) arguments with referees!

    Lots of colors and I like how his shoes and hair matches. It is the little things that count sometimes. No, I think we can not worry about the base if you’d rather not do that now. I didn’t put any particular basing requirement into the challenge, so it is all good with me. πŸ™‚

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    1. Whew, no penalties on the base, haha! Thanks Ann. I think I forgot to mention that I added a few stripes of grey in his hair, as he has been around a long time. Thanks also for hosting your Challenge! It was great to be able to participate!

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      1. I’m glad you did, Faust, thank you. I’m working on the round-up post now for March and hope it get it posted later today.

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    1. Ouch! Probably worse to get it shipped there, huh? You didn’t hear it from me, but I think I saw some stuff on Alibaba one time. Hunh, whaa, I don’t remember this conversation any longer!

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  2. Morg! Morg! Morg!
    Great work mate. I know that model isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I really like it, to me he’s ugly in all the right ways. You’ve done an excellent job on him – good to see you back in action as well πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Wudu! Yea, he’s sort of grown on me. I kinda like the previous mini better, but this one does has some character and doesn’t look like any of the other Ogres. I imagine over time, I’ll like him more and more.

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  3. I love his necklaces and how bright you got them and the contrast between the bright and dark bits. If you don’t mind sharing, what did you do to achieve this?

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  4. Thanks Ann!! No problem, for the metal bits:

    Gold bits: Retributor Armor, wash of Reikland Fleshshade, highlights with Auric Armor Gold
    Silver bits: Black Templar Contrast paint (2 layers), Leadbelcher, wash of Nuln Oil, highlights with Stormhost Silver

    I’m not 100% sure that Black Templar was used on the necklace prior, but that was what I had in my notes. I know certainly used Black Templar on all the other large silver parts. It’s a trick I picked up while watching a video, supposed to give a pretty nice contrast.


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