Necromunda – Assembly Reflection

Necromunda – Assembly Reflection

A bit of a brief interlude here. As I’ve mentioned, I’m still working on the Van Saar gang, but I’ve been jumping around on different projects at the same time. All counts as progress at the end of the day. Part of this jumping around has been prepping and sub-assembling minis.

Over the last two weeks I managed to sub-assemble and prime an Orlock and an Escher gang. While fiddling with those, it struck my mind to write-up a reflection post on assembling the gangs I have done so far. I haven’t tackled the Cawdor or Delaque yet, but hopefully this is interesting enough.

Goliath Assembly

For the most part, these seemed to go together just fine. There was the teeny tiny cigar stub piece to try and glue to the model’s mouth…which was harrowing. The first attempt flung it somewhere to the carpet of devouring, never to be found again. Luckily there were two on the sprues! Other than that minor bit, pretty straight forward. One arm turned out a little wonky too, but a well placed shoulder pad fixed that up. I would rate these the second easiest to assemble. Rating: 2 of 4.


No, this is not an episode of Dexter.

Van Saar Assembly

The next gang I assembled. Looking back, it took me two weeks to get these sub-assembled and primed. Adding magnets probably added to that complication, but they still aren’t the easiest to assemble either way. I’m *still* working on painting these, and I’m reminded of how the arms snapped on some of them and I had to weld the arms back together. The cyber-braid and cyber-collar pieces had to be left off until the rest of the mini is painted. The collars go on pretty easy, but the braids are fiddly. I pretty much found them to be fiddly period. Rating: 4 of 4.


Escher Dollar Bags? Just a taste, maybe?

Escher Assembly

Couple weeks ago I put together the Escher. I think it took a couple days without adding any magnets and trying my best to avoid excessive sub-assembly. They are a bit fiddly, and I found a few models have some thin parts (like a Needler gun tip) that likely won’t hold up long at all. One of the hair pieces has an eye/targeting lens that sticks out from the minis face…making it a suredly pain to paint, so sub-assembled again. A couple of them needed a bit of reposing (to suit my tastes). Part way through washing/priming, I lost track of which parts were to which model, and had a good bit of debate over that. Didn’t notice any significant mould lines or other issues. Most parts are good at covering stuff up. Rating: 3 of 4.


Snug as bugs in a rug.

Orlocks Assembly

Lastly, I got the Orlocks assembled over this last weekend. These minis actually inspired me to write this post. Pretty much a breath of fresh air after the Escher and Van Saar models. Funny enough, I almost didn’t buy this gang, as they are basically ‘average joes’. I figured no one would want to play them, but now I’m kind of liking them and would rather play them than the Goliaths (which wouldn’t be my first choice anyways). Pretty easy to put together, the shoulders get a little scuffed when scraping bits away, but they have nice big shoulder pad pieces to cover that up. They have been the fastest gang for me to assemble so far. Which makes me wish I had started on them first, as I’d probably have a team ready for play much faster. No really bad mould lines, though I didn’t spot some on the side of the head on a couple minis until after priming (never fails!). The side of the coats have a join that could benefit from plastic putty. Sometimes that’s completely covered up the mini’s arms, but in others it’s visible. Looks like the Orlocks are your boys, If you really want to crank out a team that’s easy to assemble and probably not too tricky to paint. Rating: 1 of 4.



Orlocks Weapons Set 1 (ForgeWorld)

Not sure what possessed me to pick up this weapon set. Maybe I needed to add a bit more for shipping or it was some sort of sale…

Of the two weapon sets, I think I was most interested in the wrench and flail hand weapons/tools. Don’t see that too often. As Orlocks are something of a bike gang/mechanics in my eyes, those tools would likely be lying around.

