Dwarf Tokens

Dwarf Tokens

Well, well, well, it’s been about a year since I had any painted stuff to share! As mentioned before, I got burned out, then distracted by an Arcade project, then moving houses, wait, I’m sure I have even more excuses…!

At any rate, as I was waiting for some parts for the Arcade that were on back order, and I felt the need to occupy my time with some painting.

I hadn’t quite completed the tokens and balls for the Dwarf team, so those seemed like a good idea.

Dwarf Tokens and Blood Bowl Balls

One of them was mostly done, so I tried to match the colors as close as possible but alas couldn’t quite replicate the mug and skin tones.

In Blood Bowl, these are trackers. Used to keep track of your score and what turn you are on, on the board. I added weighted bases to each token to keep them from tipping over or sliding too much.

The balls have a little piece of paper clip embedded so they sort of stay put when placed on the Dwarf players base. Each Dwarf basehas a small magnet at the upper front of the base. In theory, this was a good idea. In practice, it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Given the amount of time and money involved, I’m foregoing this in the future.

Speaking of which, I’m trying to be a bit wiser about the amount of time I spend with sometimes frivolous details. I outlined all the steps it takes to get a mini done, and it takes a considerable amount of time (and even longer for myself!). Multiply that by 23 Blood Bowl teams, and that is a monumental task. So things like magnetizing balls, painting every single Star Player or Support Staff piece, etc. will probably go by the way side now. For things like Star Players, I can always return to them later.

I do still have two Dwarf Star Players that I want to do. One I got started and might end up being my entry for the Might & Magic painting challenge. The other might have to wait till I figure out the color scheme. But for other teams, I likely won’t be obsessed about converting and painting all those. Star Players don’t get used that often for the game, so if my focus is painting stuff to play with, that’s a good corner to cut.

Okay, back to the minis and painting…

More Dwarf Tokens and Blood Bowl Balls and some Reroll tokens

The circular ‘coin’ tokens are Reroll tokens in the game. The boxed sets come with two, and the idea is that you place one on a ‘Reroll’ track and move it along as you use them. That just didn’t jive with me, as I would rather you ‘spend’ them as you use them. Which is what we did in the previous edition of the game.

Unfortunately, that meant tracking down spare tokens on Ebay. It also meant I had to figure out how many tokens a team should have. Somewhere I found the magic number “8”, which is supposedly the max. So I managed to acquire 8 tokens, painting them up as I got them. I finally got an 8th token this month, and could wrap up painting the last of the tokens. Now, I don’t know of any Blood Bowl teams that actually have 8 Reroll tokens (it would be very expensive!), soooo…I might not be buying and painting 8 tokens for every team from here on out.


So, I’ve gone through several iterations of storage containers. I had hoped to find the “perfect” solution at some point and do a write up about it.  This is about as close as I’ve come so far. It’s a Really Useful Boxes storage container with some magnetic strips on the bottom. Each mini has a weighted base with a washer. Had to make sure the washer has enough iron in it to stick though. Usually the ones labelled “Zinc” will work. The other learning lesson was getting magnetic strips that were strong enough, and not buying the ones that come in a roll. The magnetic strip roll I purchased before was very strong, but the ends lifted up from the plastic as the shape kept returning to the curve. I tried gluing down the ends with different glues, tried different boxes, etc. The end result was to buy strong enough flat magnetic strips. All in all, months of trials and tribulations. Special thanks to Mark Morin for tipping me towards the Really Useful Boxes line though. They make a nice quality product.

The box I ended up with, has latches that keep the lid secure. It has enough height, that I shouldn’t have to worry about placing the Big Guys (Ogres, Minotaurs, etc.) in there. The dimensions of this box should allow me to hold 2-3 teams. Most likely 2, but will see. With the Dwarf team, I have quite a few Star Players and I think I painted up more Blockers than I actually needed. I might end up putting the Star Players in a separate box.  I also added a small container (with magnetic strips on the bottom) to hold the balls and Reroll tokens. All in all, this seems to be the best storage solution I’ve been able to come up with so far.


I haven’t snapped any pics yet, but with the house move I was able to establish my own space for hobbies. In the past, I had a desk in an Office/Guest room. Which was great, until we had guests visit…then suddenly I was locked out of hobby time. Now I shouldn’t have to worry about any disruptions or storing away/moving hobby stuff. This helps motivate me to paint in a lot of ways, as the last thing I need is more obstacles. In short, there is more in the works, but I’ve been flip flopping between minis so it will be a bit before some stuff is finally completed.


Hope you all are well and staying healthy! It’s certainly good to be back to painting.





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  1. It’s great to see you back in the saddle. The tokens are really nicely done. I would probably plan to use them as a ‘palette cleanser’ between teams, then get sidetracked and start a totally new project.

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    1. Hey, that’s great news! Always love to see your paints. Plus you usually surprise me with your mini choices. Often something that I didn’t know existed.


      1. Thanks! I’ve got another one that I can likely get completed within Ann’s deadine for March. Just another pass over the skin and then to decide how to paint a little helmet tuft/topknot thing…

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        1. Oh nice, it’s always cool when you have something to just polish off. I’ve got a few that I get stuck on, and then just stick them away. Guess they will ultimately get done when the time is right.

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          1. Oh, the goblin wasn’t at that almost-final stage, it got to that point after most of a day working on it. I’ve got literally dozens of models like that. Which then turns into its own problem.

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