Dwarf Deathroller – Behind the Scenes

Dwarf Deathroller – Behind the Scenes

I posted the repainted Deathroller awhile ago. At the time I thought I had lost all the original photos I had taken of this Frankenstein piece. The other night, I was trying to clean files off my hard drive, and lo and behold! I found pics I had taken of my original Deathroller conversion! I always find behind the scenes work really interesting, so if that isn’t your thing, feel free to skip this one, nothing new here.

The Dwarf Deathroller is a special weapon in the Blood Bowl game, consisting of a big machine that is essentially a spiky steam roller. At the time I into collecting Blood Bowl big time, Games Workshop (GW) had quit making minis for Blood Bowl for several years. GW Blood Bowl minis were going for an ugly sum on Ebay, and it didn’t look like there was any chance of new Blood Bowl minis anytime in the future (little did we know, we just had to wait a decade or so!).

I loved the idea of this behemoth machine being used on the field and had seen some images that sparked my imagination. Unfortunately, official minis were far too expensive and offerings from indie mini manufacturers just didn’t match the image in my head. What to do?

Why, “build your own” of course! One day, I cobbled together bits of toys, plastic stuff I had lying around, and being a techie I had a few computers bits that seemed to work as well.  I had a 2nd edition Dwarf mini who looked like he would fit well, and his padded armor (painted orange) would give him a nice ‘construction worker’ sort of vibe. I also added some squishy green stuff and made the remnant of a hand protruding from underneath.

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I don’t seem to have any pics of him post-painting. I did add spiky bits to the barrel on front, which were just pointed ends of mini sprue. All the metal parts were different colors. The main plate was like a coppery color, and there was some tin, and steel colors in there.

When GW returned to making Blood Bowl minis, I thought I would probably end up retiring my Deathroller. As it would likely look too silly against the more serious new stuff. However the new Deathroller was released through the (horribly expensive) Forgeworld, and honestly just didn’t look that great to me. So I ended up deciding to add one of the new Dwarf minis to the old Deathroller. Then a repaint was in order. New handlebars had to be made. I decided to make those a little more wildly curvy, like something you might see on an artsy Motorbike. That probably didn’t translate as well as it did in my head though. A new chair piece was added, and pedals made from green stuff. I also added a fuel tank using a bit I had taken from Mantic’s Deadzone. With the repaint I ended up deciding to go with something that matched the team’s gold color. Gave it a more uniform look this time around and the decals also helped tie it in with the team.

All in all, it was nice to be able to re-use this model and I feel it fits well with not too much of an overhaul. It has a nice bit of nostalgia for me, even though it’s not exactly the original piece anymore.

Hope you enjoyed this nice trip down memory lane!





15 thoughts on “Dwarf Deathroller – Behind the Scenes

    1. Thanks Pete! Yea, it was a weird hodge podge of stuff, that I would expect more from IRO then myself. Maybe that day. I was drinking the same brew he was?!

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    1. Thank you Mark! Yep, not sure how it all came together like it did. Guess just looking at the parts I had and making it work. If I had at least known about plasticard, I could have used that instead of the extra storage box divider! 😉

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  1. Thanks for posting this one up – it’s cool to see the “naked” WIP of the model with all of the little touches like the gears and computer screws for a nice “ohhhh!” moment! 🙂

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      1. Well they definitely turned out better than half bad! I know you’ve been busy and haven’t really had hobby Mojo lately but hoping to see you back on the horse soon. I felt a little bad in that I have completely lost the figure cases with my Necro and my Blood Bowl stuff in them as I had wanted to finish off a whole bunch of stuff and I know that those figures are right up your alley.
        I actually got both boxes out so I can work on the figures and then cosmic forces apparently snapped them up and have gone into another reality cause I can’t find the bloody things anywhere! 🤔😤

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        1. Oh man, hope they aren’t permanently lost or stolen! 😕

          Yea, hobby stuff is taking a back burner right now. Things happen, then I get back to it eventually. I’m pretty curious how that new GW paint works,
          so it will be interesting to see people put it through its paces.

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          1. I finally found them last night. They’d been moved around into a room, but had other crap on top and on both sides, and so it didn’t appear that they were around at all. I’m looking forward to those paints as well!

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