I don’t know much about most of the Necromunda weapons, but the special ones in this pack seem to be: 1 chainsword, 1 plasma pistol, 1 combi-melta, 1 flamer, 1 heavy bolter, 1 two-handed hammer, and 2 hand flamers. Those, plus a few more pistols, and the two tools…not sure if it was worth the price of admission. Actually, if shipping was free, they would work out to about $.60 USD per weapon. That’s not horrible. I guess I would rather see, one slightly larger pack that has more unique items than have to decide between various packs and only get some of them.

Like most things Forgeworld, they were made out of resin. In some ways much easier to work with than hard plastic. Can usually trim up pretty nicely. Have to make sure to wash/scrub it though, and even so I had to hit it more than once with some airbrush primer.

The chain/whip, which was one of the big reasons I bought this set, had some flash in the middle. No biggie, I’ll just carefully trim that out with a hobby knife. Nope. Damned thing cracked into 3 pieces. One super tiny one, of course. I had to glue the whole thing to some wire, and hope that will hold up. Really disappointing.

Snap, Crackle, F****!

Again, not really knowing my Necromunda weapons, I opted for what looked cool. I took the wrench arm, the chain/whip arm, the chainsword, the melta-gun, and a bolt pistol. Will see how good of a choice that was when they get some play. I have a feeling I will be getting a second box at some point to add more of these weapons in. I kind of think I should magnetize some arms/weapons as well,  but I’ve been more focused on simply getting some stuff done lately.

General Progress

Blitz Bowl team – base colors applied, few washes, and fully assembled. Minus the bases, they are essentially “game ready”. After I get them on bases, I’ll likely shift focus away from painting them. If I can resist the temptation.

December Painting challenge – my lone Star Player entry was put off, as it turned out to need some Green Stuff work. Nothing will stall me out faster, than needing Green Stuff! Well, on the plus side, I did manage to get that work done over the weekend. Which means I could theoretically get that one done before end of December. Though I’m debating whether to work on that before In-Laws arrive or try to finish him while they are here and whenever there is a bit of downtime. That’s assuming I don’t run into another hitch, and that I have enough downtime….so I’ll likely just keep chipping away at him.

Orlocks & Eschers – sub-assembled and primed. Would love to get these game ready before the In-Laws get here, but not too likely. Sub-assembled minis don’t work too well on the game table. I’ve considered doing some quick and dirty airbrush spotting, so I could at least get them glued, and then fully painted later, but will have to think about that some. Even with that, they would probably be missing arms. We might just have to play Blitz Bowl and other games instead.

Van Saar – painted the green color on about 6 arms. Normally that little progress would frustrate the hell out of me, but it was kind of nice to just get some painting time in after all that assembly. They are slowwwww going, but eventually will get there.

Which got me to thinking “What I’ll be doing when the In-Laws do arrive?”. Sure, the kids and I will be playing games. But what about down-time? Do I move all my paint stuff, lamp, etc. into another room? A bit of a pain there. Do I focus on some small item, like paint the yellow on the Eschers? Or do I prep/assemble gangs and teams, which gets me a head start for next year? Some serious decisions as I decide on how to keep the hobby momentum going, in a pared down, easily storable (and toddler-proof!) fashion. Do you plan to hobby during the Holidays? Assuming you have some sort of break coming up, that is. If you have a secret to share on how to hobby when guests arrive, or have an idea of what you would try to tackle, please share! 🙂

T-11 and counting.


26 thoughts on “Necromunda – Assembly Reflection

    1. That’s probably because most people lose them in the carpet, like me! It was a somewhat hilarious moment as it sprung out of the tweezers. Glad I can laugh about it now.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy, but it looks like quite a bit of progress! As far as December goes, after this week I have no idea what’s happening! Don’t even know if I’ll get anything painted for the December challenge, but not going to let that bother me! Hope you enjoy the games you have over the holiday period.

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    1. Thanks JNV, I think I’m in the same boat on December. I know when the in-laws are roughly arriving, and all bets are off after that. Hope you have a great Hollywood period too!

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    1. Thanks Pete. I look forward to getting the Van Saar painted too. Most of all, playing them though. Can’t remember, did you end up using any of their shields?

