Slight Blog Detour

Slight Blog Detour

As I mentioned quite some time ago, there hasn’t been much painting go on. Ok, actually none with miniatures. What I’ve been working on over the Summer and now into Fall, is a home arcade machine. Some people were curious, so I setup a new blog. Of course that happened quite awhile ago, and then it took me another while to actually come up with the content. Today marks the first day of the first post for that blog.

It’s been a process, to say the least. The project combines woodworking (not my strong suit), electronics, and painting. So much sanding and painting and sanding, which has been consuming all free time for weeks.

Anyways, sorry for the tangent. If you’re interested feel free to check it out. If not, I won’t keep posting about it here.

What about miniature painting? Games? This site?! Too much time on the arcade so far. I should be nearing completion of painting the cabinet soon though. With a short break, a clearing of my desk, I could foresee a return to painting minis in the future. Another bonus is that our youngest one really likes to paint pictures on paper…so I might be able to leverage that into some joint painting sessions. We will see. Wishing you all the best on your projects!

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  1. Nice to read your post and hope all’s well! Didn’t know you’d set up a blog for the arcade experience, but I’m now one of your followers over there as well (unless I pressed the wrong buttons – that happens sometimes)! 🙂

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