Azazel’s Dauntless December Challenge

Azazel’s Dauntless December Challenge

The Challenge

” It’s about completing cool things.”

For more details regarding this Community Miniature painting challenge, please check out Azazel’s site:

With a challenge about “completing cool things”, it’s one that’s hard to pass. Like most of Azazel’s painting challenges, it’s more of a fun way to encourage the community (and himself) to finish painting things.

So, let’s get…


Well, this should have been a post featuring some Necromunda minis, as that is what I’m scrambling to finish in time for some winter break gaming. Azazel hinted just a few times, that a Blood Bowl Star Player would be perfect for this challenge though…so yep, that’s what I got. Also, “Dauntless” always reminds me of the skill that the Blood Bowl Troll Slayers possess.

The Main Course

Dwarf Blood Bowl Star Player “Flint Churnblade”. A real cut-up on the field, thanks to that illegal chainsaw he totes around!





So, this little mini turned out to be more of a pain that I thought. Like the rest of the Dwarf team, he got primed, re-primed, painted, and repainted.

Also of note, he was originally a Willy Miniature. Willy miniatures were known for being a bit large scale wise, compared to 2nd-3rd edition Blood Bowl miniatures. Which makes them just about perfect for the newest minis. Or so I thought. When I got him, I was a little shocked to see that he was shorter than the new Blood Bowl Dwarves. But he seemed to be close, and maybe I could prop him up on a pile of skulls or something,

When I got back to working on him, I decided he was way too short. I decided it was mainly the legs and I could use the legs from the new Blood Bowl Dwarfs to give him a height increase. Surely not too hard, right? Well, turns out I had no spare legs that would work! I did have a fully painted Blocker and too many of those…so with a lot of hand wringing, I took the plunge and chopped off the legs off the painted mini. Little bit of green stuff, and it worked out okay. Similarly I had to make some adjustments to get the chainsaw and hands to line up with the arms. I was also nearing the end of painting, and then one of the legs started to pry away. Like I said, it’s just been a series of issues with the little guy. I probably could have done more with him, but it’s time to move on before I take a hammer to him. Maybe someday I will revisit.



The light is washing out the contrast in most of the pics, so I opted for a darker shot on the Winter Blood Bowl board. With the chainsaw weapon, I did get to go to town with Blood for the Blood God a little bit. I didn’t go crazy, but figured he just knicked someone and has turned to look for the next lucky sap.



Here you can see a size comparison with some of the other Blockers on the team. Looks just about right now. Whereas before, he was almost a head shorter than the rest.

Also, he was originally a ginger, but the red was blending in with the uniform, plus I wanted a red chainsaw. It seemed more fitting with a December Challenge to go with a white beard and red uniform. Unfortunately, I didn’t recall how I did the white beard on the Blocker to the right. I thought I was referencing the same YouTube tutorial, but apparently not. Looking at it now, I’m guessing it was a base of Administratum Grey, followed by highlights of white. Funny, because I wasn’t crazy about that white beard at the time, and then I wanted to recreate it. Ah, the craziness.



And here he is with the rest of the Star Player for the team. That leaves one more Dwarf Star to do. There is also, the Ogre Star Player “Morg ‘n’ Thorg” who plays for just about anyone, so I don’t really consider him necessary to call the Dwarves “completely done”.

Wrap up

One more down, and it was nice to get a December-ish mini out in time. Regardless of all the ‘could have/should have/would have’s, he turned out all right. As mentioned above, I’m mainly focusing on making some ‘playable minis’ right now. Basically getting things half painted and based. Which means things will be a bit quiet around here for a bit. On the plus side, I’m still keeping momentum and it’s all progress regardless. I imagine quite a few will end up making it into completed challenges at some point. 

For now, I leave you with this:

Seasons Greetings!



26 thoughts on “Azazel’s Dauntless December Challenge

    1. BftBG can be alarmingly realistic. There have been a couple of times when I didn’t notice that I’d got some on my hand while painting, and then when I did see it, my reaction is always “How did I cut myself that badly with a paintbrush and not feel it?”

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      1. I think it’s funny when it separates in the bottle. Looked like there was some bone bit or other gore floating in there.

        Speaking of which, with more time I would have liked to add some bits of gore to the chainsaw. Not something I’ve attempted in the past, but reckon it could be done with some green stuff or other stringy materials.

        Whoa…flash of inspiration…might just add a severed arm to the base!

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        1. UHU Glue is what I’ve seen recommended for that, but apparently it only really works with one particular variety, and their labeling is unclear enough that I’ve never quite managed to figure out which that was.

          Grass powder/scenic turf can work for smaller chunks. Probably best if glued on before priming, but should still be pretty good as a later addition.

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  1. He certainly looks dauntless! Fits in well with the GW ones, too. Good work on the conversion. I wouldn’t have known there was a leg swap involved if you hadn’t mentioned it.

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    1. Thanks IRO! Yea, I don’t know where they came up with half of those old names. Most were spoofs off of old American Football stars, which I don’t recognize.

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    1. Thanks Mark! Yea, it was funny that there was a chopped down Christmas tree on the board, and here I was with a chainsaw player….almost like it was meant to be! 😀

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    1. Thanks BtH, glad you like him! I do love taking the odd chainsaw guy when inducements come up. Most times no help at all, but fun to just roll with it. I always think of Dwarves as a pretty straight forward team, but with the Death Roller and Chainsaw, Bomb, and Ballzooka Star Players, they can almost reach the craziness of Goblins.


  2. That is another really good bit of conversion (or maybe kit-bashing?). I’m not familiar with the Willy Miniatures version so I just assumed that was how it came out of the blister. The painting is nice too – I think that with blood splatter on miniatures ‘less is more’.

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    1. Thanks AB! Yea, I sort of swore off painting blood when I basically ruined one back in the day, by applying red paint. Blood for the Blood God works really well, but I had to push myself to apply as much as I did. With a chainsaw, there’s bound to be a lot of blood.


  3. Nice work here! He does look like a production miniature as well, though if you kept him shorter you might have had a rationale for why he went a bit chainsaw wielding loony – kind of overcompensating. 😉
    Great to see him painted up and done – what’s left for the dorfs? Who’s the missing star?

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    1. Dwarf Stars left: Boomer Eziasson (sp?) and Morg N Thorg. Thanks man, he was a bit of a pain, but over time I’ll probably forget that. Maybe I should wait a month to make the posts, and then I’ll have nothing but positive to say! 😉

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