Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’ve never really done one of these New Year/Round Up posts before. So, I’m actually going to do some time travel and recap the previous year too. Spoiler alert: this has been my best year yet!


Started the blog. Posted some stories, some pics of minis I had picked up. “Miniature Haul” was a thing.

Table of Completed Minis for 2017!

Number of minis finished: 0


My first game post, pretty cool to actually have played some Blood Bowl! The big Dreadball vs Blood Bowl posts. Launched the Tool Tips articles. Started a large number of posts on “Old Mini Mondays”.

Now, that’s more like it!

Blood Bowl Ruler/Templates (3)
Dwarven Star Player: Barik Farblast (1)
Beholder mini (Shapeways 3D printed) (1)
Priority Marker for Necromunda (1)
Necromunda Goliaths team (6)
Necromunda Van Saar (1)
Blood Bowl Dwarf Blockers (7)
Blood Bowl Dwarven Deathroller (1)
Blood Bowl Dwarf team (remainders, plus a Star Player) (9)
Necromunda Van Saar (3)
Dwarven Star Player: Flint Churnblade (1)

Table of Completed Minis for 2018!

Number of minis finished: 34

Not a half bad year, if I do say so myself! Especially given that I tend to be a very slow paints in general. To be fair, I did put in a lot of work on the Dwarves in 2017. By the time I got back to them in late 2018, they had been base colored, so it was just a matter of getting past the last few hurdles to get them done.

Which brings me to my next point. Getting these done was honestly, due to the online blogging miniatures community. Azazel’s monthly miniature painting challenges often spur me to get something completed before the end of the month. But also the comments people leave on my blog and seeing what people are doing on their own blog helps immensely. Painting minis isn’t easy, so I appreciate the extra motivation!


So what’s next? That’s a tough one. This month is going to be a big suckfest, as work is at level 11 right now. Too bad, as I was making some really good momentum in December and was hoping to steamroll that into January. On the plus side, I’ve worked on lots of odd bits, so all I need to do is find some time to get them wrapped up. I’m thinking that head start (much like I had with the Dwarves), will help me to beat my record of 34 minis from 2018. If I had to guess, I’m going to say I’ll finish 50 minis in 2019.

Other posts, no clue. I tend to make that stuff up as I go. I imagine there will be some Tool Tips and Old Mini Mondays, as I find material to write about.

Main goals. Paint more minis. Paint up some terrain. Play more games (more about this as I recap December in a post). Catch up on other’s blogs, which I’m so far behind on. Keep learning more and more and more about this hobby, coupled with tons of practice!

Wrap Up

A good year! Hope you all achieved what you wanted to in 2018. Here’s to 2019!


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  1. Great to see your round-up! You did get a nice bunch of minis finished and I still love that deathroller! Looking forward to seeing what’s coming this year and hearing about the December games. Have a great year!

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  2. Short but sweet wrap up from you mate hehe. You sort of came out of nowhere for me this year but it was a pleasant surprise. You’re a good man and I enjoy your posts and sense of humour. Happy New Year and keep up the good work 👍🏼🤘🏼

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  3. Good job there mate, though I’m going to call your target of 50 models …insufficient, and instead challenge you to go all the way and paint …51 models. See, that works out to be one for each week of the year. 😉

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  4. It’s difficult to strike a balance between work, family and hobbies at the best of times and I suspect most of us have either been through it at some point or will do in the future. In any event the aim has to be to enjoy life as much as possible. Good luck with it all but don’t give up on the modelling. Even Azazel has allowed you a week off! 😉

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  5. Looking at this year’s group shot my first thought was that the Goliaths are charging in to butcher the Van Saar, whilst the dwarves cheer them on. Further proof of my theory that Goliaths and Dwarves are basically the same people. Anyway, great work this year mate, glad I’ve discovered your blog. Good luck going for 50 models in 2019, I have every confidence you can do it! Just think of how much better your games of Blood Bowl and Necromunda will be by this time next year with just a little bit of painting each week 🙂

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