      The Orlocks were kinda nice to put together, but the rest take some work.

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  2. I haven’t done the Van Saar yet, but I agree with your ranking of assembly ease on the other three. Not surprised at the issues with the FW weapon set. The improvised weapons are definitely the real draw there, but stuff like that chain is really hard to cast well, regardless of material.

    I somehow managed to not lose either of the cigars. Which I consider particularly impressive given that I semi-regularly lose substantially larger bits. I only used one of those heads, but I glued the cigar into the other one while it was still on the sprue so I wouldn’t have to worry about losing it.

    My apartment is only 400 square feet, so I never host holiday (or other) gatherings. No advice here 😉

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    1. Thanks Alexis, and yea you get my complete respect for not losing a single cigar!

      Yea, the way they shaped the chain would make it tricky no matter the material. Might fare better in hard plastic or some bendy toy plastic (but then you probably couldn’t paint it). The best would have been a different shape, but ah well.

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  3. Admire your patience. The assembly side of things would drive me nuts, me and glue do not see eye to eye generally. Typically I’m banned from modelling at Christmas but tend to find the wife and parents sleep a good while after a belly full of food and drink plus I get up earlier and go to bed later! 😉

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    1. Haha, I like your way of thinking! Yea, my family tends to have a ‘quiet time’ in the afternoon. Daughter and Wife take a nap, the teen plays computer games, and I of course, get straight to painting. It’s a chunk of time that usually doesn’t get interrupted, so I really count on that during the weekend. Else you would see even fewer minis on my blog. Which is hard to imagine!

      Yep, assembly can be a bit of a chore. I think you got the chops though, not too different from all that diorama work you do.

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  4. Thanks for sharing, and good progress so far. I remember my Orlock’s with fondness, the only original gang I played regularly with. The others came and went but the Orlock’s persisted. I may dip my toe in the Underhive water again, but by the sounds of it I am onto a winner with my first gang choice 😉 As for Christmas visitors, I found out today that we aren’t getting any… so my time is my own after playing with kids, building Lego and all those other parental tasks 😱

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    1. Thanks maenoferren! As I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel of current projects, I immediately start day dreaming about “What’s next?!”. I would certainly like one of those to be my own gang of Orlocks. Will see where my brush leads me.

      I’m not yet in the Christmas spirit, mainly because work sucks right now. But kids really do make Christmas. How old are your littles? Our youngest is 3, and she gets super excited about things right now, so looking forward to her squeals as she rips open presents this year. 😀

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      1. My kids are 8, 10 and 13 (today). Yeah I know the work sucks bit too, the technical term I use is ‘Shite’. I am ordering my new work mug to replace the WTF one. The new one says… how to adult at work… simply replace “F*** off and die” with “see you tomorrow”

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  5. Got a 2 year old granddaughter, so Christmas will be more fun, albeit while I search for a job at years end. And assemble more 15mm tanks, though those and watching the assembly efforts you made here make me long for lead. Still, I look forward to more on your work here .

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    1. 2 year olds at Christmas are a blast. Our daughter is 3, still full of excitement and energy!

      Good luck on the job search, if you can, take your time to find something that is a good fit. I wish I had done that so many times, but the bank account tends to decide for me!

      Yea, with this hopping around, I’ve been working with GW hard plastic, metal, and resin. Sometimes on the same figure. Each has its plusses and minuses for sure.

      I’m hoping sometime soon to get a magnetic storage post out, and you’ll definitely be referenced there! 😉

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  6. My wife is away from today to Sunday. That gives me 2 full nights of pure uninterrupted hobby time bliss coupled with free reign on the TV. This is tempered by having babysitting duty all weekend. Swings and roundabouts, but I’ll take the trade off. The hobby time will be limited over the holidays for me unless I want to freeze my ass off ‘doing some stuff in the shed’

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  7. My plan is for guests to work around my hobby stuff. We’re not even having a Christmas Tree this year, since I’ve already got a temporary scenery-building and painting table set up where it usually goes!

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